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  • 17 Trail Crews, seven week-longs and 10 one-to-four day crews
  • 338 volunteers (including crew leaders, cooks, trail workers, Operations Manager…)
  • 7,437 volunteer hours contributed
  • 60 lineal feet of turnpike constructed
  • 250 drains cleaned and/or constructed
  • Rotted log decking replaced and approaches rebuilt at Wurts Ditch bridges
  • 0.4 miles of new trail constructed

Four-day Crew 0117 – Buffalo Creek

May 31 – June 4, 2017
Crew Leader: John and Elayna Lipe
Total Hours Worked: 639

Crew Members Included: Diana Bristol, Sachin DeYoung, Ron Dudek, Elayna Lipe, John Lipe, Doug Monick, Gary Osburn, Kathy Phelan, Evalyn Pirnack, Sheah Pirnack, Bob Powers, Denise Rankin, Bharat Ratra, Kathy Richardson, Storme Rose, Mark Silas, Steve Stadler, Kyong Woodward, Bob Hunter, Anne Englert

Work Accomplished: Routine maintenance plus 32 new drains, 9 new knicks, 1 roadside culvert armored and drained, 1/2 mile abandoned trail rehabbed, scarified, covered & 54 log check dams built to trap sediment

Weeklong Crew 0217 – CTF Cabin

June 10 – 17, 2017
Crew Leader: George Miller
Total Hours Worked: 568

Crew Members Included: George Miller, Harold Harmon, Tim Ruske, Betsy Sylvester, John Lipe, Richard Nolde, Jim McIntosh, Tom Brucia, Joel Barker, Jodie Petersen, Dave Peters, Jerranette Miller, Larry Miller, Anne Craddock, Roy Kepler

One-day Crew 0317 – North Fork Swan River

June 17, 2017
Crew Leader: Brent Adams
Total Hours Worked: 166

Crew Members Included: Aubrey Allen, Becky Anglemyer, Laurie Beckel, Rachael Bray, Michael Carey, Carol Curtis, Penny Dell, Rowan Edwards, Anne Engler, Nicholas Faraco-Hadlock, Karla Fuller, Becky Jensen, Cecelia McGarva, Joel Murray, Nick Palarino, Kasim Rana, Herb Reynolds, Brent Rumsey, Steven Sjordal, Emma Warnecke, Maura Warnecke, Joey Wilson, Wally Wininger

Work Accomplished: Constructed 50 drains, primarily between M21.1 and M22.0, cut and removed two down trees, trimmed/removed small lodgepole pines crowding the corridor ~M21.7, cleared stream channel at M20.3 where gravel had deposited against stringers of bridge/puncheon, installed 6 new CT and 10 new CDT confidence markers ~M19.5.

Weeklong Backpack Crew 0417 – South Clear Creek

June 24 – 30, 2017
Crew Leader: Paul K. Smith
Total Hours Worked: 1,796

Crew Members Included: Ramon Alatorre, Miguel Barajas, Laura Brieser-Smith, Thomas Brown, Tom Brucia, Emma Charleston, Andrew Haar, Ken Haar, Bob James, Marty Keller, Dave Landers, Kyle McClure, Brent Rumsey, Mark Santa Maria, Scott Smith, Gene Tison, Rick Trojanovich

Work Accomplished: Turnpike extended and maintained, waterbars constructed, cleaned, and repaired. 11 trees removed plus two hazard trees removed. 300 – 350 feet of corridor cleared of willows. Bridge crossing ramp repaired, existing tread armored. Closed and drained turnpike borrow pits and restored rocks removed that were visible from the trail, raking fill dirt piles. 80 – 100 feet of new tread constructed and old trail closed.

Weeklong Crew 0517 – Hancock

June 23 – July 1, 2017
Crew Leader: Scott Smith and Laura Brieser-Smith
Total Hours Worked: 796

Crew Members Included: Ramon Alatorre, Stephanie Bingham, Laura Brieser-Smith, Thomas Brown, Andrew Brubaker, Tom Brucia, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Andrew Haar, Ben Handrich, Stefan Hemenway, Bob James, Mike Killion, Gregory King, Dave Landers, Kyle McClure, Glen Scadden, Kevin Scadden , Scott Smith, Greg Speights, Betsy Sylvester, Brooks Taylor, Charles Washer, Randal Whorton, Daniel Zier

Work Accomplished: Overall 800 feet of completed trail including: a 15′ x 4′ rock wall, tread with bench cut, sod cut and removal, and numerous drainages; Cut through two – 24″ downed trees and removed from tread path; made a 6′ long stream ford crossing; and an 80′ causeway through a marshy area measuring 12″ wide x 12″ deep filled with crushed rock (crushed on site), also included a stream crossing and a french drain.

Three-day Crew 0617 – Winfield (women only)

June 29 – July 2, 2017
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 479

Crew Members Included: Aubrey Allen, Rachael Bray, Suzy Burger, Sandy Burke, Lisa Carey, Heather Dima, Kristi Dula, Karla Fuller, Addi Greer, Margaret Jacot, Cindy Johnson, Nancy Locke, Vickie Martinez, Leila Murphy, Laura Olson, Paty Olson, Amelia Powers, Susan Ryan, Judy Sanclaria, Peggy Waggener, Marcia Weaks, Rhonda Weiler, Sarah Woods, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: 12 channels were cut into existing turnpike as well as 2 french drains. Also a turnpike was extended 30 feet. And tread was cleaned up in a couple spots.

Comments From the Crew: “Enjoyed the company and all the good work. Hope to join again in the future. Thank you for all your dedication the trail.”

“Awesome time. We accomplished some pretty rugged trail work with a great group of women, and female bonding fueled by good food.”

Weeklong Crew 0717 – Jefferson

July 8 – July 15, 2017
Crew Leader: Glenn Kepler
Total Hours Worked: 867

Crew Members Included: Debra Kay Beasley, Andrew Been, Matt Cottrell, Laura Curran, Pat Daniels, Mike Dorio, Dharma Gauthier, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Tom Harper, John Herrick, Bob Hunter, Glenn Kepler, Preston Brooks Lord, A. “LeRoy” Manz, Paul Martin, Kathy Martinez, Steven Parker, Dave Peters, Jodie Petersen, Tony Quinn, Christopher Reno, Alex Samide, Conner Samide, Betsy Sylvester, Brooks Taylor, Chris Voisnet, Denice Kepler

Work Accomplished: Primary work was construction of a raised turnpike on the CT, approximately 60 feet in length. Two parallel courses of large rock were sunk to 2/3’s the rock height. Progressively smaller rock was layered between the two courses with a top dressing of mineral soil 3-4 inches deep. Three 8 inch diameter blue plastic pipe were laid in the foundation rock to act as culverts to channel water under and through the turnpike. Secondary work included cleaning water bars from the turnpike to the intersection with the West Jefferson Creek Trail. About 20 water bars were cleaned and an additional 5 built. Additional work was performed on the West Jefferson Creek Trail. A 3 – member team cleared over 20 downed trees form the trail.

One-day Crew 0817 – Kenosha Pass

July 8, 2017
Crew Leader: Brent Adams
Total Hours Worked: 198

Crew Members Included: Ryan Beck, Barbara Brannen, Barbara Chavous, Anne Englert, Chris Florence, Vasilios Gerasopoulous, Sarah Gorecki, Chris Nemcosky, Carol Jacobsen, Chris Jacobsen, Steve Jennings, Matthew Johnson, Cheri Knopinski, Linda Kay Lawson, Jane McManus, Brandi Miller, Terri Pasco, Lisa Pine, David Ratterman, Jenn Ratterman, Michelle Ratterman, Will Ratterman, Brent Rumsey, Philip Smith, Steve Stadler, Amy Nelson, Daniel Zier, Robbie Zmuda

Work Accomplished: Work consisted of constructing 45 drainage structures and removing loose rock from the tread on entrenched portions of the trail, primarily between M12.2 and M13.2.

Five-day Backpack Crew 0917 – San Luis Pass

July 15 – 19, 2017
Crew Leader: Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked: 288

Crew Members Included: Erin Blair, John Dodd, Yannick Hutchinson, Richard Johnson, Leah Landes, Mike McDermott, Cayley Perlman, Jenni Renton, Kelly Williams, Loren Woods

Work Accomplished: Constructed/cleaned 26 drainage features, improved stream crossing, cleared corridor of willows.

Weeklong Crew 1017 – Hancock

July 22 – 29, 2017
Crew Leader: Bill Carpenter
Total Hours Worked: 537

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne, Bill Carpenter, Matt Davis, Wayne Dubois, David Fitzwater, Stefan Hemenway, Colin McKenna, Lanny Mikulencak, Rich Murphy, Michael Myers, John Ogle, Bill Wharton, Loren Woods, Sarah Woods, Brent Adams, Anne Englert, Dan Zier

Work Accomplished: 1,150 feet of new tread, reworked two bog areas that were left by previous crews. Amoured 2 creek bed crossings, did multiple puddle drains.

One-day Crew 1117 – Tennessee Pass

July 22, 2017
Crew Leader: Brent Adams
Total Hours Worked: 154

Crew Members Included: Chia Basinger, Jacque Burroughs, Tim Burroughs, Brian Carlin, Tim Carlin, Melissa Elson, Anne Englert, Ben Frelka, Steven Fuller, Steve Jennings, Dick Maurer, Holly Monkman, Oliver Monkman, Paul Monkman, Kyla Nies, Ron Nies, Susan Bridges Nies, Patty Olson, Norman Sprouse, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: Removed rotted log decking and cut, peeled, and installed new log decking on Wurts Ditch bridge; removed rotting retaining logs on approaches to nearby bridge and rebuilt approaches with rock retaining walls, small rock, and mineral soil.

Four-day Crew 1217 – Turquoise Lake

July 27 – 30, 2017
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 461

Crew Members Included: Larry Allison, James Beltch, Megan Casillas, Christy Davison, Chris Florence, Ruth Hellman, Heather Hill, Cindy Johnson, Marybeth Jones, William Lange, Brandon Minch, Blake Mino, Robin Mino, Johna Neal-Baker, Barbara Newsome, Laura Olson, Mike Reynolds, Lonnie Sewald, Steven Sjordal, Chris Voisinet

Work Accomplished: Installed 30+ water bars, built two turnpikes, and took down several hazardous trees.

Comments from the crew: “What a wonderful experience to give back to something I am passionate about…”

“Great people, great time, great cause.”

One-day Crew 1317 – Silver Creek Trailhead

August 5, 2017
Crew Leader: Brent Adams
Total Hours Worked: 107

Crew Members Included: Barb Andrews, Grace Andrews, Tony Andrews, Sandy Beckley, Barbara Chavous, Anne Englert, Tom Griswold, Martha Kondo-Pavish, Dick Maurer, Jane McManus, Betsy Sylvester, Holly Velvis, Kyle Velvis, Camilla Helena de Silva, Cristiane Ramscheid Figueiredo, Jayleen Vera, Christine Bayer

Work Accomplished: Constructed ~30 ft. of new tread w/ monowall realignment up steep bank on south side of bridge to complete realignment. Assisted FS in cleaning log and willow debris/obstructions in proximity of bridge. Trimmed brush to open up stock crossing. Installed two u-channel posts with carsonite strips indicating hiker/stock crossing directions. Cleaned/reconstructed 15 drains. Second group constructed three check steps on steep fall line section and cleaned/reconstructed 11 drains.

Four-day Backpack Crew 1417 – Cochetopa Creek

August 17 – 20, 2017
Crew Leader: Doug Buttery
Total Hours Worked: 252

Crew Members Included: Doug Buttery, Aimee Cazares, Jorge Cazares, Grace Erba, Karen Erba, Marie Flynn, Kathy Klostermann, Laura Olson, Michael Spalding, Brad Whitney, Brent Adams, Anne Englert

Work Accomplished: Re-benched 1700 linear feet of trail tread. Removed loose rock on 3 miles of trail. Replaced deteriorated foot log with large rocks. Reset 2 cairn posts cleaned several water diversion systems

Weeklong Backpack Crew 1517 – Illinois Creek

August 19 – 25, 2017
Crew Leader: Dave Landers
Total Hours Worked: 296

Crew Members Included: Brent Rumsey, Daniel Zier, Jimmy Bugert, Joe Ruffert, Maryna Ozerova

Work Accomplished: Approximately 175 feet of new trail constructed, 4 rock steps built, 2 short mono-walls built.

Weeklong Backpack Crew 1617 – Elk Creek

September 2 – 8, 2017
Crew Leader: Connie Wian
Total Hours Worked: 585

Crew Members Included: Connie Wian, Brent Adams, Anne Englert, Diana Bristol, Bernard Asiu, Candace Ballantyne, Patrick Basso, Glenn Kepler, Matt Kepler, Charlie Kiene, Jack Morrison, Richard Nolde, Stephanie Sheldon, Don Smith, Gene Tison, Bill Wharton

Work Accomplished: 60 tons of rock and boulders moved to bank of Elk Creek, 6 check steps built where seasonal springs cause water to run down the trail tread. Disassembled a log jam in Elk Creek that had been causing the high water to wash away the bank and trail. Constructed 8 water diversions from the Wilderness boundary up Elk Creek 1 mile. New tread constructed around a large boulder.