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  • 14 Trail Crews, 90 total crew days
  • 248 volunteers
  • 8,510 volunteer hours contributed
  • 1,500 lineal feet of tread rebuilt
  • 350 lineal feet of turnpike constructed
  • 2,700 lineal feet of new trail constructed
  • CT cabin cleaned up and readied for sale

One-Day Crew 0115 – Gudy Gaskill Bridge

June 13, 2015
Crew Leader: Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked: 129

Crew Members Included: Abby Barker, Joel Barker, Pat Barker, Bill Carpenter, Sue Combs, Jim Dancho, Beth Dwyer, Marie Flynn, Harold Harmon, Carol Jacobsen, Chris Jacobsen, Margaret Jacot, Andrea Magness, William Moore, Jean Mortensen, Nona Nordstog, Danelle Rager, Dillon Sarnelli, Denise Snow, Ryan Spatz, Mary Jane Vinette, Leo Wertin, Nate Wieland, Tori Wieland, Wally Wininger, Nandi Xie

Work Accomplished: Repaired five switchbacks, repaired, cleaned or built 54 drainage features, removed rocks impeding use of the trail.

Three-Day Crew 0215 – Jefferson Creek

June 26 – 28, 2015
Crew Leader: Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
Total Hours Worked: 584

Crew Members Included: James Beltch, Megan Casillas, Connor Diaz, Dennis Diaz, John Golman, Susan Golman, Eddie Hackstaff, Mac Jones, Margo MacDonnell, William Moore, Ken Nakauchi, Bruce Prather, Dan Prather, Time Redetzke, Carl Rose, Mark Silas, Eric Unger, Mary Jane Vinette, Nate Wieland, Tori Wieland

Work Accomplished: Completed one 30 foot turnpike, one five foot turnpike, and redirected active water flow off the trail in 10 areas.

Four-Day Crew 0315 – Turquoise Lake (women only crew)

June 25 – 28, 2015
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 558

Crew Members Included: Antonia Banducci, Patti Bean, Rachael Bray, Diana Bristol, Teresa Falgrady, Barb Grauel, Ann Harris, Heather Hefer, Margaret Jacot, Aubrey Allen, Heather Keys, Alicia Kitner, Martha Kondo-Pavish, Vickie Martinez, Jean Mortensen, Ginny Passoth, Judy Sanclaria, Joy Sherlock, Wendy Stair, Rhonda Weiler, Karla Fuller, Jennifer Vanderhye

Work Accomplished: Rehabbed 1.75 miles of trail, including reworking two major springs, and putting a 60 foot raised turnpike across a marsh at the trailhead.

Weeklong Crew 0415 – Turquoise Lake

June 28 – July 4
Crew Leader: Glenn Kepler
Total Hours Worked: 745

Crew Members Included: Sharon Smith, Joel Barker, Deborah Beasley, Barbara Beaumont, Andrew Been, Stephanie Bingham, Bill Brown, Jacque Burroughs, Tim Burroughs, Peter Cetto, Thomas Couts, Mike Dorio, Kurt Hamann, Herbert Hulls, Glenn Kepler, Denice Kepler, Leroy Manz, Kristen McInerney, John McKenna, Kathy McKenna, Stephen Parker, Mel Preusser, Tony Quinn, Alex Samide, Connor Samid, Brooks Taylor, Spencer Ward, Randal Whorton,

Work Accomplished: Built turnpikes over three boggy sections, water features cleaned and rehabbed.

Weeklong Crew 0515 – CTF Cabin

June 27 – July 4, 2015
Crew Leader: George Miller
Total Hours Worked: 504

Crew Members Included: George Miller, Bill Carpenter, Lauren Deutser, Donald French, Ann Horner, Cindy Johnson, Larry Mack, Maura McCampbell, Ken Stagner, Loren Vawser, Wendy Vawser

Work Accomplished: Cleaned and painted cabin to prepare for sale. Pruned shrubbery, cleaned crawlspace, cleaned out cabinets and removed old shower and toilet frames. Stained two tent platforms.

Weeklong Crew 0615 – Wheeler Trail

July 11 – July 18, 2015
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 610

Work Accomplished: Worked on the CT heading toward the Ten Mile Range ridge, built armored water diversions and rehabbed some steep sections of the Trail.

Weeklong Backpack Crew 0715 – Searle Pass to Kokomo Pass

July 11 – July 18, 2015
Crew Leader: Paul Smith
Total Hours Worked: 579

Crew Members Included: Lee Ashley, Steve Gomez, Mac Jones, Deborah Krabbendum, Bill Lange, Colin McKenna, Dave Olson, Maryna Ozerova, Liza Yanovich, Sterling Boin, Paul Smith

Work Accomplished: 650 feet of cut and fill to rehab deeply rutted trail, 300 feet of corridor cleared, 120 feet of 18″ tread hardened using rock, new post installed (to replace cairn), 35 water bars cleared out and 15 new water bars added.

Weeklong Crew 0815 – Middle Fork

July 18 – July 25
Crew Leader: Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
Total Hours Worked: 1060

Crew Members Included: Debbie Abbot-Brown, Marco Alatorre, Ramon Alatorre, Sharon Areen, Tom Brooksher, Kevan Brown, Tom Brown, Tom Brucia, Kathy Chavez, Pat Daniels, Bowie Duncan, Don French, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Ann Horner, Tony Howell, Dave Landers, Mel Patterson, Sophie Penniman, Dallas Peterson, Pamela Reidy, Gene Tison, Rick Trojanovich

Work Accomplished: Approximately 600 feet of completed trail plus 70 feet of roughed in trail including the following: Four check steps, two rock steps, 22 drainages, two mono walls, 42′ of bench cut trail, 75′ of talus slope trail, two dry creek fords, 8′ of bank stabilization, repaired and fixed work by previous non-CTF crew including 6 drainages, one 10′ mono wall, and 30′ of tread. Sent a squad from the crew to begin work on the entrance at the north end of the trail segment, they completed 36′ of new trail and roughed in 30′ of trail. Roughed in approximately 40 feet of a channel into a very large talus field. Installed two directional sign posts at the Boss Lake Trailhead.

Weeklong Crew 0915 – Gold Hill

July 25 – August 1, 2015
Crew Leader: Betsy and John Sylvester
Total Hours Worked: 1097

Crew Members Included: Vivienne Anderson, Joel Barker, Cole Becker, Tom Brucia, Danny Cooper, Laura Curran, Liam Downs-Tepper, Charlotte Grimm, Harold Harmon, Craig Lazaras, Oliver Lazaras, Paul Martin, Jim McIntosh, Rich Murphy, Scott Oetting, Maryna Ozerova, Stormy Roberts, Storme Rose, Leesa Scudder, Andy Smith, Betsy Sylvester, John Sylvester, Brooks Taylor, Gary Weeks

Work Accomplished: Dismantled and rebuilt two turnpikes, constructed 30 water bars, and improved 800 feet of trail.

Weeklong Crew 1015 – Hancock

August 8 – 15
Crew Leader: Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked: 597

Crew Members Included: Sharon Areen, Bill Carpenter, Liam Downs-Tepper, Sharon Grace-Poucher, Thomas Heimscheidt, Phillip Jackson, Bob James, Joe Kepler, Eliza Large, Beatrice Lincke, Jim Poucher, Brent Rumsey, Angie Seiffert, Greg Speights, Gene Tison, Jeffrey White, Nate Weiland

Work Accomplished: Completed 300 feet of new trail, 100 feet of trail roughed in.

Weeklong Crew 1115 – Hancock

August 22 – 29, 2015
Crew Leader: Bill Carpenter
Total Hours Worked: 586

Crew Members Included: Doug Buttery, Bill Carpenter, Brent Adams, Anne Englert, Richard Crabbe, Chris Hedrick, Ruth Hellman, Brian Eckles, Roy Leonard, Loren Woods

Work Accomplished: 108 linear feet of trail constructed at Hancock Trailhead. One 20-foot retaining wall and one eight-foot retaining wall built.

Weeklong Crew 1315 – South Fooses Creek

September 5 – 11
Crew Leader: Glenn Kepler
Total Hours Worked: 402

Crew Members Included: Patrick Basso, Debra Beasley, Andrew Been, Michelle Ellington, Jennifer Glados, Marlo Gomberg, Robert Gomberg, George Kepler, Roy Kepler, Glenn Kepler, Denice Kepler, Leroy Manz, John Marksbury, Angie Sieffert, David Thompson

Work Accomplished: Continued work started by other crews – built several mono walls, filled in trenched tread with mineral soil, built a step drain.

Four-Day Backpack Crew 1415 – Janet’s Cabin/Searle Pass

September 8 – 11, 2015
Crew Leader: Dave Callais
Total Hours Worked: 316

Crew Members Included: Bernard Asui, Diana Bristol, Dan Cohen, Robert Deering, Ron Dudek, Bob Hunter, Michael Reed, Nate Wieland, Victoria Wieland, Jenna Yeager, Martha Kondo-Pavish, John Marcotte, Colin McKenna, Kevin Purdy

Work Accomplished: 500′ of trail upgrade including widening trail from 10″ to 18″ and berm removal, 150′ of turnpike pitching, 300′ of rolling water dip cleaning, 200′ of check dams and rolling dips.
Thousands of feet of willows lopped to 3-4 feet beyond tread.

Weeklong CD Oakes Student Crew 1515NP

June 20 – 27, 2015
Crew Leader: Kelly Gorham
Total Hours Worked: 396

Crew Members Included: Kelly Gorham, Jules Daley, Ryan Hostetler, Steve Brockmeyer, Brian Wood, Cassidy Gorham, Maggie Blanch, Sydney Ehmann, Ethan Ryder, Jack Moorman, Bailey Rodgers, Greyson Bellae, Seth Osterwald

Work Accomplished: 22 drains reworked and rehabbed, two turnpikes built – one 50ft and one 8ft.