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2007 Accomplishments: Another Great Summer for the Trail

In 2007 alone, 602 Volunteers contributed 22,250 hours caring for The Colorado Trail!

Happy volunteers on the TrailAdopt-A-Trail – The CTF and CT Volunteers:

  • Managed 56 Adopters, communicated, reported, etc.
  • Recruited and coordinated 142 Adopter Helpers
  • Removed 359 fallen trees
  • Cleaned 241 water diversions
  • Maintained the entire length of the 485 mile Trail

Trail Crews – The CTF and CT Volunteers:

  • Led 13 week-long and 6 weekend Volunteer Trail Crews
  • Constructed 21,727 feet of new Trail
  • Improved and maintained 29,127 feet of Trail tread
  • Completed a 17-mile, spectacular Trail reroute atop Cataract Ridge; the new, non-motorized route takes the place of motorized sections
  • Completed a crucial reroute at Clear Creek that preserves the connected integrity of the CT
  • Built a new 80 foot steel foot bridge over Clear Creek
  • photo of completed Clear Creek Bridge

    The Completed Clear Creek Bridge

    Rebuilt the trail bridge and abutments at Wall's Gulch
  • Constructed and maintained 273 water diversions (culverts, water bars, rolling dips)
  • Assembled 19 large rock cairns and added over 350 confidence markers

Click here to read the 2007 Trail Crew reports and view photos.

Other Volunteers:

  • Maintained and updated the CTF database
  • Communicated to an increasingly large audience with publications including our Tread Lines newsletter and the CTF website
  • Managed CTF bookkeeping and accounting
  • Ran and served on many committees including: Finance, Friends, Funding, Long Range Planning, and Operations
  • Built awareness about the CT and the CTF through Trailhead Outreach, displays around Colorado, and presentations to groups and organizations
  • Assisted with mailings
  • Worked behind the scenes to coordinate AAT, Trail Crews, Treks, and Education Classes

Trail Crew Volunteers, Adopters and helpers, and other Volunteers contributed an astounding $438,129 worth of labor in 2007.

Thanks to our Volunteers and the CTF Donors, the CT remains one of the nation's premier long distance trails. Thank You!


photo of crew volunteers maintaing the tread
Trail Crew Volunteers hard at work improving the tread.