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Waypoints for The Colorado Trail

Waypoints for The Colorado Trail are FREE.  They are available via download from Jerry Brown's Bear Creek Survey Service website.  Visit the following link to his home page and CLICK ON WAYPOINTS (top right):

Via the above link to, one can also purchase GPS related services from Jerry Brown. He can pre-load an SD card or build custom SD cards that include tracks, waypoints and maps. He can also custom program and/or install data in your GPS, including Garmin.

Jerry Brown has surveyed the CT three times, twice via thru-hikes and once via a thru bicycle ride.  He uses sub-meter, professional grade GPS equipment and does post-processing of the data to ensure high level accuracy of both the waypoints and the CT Map Book (see below).  He updates the data as the CTF reroutes the trail, for example after we build gentler switchbacks to replace a straight and steeper, eroded section.  Waypoints average about 1/2 mile spacing and show critical turns, junctions, water sources, etc.  They provide a very accurate trail of breadcrumbs to help you stay on The Colorado Trail.

Listed are a total of around 1,200 points that cover each of the 28 segments plus each of the five mandatory bicycle wilderness detours.  When you download the waypoints, you'll receive them in an electronic format.  This can be uploaded into a GPS unit and, on Jerry's site, you'll find some instructions pertaining to particular GPS units and data formats.