Photos and Video Stories about The Colorado Trail

Podcast about The Colorado Trail and Foundation

40 minutes with Bill Manning, all about the CT and CTF (podcast minutes 15:00 to 56:00)

Views From A Tent

One great joy of camping is waking up to a beautiful view right out your front “door”, better known as the entrance to your tent. CTF supporters have sent us some fine images capturing that experience.

Thru-Hike by Megan Byers

Delightful video accompanied by excellent hike planning documents. See Megan’s notes on the video’s YouTube page.

A mother/daughter thru-hike story, summer of 2018

Moving big logs: a group project

How do they get those big logs that support backcountry bridges into position? It’s a group project, with a special tool. These photos explain it.

Three boys tell “Our Colorado Trail Story”; 2011

Eli, Roy, and Jonas VanZweden and mountains
The three VanZweden boys who thru-hiked the CT: Eli, Roy, and Jonas. Click for full PDF.