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In 2017, CTF Field Operations Manager Brent Adams continued managing the Adopt-A-Trail program. Adams lead two training sessions for Adopters, and over his two years of leadership, 38% of Adopters have attended a training session. Tread maintenance, drainage maintenance and improvement, problem identification, and the importance of reporting were all emphasized.

Adopters do important work in their sections of trail, which range from 1.6 to 16.8 miles. Some do the work themselves and some assemble a group for the outing. Visiting as soon as they can after the snow melts in late Spring, they cut and remove fallen trees clearing the trail, rake and hoe silt & debris out of the water diversions to limit erosion, assess the signage, and report their work and findings. Adopters make sure the trail is passable for hikers, cyclists, and horseback riders.

Snapshot: Adopters 2017

  • Brent Adams continues to manage the Adopt-A-Trail program
  • Another successful year of Adopter Trainings
  • 265 volunteers including Adopters and helpers
  • 3,007 volunteer hours just this year


  • Maintained the entire 567 miles of the CT
  • Made multiple excursions each summer
  • Cleared the Trail, sawing and removing hundreds of fallen trees
  • Cut back foliage
  • Repaired rockslides
  • Cleaned hundreds of water diversions to preserve the tread and limit Trail erosion
  • Repaired, replaced and added signs, including wooden, steel and confidence markers
  • Reported Trail conditions to the CTF for planning & USFS coordination

Adopter Notes

Section 7.1 George Neserke

[Cleared] about 5-7 trees from miles 1 to 5. No trees down above mile 5. Surveyed burn area and found clear of trees, expect more downfall in that area in the future.

Section 9.2 Charles Washer

Removed 4 trees across trail, cleaned 30-40 water diversions, cleared 2 bridges of dirt and debris, placed several stepping rocks in wet areas.

Section 11.3 Lawton Grinter

Two of us cleared 4 downed trees, installed 1 new water bar and did a TON of lopping/clearing brush along the edges of Section 11.3 from Road 398 south to the end of the ridge before the decent down to Clear Creek Reservoir. We also installed 3 new confidence markers.

Section 15.1 Ann Horner

We cleared the trail of as many trees as we could in excess of 2 dozen. Some were too large and require Forest Service help. We reported those and the Forest Service was aware.

Section 20.1 Jeremy Mattingley

Four trees removed, one confidence marker replaced. This section is part of an old jeep track which is filled with quite a bit of loose rock. We worked to make one track free of much of the loose rock that cause problems for mountain bikers and hikers.

Section 23.1 Dave Peters & Jodie Petersen

Mostly just light work this year, on three walk-throughs, (hit it extremely well last year)! No real problem areas. Huge increase in bicycle traffic noticed, also less big game. Finally counted all the water diversions we have made and maintain, and it is over 550!

Section CW03 ARR Mal Sillars

Did some rock work at perennial rock slide. Not usually a problem from year to year, but usually tweak rock tread and back slope on an annual basis.