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2008 Trail Care Success:

The CTF managed all this, thanks to you wonderful volunteers and contributors. 640 Volunteers contributed 17,255 hours caring for The Colorado Trail, an astounding $336,645 worth of labor.

Adopt-A-Trail Volunteers – 210 Adopters plus Helpers gave 1,794 hours:

  • 60 Adopt-A-Trail sections
  • Section lengths vary from 3 miles to 19 miles
  • 56 Adopters, countless excursions, communication, reporting, etc
  • Removed 463 fallen trees
  • Cleaned 58 water diversions
  • Fixed signs and added/replaced dozens of Trail markers
  • Educated Trail users about the CT and CTF
  • Accomplished the annual maintenance along the entire 485-mile length of the CT

Trail Crew Volunteers – 330 volunteers gave 9,991 hours:

  • 10 week-long and 2 weekend Volunteer Trail Crews
  • Constructed .63 miles of new Trail
  • Improved 12.72 miles of tread
  • Built or repaired 417 water diversions including water bars, culvers, rolling dips and French drains
  • Refined the Cataract Ridge reroute, adding appropriate tread and signage
  • Constructed 3 new directional signposts in confusing locations
  • Removed 34 downed trees
  • Educated Trail users about the CT and CTF
  • Accomplished significant Trail improvements

Operations, BOD, Behind the Scenes and Office Volunteers – 100 volunteers gave 5,470 hours:

  • Educated over 85 Trail users on the CT and CTF through Trailhead Outreach and on-Trail outreach
  • Scouted and surveyed sections of the CT for all 2009 Crew projects, organized and planned all logistics for crews, and collaborated with Forest Service personnel
  • Managed the Trail Crew, Adopter and Education Class programs
  • Mailed out 1 Tread Lines newslettes and 1 Friends letter, each to approximately 6,500 households
  • Managed Completion Certificates, Brochure Distribution, Library Display Outreach, Speaking Engagements, Donor Thank Yous, Store Shipping, Insurance
  • Refined the food program for crews
  • Handled accounting and bookkeeping
  • Worked extensively with the Forest Service, BLM, ORIC and other partner organizations
  • Maintained the CTF website
  • Registered Trail Crew and Education Class volunteers
  • Planned events including the Friends Picnic and Board Retreat

Thanks to CTF Volunteers and Contributors like you, The Colorado Trail remains one of the nation's premier long distance trails. All of this care of The Colorado Trail was made possible through your contributions!