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In 2015 … 618 CTF VOLUNTEERS contributed 20,069 hours preserving The Colorado Trail, an astounding $515,371 worth of labor!

Adopt-A-Trail VOLUNTEERS • 234 Adopters & Helpers • 2,681 hours:

  • Maintained the 567-mile CT (as they do annually)
  • 93 volunteer Adopters plus their helpers
  • Multiple excursions each summer
  • Cleared the Trail, sawing and removing numerous fallen trees
  • Cleaned hundreds of water diversions to preserve the tread and limit Trail erosion
  • Repaired, replaced and installed signage, including directional signs and confidence markers
  • Cut back foliage
  • Repaired rockslides
  • Reported Trail conditions to the CTF for planning & USFS coordination
  • Installed new sign marking the highest point of The Colorado Trail

Trail Crew VOLUNTEERS • 272 Crew Members • 8,727 hours:

  • Improved The Colorado Trail
  • 1 one day, 11 weeklong, and 3 weekend Volunteer Trail Crews with an average of 18 participants each
  • Cleaned out and painted CTF Cabin to prepare for sale
  • Built and refurbished hundreds of water diversions (rolling dips, check steps, etc.)
  • Removed trees and overgrowth
  • Removed or shortened rocks impeding use of trail
  • Replaced cairn with new post
  • Built new trail extending an off road reroute
  • Built or rebuilt 10+  turnpikes
  • Took in and fed Trail users and educated them about the CTF

Behind the Scenes VOLUNTEERS • 112 Board, Ops & Other • 8,661 hours:

  • Provided vision, planning, financial assistance, etc. (volunteer Board Members)
  • Educated Trail users via on-Trail Outreach
  • Made and installed Trail signs
  • Scouted, organized and planned logistics for crews and special projects
  • Collaborated with Forest Service personnel on trail work and maintenance, etc.
  • Managed programs including Trail Crews and Adopt-A-Trail
  • Volunteered pro-bono, professional services in graphic design, marketing, editing, etc.
  • Mailed Tread Lines newsletter and other publications keeping 13,200 households informed
  • Delivered completion certificates to over 150 completers
  • Reached new CT Friends with presentations and brochures
  • Handled accounting and oversight
  • Delivered thank-you notes to donors and volunteers
  • Partnered with many organizations including the USFS, BLM, CMC, Trails 2000, COMBA, CDTC and others
  • Maintained the CTF website, keeping current all the valuable public info
  • Registered participants for Trail Crews
  • Planned events including the Friends Picnic, Durango Reception and Holiday Party
  • Helped author revision of CT guides

Thanks to CTF Volunteers and Donors like you, The Colorado Trail remains one of the nation’s premier long distance trails.  Preservation of The Colorado Trail was made possible through your help!