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Dogs on The Colorado Trail

SEGMENT 1: Dogs are allowed on most of The Colorado Trail. The CTF office is aware of only one section where dogs are prohibited. Dogs are not allowed near Denver in Waterton Canyon through part of Segment 1 from the terminus trailhead to about CT mile 6. This dog prohibition is a regulation put in place by the agency administering these lands, The Denver Water Board, to protect the bighorn sheep habitat. Beyond CT mile 6, near where the Trail turns from gravel road to singletrack, dogs are allowed.

Trail users wanting to travel Segment 1 with their dogs have alternatives. You can maximize your “CT with dog” miles by choosing an alternate trail approach to the East end of Segment 1, beginning instead at the Indian Creek Trailhead accessible via CO Hwy 67 west of Sedalia. From here you can connect to CT mile 8 in the middle of CT Segment 1 via the West Leg of the Indian Creek “Equestrian” Loop Trail. This is described on the CT Segment 1 Map entitled “Singletrack and Dogs Route” – click here to download. Another option for dog owners is to arrange for your dog join you at the beginning of CT Segment 2 at the South Platte River Bridge Trailhead. Another approach might be to just skip Segment 1.

SEGMENTS 2-28 (plus western portion Seg. 1): Within the National Forest and Wilderness Areas, dog rules vary.  Restrictions apply. The regulations are in place for reasons including to keep dogs from chasing wildlife and to keep dogs from scaring and/or harming other trail users.  In many areas, the dog restrictions require that dogs be on leash while in other places voice command is allowed.  The CTF suggests dog owners check with the National Forest and District offices which administer the areas through which they'll be passing and confirm the applicable regulations. (See Trip Planning > Forest Service for contact information.)

CTF TRAIL CREWS: On CTF Trail Crews, dogs are not allowed. Sorry. This is because of sharp tools swinging, problems experienced in the camp kitchen, and because some of our volunteer participants have reported problems. Thanks go out to all you dog owners for your cooperation.