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Colorado Trail Foundation Adopt-A-Trail Sections

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Brent Adams,CTF Field Operations Manager



Some adopters may need help maintaining their AAT sections. Please contact Brent Adams if you would like to help on a particular AAT section.

Section Description, East End to West End Miles National Forest Ranger District
1.1 Waterton Trailhead to South Platte 16.8 Pike South Platte
2.1 South Platte to Raleigh Pk Road 6.0 Pike South Platte
2.2 Raleigh Pk Road to FS Road 550 5.5 Pike South Platte
3.1 Trailhead at FS Road 550 to Meadows Campground 7.8 Pike South Platte
3.2 Meadows Campground to FS Road 543 4.4 Pike South Platte
4.1 FS Road 543 to McCurdy Trail Intersection 8.9 Pike S. Platte/S. Park
4.2 McCurdy Trail Intersection to FS Road 817 7.7 Pike S. Platte/S. Park
5.1 FS Road 817 to Rock Creek Trailhead 8.0 Pike South Park
5.2 Rock Creek Trailhead to Kenosha Pass 5.2 Pike S. Platte/S. Park
6.1 Kenosha Pass to Jefferson Creek 6.0 Pike S. Platte/S. Park
6.2 Jefferson Creek to Georgia Pass 6.3 Pike South Park
6.4 Georgia Pass to N. Fork of the Swan River 7.4 White River Dillon
6.5 N. Fork of the Swan River to Horseshoe Gulch 9.1 White River Dillon
6.6 Horshoe Gulch to Goldhill Trailhead 3.9 White River Dillon
7.1 Goldhill Trailhead to Top of Ridge 8.0 White River Dillon
7.2 Top of Ridge to Highway 91 4.8 White River Dillon
8.1 Highway 91 to west edge of Copper Mtn. 4.5 White River Dillon
8.2 W. edge of Copper Mtn. to Searle Pass 5.2 White River Dillon
8.3 Searle Pass to Kokomo Pass 3.2 White River Dillon/ Eagle Holy Cross
8.4 Kokomo Pass to Highway 24 9.2 White River Eagle Holy Cross
8.5 Highway 24 to Tennessee Pass 3.3 White River Eagle Holy Cross
9.1 Tennessee Pass to Wurtz Ditch Road 2.7 San Isabel Leadville
9.2 Wurtz Ditch Road to Porcupine Creek 5.2 San Isabel Leadville
9.3 Porcupine Creek to Lake Fork 5.7 San Isabel Leadville
10.1 Lake Fork to Rock Creek 6.4 San Isabel Leadville
10.2 Rock Creek to Halfmoon Creek Road 6.7 San Isabel Leadville
11.1 Halfmoon Creek Road to Highway 82 Underpass 7.2 San Isabel Leadville
11.2 Highway 82 Underpass to Trail Intersection Interlaken 5.2 San Isabel Leadville
11.3 Trail Intersection Interlaken to Clear Creek Road 9.1 San Isabel Leadville
12.1 Clear Creek Road to Waverly Ridge 4.8 San Isabel Leadville
12.2 Waverly Ridge to Pine Creek Trail 1.6 San Isabel Leadville
12.3 Pine Creek Trail to N. Cottonwood Creek 12.1 San Isabel Leadville
13.1 N. Cottonwood Creek to CR306 6.7 San Isabel Salida
13.2 CR306 to S. Cottonwood Creek 2.2 San Isabel Salida
13.3 S. Cottonwood Creek to Mt. Princeton Rd. 8.1 San Isabel Salida
13.4 Mt. Princeton Rd. to Chalk Creek TH 5.7 San Isabel Salida
14.1 Chalk Creek Trailhead to Browns Creek 7.0 San Isabel Salida
14.2 Browns Creek to S. Sand Creek 4.0 San Isabel Salida
14.3 S. Sand Creek to Chaffee County Road 240 4.0 San Isabel Salida
14.4 Chaffee County Road 240 to US Highway 50 5.4 San Isabel Salida
15.1 US Highway 50 to CDT at Fooses Creek 8.6 San Isabel Salida
15.2 CDT at Fooses Creek to Marshall Pass 5.5 Gunnison Gunnison
16.1 Marshall Pass to Sargents Mesa 15.2 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/ Saguache
17.1 Sargents Mesa to Razor Creek Trail 10.8 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/ Saguache
17.2 Razor Creek Trail to Lujan Creek Road 9.6 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/ Saguache
18.1 Lujan Creek Road to Saguache Park Road 13.8 Gunnison Gunnison
19.1 Saguache Park Road to Cochetopa Creek 6.8 Gunnison Gunnison
19.2 Cochetopa Creek to Eddiesville Trailhead 6.9 Gunnison Gunnison
20.1 Eddiesville Trailhead to San Luis Pass 12.7 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/ Saguache
21.1 San Luis Pass to West Mineral Creek 6.2 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/Divide
21.2 West Mineral Creek to Spring Creek Pass 8.6 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/Divide
22.1 Spring Creek Pass to Big Buck Creek 8.7 Rio Grande Divide
22.2 Big Buck Creek to Wager Gulch 8.5 Gunnison / Rio Grande Gunnison/Divide
23.1 Wager Gulch to Stony Pass Road 15.9 BLM / Rio Grande Divide
24.1 Stony Pass Road to Continental Divide atop Elk Creek 6.4 Rio Grande Divide
24.2 Continental Divide atop Elk Creek to Animas River 8.8 San Juan Columbine
24.3 Animas River to Molas Pass 5.0 San Juan Columbine
25.1 Molas Pass to Rolling Mountain Pass 11.2 San Juan Columbine
25.2 Rolling Mountain Pass to Celebration Lake Trailhead 9.7 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
26.1 Celebration Lake Trailhead to Blackhawk Pass 6.9 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
26.2 Blackhawk Pass to Hotel Draw FS Road 550 4.0 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
27.1 Hotel Draw FS Road 550 to FS Road 564 6.5 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
27.2 FS Road 564 to Grindstone Trail Intersection 8.5 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
27.3 Grindstone Trail Intersection to Kennebec Trailhead 5.6 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
28.1 Kennebec Trailhead to Champion Venture Road 2.4 San Juan Columbine / Dolores
28.2 Champion Venture Road to Gudy's Rest 15.0 San Juan Columbine
28.3 Gudy's Rest to Junction Creek Trailhead 4.1 San Juan Columbine
CW01A CT Junction to Willis Gulch (Twin Lakes) 3.5 San Isabel Leadville
CW01B Willis Gulch (Twin Lakes) to Hope Pass 3.8 San Isabel Leadville
CW01C Hope Pass to Sheep Gulch 2.5 San Isabel Leadville
CW02A Sheep Gulch to South Clear Creek Trailhead 6.0 San Isabel Leadville
CW02B South Clear Creek Trailhead to Timberline Trail 6.3 San Isabel / Gunnison Leadville / Gunnison
CW02C Timberline Trail to Cottonwood Pass Road 5.1 Gunnison Gunnison


Cottonwood Pass Road to Kreutzer's Nose 7.9 Gunnison / San Isabel Gunnnison / Salida
Kreutzer's Nose to Tincup Road 7.1 San Isabel Salida
CW04A Garden Basin to TIncup Road 6.1 Gunnison / San Isabel Gunnison / Salida
CW04B Tincup Road to Hancock Trailhead 8.1 San Isabel Salida
CW05A Hancock Trailhead to Boss Lake 6.9 San Isabel Salida
CW05B Boss Lake to Water Dog Saddle 5.5 San Isabel / Gunnison Salida / Gunnison
CW05C Water Dog Saddle to Monarch Pass 5.0 San Isabel / Gunnison Salida / Gunnison
CW05D Monarch Pass to South Fooses Creek 5.2 Gunnison Gunnison