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In 2010, 531 volunteers contributed 24,035 hours, the equivalent of $516,030 in labor, caring for The Colorado Trail.

Adopt-A-Trail Accomplishments

  • 257 Adopters and helpers spent 5,680 hours doing annual maintenance along all 486 miles of trail.
  • 474 fallen trees removed
  • 1 damaged bridge replaced
  • Hundreds of water diversions built or cleaned
  • Signage, including confidence markers and steel and wooden sign posts, repaired or replaced

Trail Crew Accomplishments

  • 248 volunteers worked 18,355 hours on 10 weeklong and 3 weekend crews
  • 490 feet of new trail for the Continental Divide Trail Alliance built and 190 feet for future crews prepared
  • Heavy maintenance performed on almost 3 miles of tread
  • 478 water diversions built or replaced

Other Volunteerism

  • Board members, operations, office and other helpers volunteered 1,861 hours

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