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In 2018 reported to us so far… 717 VOLUNTEERS contributed 13,418 hours
preserving The Colorado Trail, an astounding $331,290 worth of labor!

Adopt-A-Trail VOLUNTEERS • 280 Adopters & Helpers • 2,412 hours

  • Maintained the 567-mile CT (as they do annually)
  • 80 volunteer Adopters plus their helpers
  • Each visits their Adoption one or more times every season
  • Cleared the trail, sawing and removing hundreds of fallen trees (avg. = 450 each summer)
  • Cleaned hundreds of water diversions (preserving tread and limiting erosion)
  • Repaired, replaced and installed signs (directional and confidence markers)
  • Cut back foliage
  • Repaired rockslides
  • Reported Trail conditions to the CTF for planning & USFS coordination

Trail Crew VOLUNTEERS • 325 Crew Members • 8,288 hours

  • Improved The Colorado Trail
  • 4 one day, 9 weeklong, and 8 3-5 day Volunteer Trail Crews
  • Most backpack crews in CTF history
  • Crew average of 16 participants each
  • Built and refurbished hundreds of water diversions (rolling dips, check steps, etc.)
  • Removed trees and overgrowth
  • Eliminated rocks impeding the trail
  • Extended another off road reroute
  • Built or rebuilt 10+  turnpikes
  • Took in and fed Trail users and educated them about the CTF

Behind the Scenes VOLUNTEERS • 112 Board, Ops & Other • 2,778 hours

  • Provided vision, planning, financial assistance, etc. (volunteer Board Members)
  • Educated Trail users via on-Trail Outreach
  • Made and installed Trail signs
  • Scouted, organized and planned logistics for crews and special projects
  • Collaborated with Forest Service personnel on trail work and maintenance, etc.
  • Volunteered pro-bono, professional services in graphic design, marketing, editing, etc.
  • Mailed Tread Linesnewsletter and other publications keeping 14,000 households informed
  • Delivered completion certificates to over 220 completers
  • Reached new CT Friends with presentations and brochures
  • Handled accounting and oversight
  • Delivered thank-you notes to donors and volunteers
  • Partnered with many organizations including the USFS, BLM, CMC, Trails 2000, COMBA, CDTC and others
  • Maintained the CTF website, keeping current all the valuable public info
  • Registered participants for Trail Crews
  • Planned events including the Friends Picnic, Durango Gathering and Holiday Party
  • Helped author revision of CT guides