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CTF Education Initiatives

Education is part of our CTF mission. Much of what we do in maintaining and providing The Colorado Trail is educational. The following are some examples of the educational components of what we do:

Volunteer Trail Crew:

  • Training on trail work crews – trail work techniques, tools, etc
  • Instruction for camping and cooking
  • Handbooks educate leaders and other volunteers on construction methods and more
  • Health and safety refreshers on volunteer crews
  • Leave no Trace principles and low-impact ethics

Volunteer Trail Adopters:

  • Handbooks and other forms guide Adopters and their helper
  • On-Trail learning guided by the CTF is a big part of Adopt-A-Trail

Trail Users:

  • Educate Colorado Trail users via the CTF office
  • Resource networking – the CTF links people with questions to knowledgeable parties for answers


  • Author extensive publications which assist Trail users
  • CT Guidebook is a comprehensive educational resource about The Colorado Trail, backpacking, low-impact, geology, natural ecosystems, etc.
  • CT Databook is a pocket-sized guide assisting users of the Trail
  • CT Map Book includes the topo maps and GPS reference desired by many users
  • Tread Lines newsletters educate and inform Friends of The Colorado Trail
  • CTF website is another source of instruction with some 70,000 unique visitors annually
  • Brochures educate the public about the CT and the CTF
  • CTF presentations, slide shows, and library displays educate Trail users and others about planning excursions on the CT
  • Mother Nature - CTF volunteer management and Trail preservation helps people learn about the natural world, mountain ecosystems, trip planning, route finding, map and compass, weather, safety and wildlife

Volunteer Education and Accomplishment:

  • CTF volunteer trail work helped shape volunteerism in the Rocky Mountain region and helped other organizations begin utilizing volunteers to build other trails, enhance open spaces and accomplish in the great outdoors