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  • 21 Trail Crews
  • 325 volunteers (including crew leaders, cooks, trail workers, Operations Manager…)
  • 8,288 volunteer hours contributed
  • 63 lineal feet of turnpike constructed
  • Hundreds of drains cleaned and/or constructed
  • Four new bridges constructed
  • .55 miles of new trail constructed

Four Day Crew 0118 – Boswell Creek

May 31 – June 3, 2018
Crew Leader:  Bob Mathes
Total Hours Worked:  445

Crew Members: Candace Ballantyne, Peter Bond, Christopher Brobin, Megan Byers, Isaac Hayden, Judi Hurley, Carson Mathes, Robin Mino, Bryce Mino, Barbara Newsome, Barbara Richey, Todd Rodas, Mark Silas, Bill Whorton

Work Accomplished: New bridge constructed over Boswell Creek.

Four Day Crew 0218 – West Bear Creek

June 7 – 10, 2018
Crew Leader:  Greg Speights
Total Hours Worked:  234

Crew Members:  Laura Brieser-Smith, Kate Davis, Andy Keller, Barbara Rodekohr, Brent Rumsey, Scott Smith, Matthew Younker

Work Accomplished: Built 24 new drains, removed loose rocks from trail tread.

Weeklong Crew 0318 – Blanks Cabin

June 9 – 16, 2018
Crew Leader: John & Elayna Lipe
Total Hours Worked:  1237

Crew Members Included: Larry Allison, Barbara Beaumont, Diana Bristol, Tom Croke, Randy Dyson, James Einolf, Brian Fagan, Tom Fitzsimmons, Kurt Hamann, Ruth Hellman, Ted Hilbun, Mar Hinchman, Bob Hunter, Richard Murphy, Gary Osburn, Kathy Phelan, Bharat Ratra, Cathy Richardson, Roy Senyard, Steve Stadler, Betsy Sylvester, Kathy Tottis

Work Accomplished: Built two turnpikes, one armored crossing, replaced two sign posts, cleared multiple water diversions, and more.

One Day Crew 0418 – Gold Hill

June 23
Crew Leader:  Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked:  177

Crew Members Included: Devyn Arbogast, Chia Basinger, Cam Breen, Chuck Cummings, Carol Curtis, Michael Dorsey, Karen Fox, Tom Griswold, Ruth Hellman, Steve Jennings, Linda Lawson, Amber Martin, Doozie Martin, Dick Maurer, Joel Murray, Julie Parker, Noreen Puhala, Brent Rumsey, Denise Snow, Tracy Stiller, Jared Stiller, Micayla Stiller, Kevin Terry, Loren Vawser, Wendy Vawser, John Vogl, Lin Wareham-Morris, Matthew Watts, Anne Watts, Robbie Zmuda

Work Accomplished:33 new drains constructed, 24 existing drains cleaned, 7 check dams constructed in gullied sections, installed two CDT confidence markers

Three Day Women Only Crew 0518 – Sheep Gulch

June 23 – 25
Crew Leader:  Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked:  490

Crew Members Included: Aubrey Allen, Elaine Anthony, Erin Boodey, Rachael Bray, Dawn Brown, Megan Casillas, Ursula Currie, Katelin Erickson, Karla Fuller, Kathryn Greeson, Jeannie Harsha, Margaret Henderson, Patricia Hill, Judi Hurley, Marybeth Jones, Jean Mortensen, Michelle Mueggler, Laura Olson, Jenni Renton, Elizabeth Sirles, Betsy Sylvester, Marcia Weakes, Dahlia Weinstein, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished:  Built 28 water bars, installed four check steps, put in a retaining wall, removed a tree across the trail, took out hundreds of aspen saplings.

Four Day Crew 0618 – South Cottonwood Creek

June 28 – July 1
Crew Leader:  Diana Bristol
Total Hours Worked:  459

Crew Members Included: Jerzey Bickford, Bill Brown, Tom Brucia, Anne Craddock, Mike Dorio, Ron Dudek, Eric Durland, Brooke Durland, Ruth Hellman, John Herrick, Keith Holub, Phred Jahner, Nathaniel Jahner, Isaiah Jahner, Andy Keller, Jo Kopke, Bill Lange, John Lipe, Bob Powers, Steve Stadler, Betsy Sylvester, Charles Washer, Karen Wojtak

Work Accomplished: Constructed a 400-foot realignment and drains to improve an entrenched area of the trail.

One Day Crew 0718 – Mitchell Creek

June 30
Crew Leader:  Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked:  110

Crew Members Included: Jimmie Burke, Tim Burroughs, Jacque Burroughs, David Dolton, Michelle Ellington, Mike Fife, Vasilios Gerasopoulos, Michael Guyerson, Jake Guyerson, Nick Palarino, Terri Pascoe, Brent Rumsey, Jeff Spiegel, Kevin Terry, Wally Wininger, Robbie Zmuda

Work Accomplished:41 drains cleaned or constructed on entrenched section of trail, corridor cleared of willows and tree branches cut for horse clearance, M22.1 to M23.6.

Weeklong Crew 0818 – San Luis Pass

July 7 – 13
Crew Leader:  Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked:  120

Crew Members Included: Dave Covill, Beckie Covill, John Dodd, Dennie Dooley, Thomas Hemscheidt, Rich Johnson, Julie Smith, Hilary Smith

Work Accomplished: 25 drains installed, rock placed in 500 feet of washed out tread, placed 25 water diversions.

Weeklong Crew 0918 – Hancock

July 7 -14
Crew Leader:  Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
Total Hours Worked:  984

Crew Members Included: Tom Brucia, Riley Carbone, Ursula Currie, Pat Daniels, Ron Dudek, Greg Fitzgerlad, Ned Grauel, Barb Grauel, Casey Hall, Bob James, Diane James, Andy Keller, Mike Killion, Gregory King, Dave Landers, Carolyn McShea, Jerranette Miller, Larry Miller, Michael Myers, Greg Speights, Megan Token, Kevin Token, Daniel Zier

Work Accomplished: Constructed 1100 feet of new trail, cleared eight trees, built large 10-foot active flowing stream crossing, two 15-foot mono walls and a set of rock steps.

Weeklong Crew 1018 – Lujan Pass

July 14 – 21
Crew Leader:  Dave Fitzwater
Total Hours Worked:  372

Crew Members Included: Tom Brucia, Tom Harper, Brooks Lord, Paul Martin, Kathy Martinez, Colin McKenna, Brent Rumsey, Betsy Sylvester

Work Accomplished:Installed 107 Drains, raked 1 mile of tread, constructed new and rehabilitated tread for 300 yds and armored 100 yards of the trail from erosion.

Five Day Crew 1118 – Illinos Creek

July 21 – 25
Crew Leader:  Doug Butter
Total Hours Worked:  527

Crew Members Included: Brent Adams, Aimee Cazares, Jorge Cazares, Wayne Dubois, Anne Englert, Karen Erba, Grace Erba, Andy Keller, Leah Landes, John Ogle, Steve Petri, Brad Whitney

Work Accomplished: Constructed 200 linear feet of tread, 85 feet of wall below trail laid up, 40 feet of wall above trail laid up.

Weeklong Crew 1218 – Avalanche Gulch

July 21 – 27
Crew Leader:  Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked:  104

Crew Members Included: Dennis Dooley, Thomas Heimscheidt, Patricia Hill, Dahlia Weinstein

Work Accomplished:  Cleaned/replaced 62 drains, widened 1200 feet of trail,  built 10 new drains, repaired washed out trail.

One Day Crew 1318 – Kenosha Pass

July 18
Crew Leader:  Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 183

Crew Members Included: Rachael Bray, Tom Brooksher, Jimmie Burke, Tim Burroughs, Jacque Burroughs, Becky Bussey, Diane Carlson, John Derungs, Diana Doyle, Paul Fouse, Sarah Gorecki, Anne Greet, Kathryn Greeson, Tom Griswold, Steve Jennings, Barbara Keusch, Linda Lawson, Andrea Magness, Dick Maurer, Laura Olson, Cory Palm, Noreen Puhala, Tim Redetzke, Jenni Renton, Robin Ruygrok, Isabella Scala, Tracy Stiller, Jared Stiller, Steve Terlecki, John Vogl, Becki Watson

Work Accomplished: Constructed and cleaned approximately 70 drains.

Weeklong Crew 1418 – Illinois Creek

July 28 – August 3
Crew Leader:  Dave Landers
Total Hours Worked: 396

Crew Members Included: Paige Delmargo, Lloyd Peugh, Ed Pfromer, Kyle Pfromer, Joe Ruffert, Roger Sauerhagen, Karen Sauerhagen, Gene Tison, Thomas Tison, Daniel Zier

Work Accomplished: 120 feet of trail roughed in and rock stockpiled to built retaining walls

Five Day Crew 1518 – Porcupine Gulch

July 29 – August 2
Crew Leader:  Glenn Kepler
Total Hours Worked: 287

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne, Brendan Egan, Andrea Faley, Jeff Jones, Parker Jones, Andy Keller, Roy Kepler, Sandra Leake, Colin McKenna, Steven Parker, George Rasmussen, Betsy Sylvester, Andrii Varko, Bill Wharton

Work Accomplished: 1,065 feet of tread upgraded, 20 check steps improved, and 15 drains reworked and improved.

Five Day Crew 1618 – Miners Creek

September 2 – 8
Crew Leader:  Bill Carpenter
Total Hours Worked: 370

Crew Members Included: Larry Allison, Candace Ballantyne, Andrew Been, Michael Dorsey, John Eagerton, Anthony Howell, Bob Hunter, Andy Keller, Lanny Mikulencak, Brian Mikulencak, Max Saus, Andy Smith, Bill Wharton, Loren Woods

Work Accomplished: Two stringer bridges on sills, 35 drains installed or repaired.

Weeklong Crew 1718 – Cataract Creek

August 4 – 10

Crew Leader:  Paul Smith
Total Hours Worked: 306

Crew Members Included: Kevin Cassidy, Liam Downs-Tepper, Kerry Gibson, Jeffrey Hunter, Jenn Wray

Work Accomplished: Built 10-12 drains each, repaired approximately 10 water bars, built one check step, cleared willows, debermed 250-feet of trail, cleaned many drains.

Weeklong Crew 1818 – Straight Creek

August 11 – 17

Crew Leader:  Phil Ayers
Total Hours Worked: 394

Crew Members Included: Brent Adams, Sharon Areen, Robert Brozka, Barry Clancy, Adam Cline, Anne Englert, Steve Espinoza, Earl Hammond, Douglas Pilcher, Tony Quinn, Quinn Swope

Work Accomplished:  741 feet of new tread completed, armored 4 water crossings, widened ~100 feet of entrenched trail, filled in and transplanted sod to ~500 feet of entrenched and abandoned trail, improved and cleaned 12 drains.

One Day Crew 1918 – Cree and Lost Creeks

August 19

Crew Leader:  Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 153

Crew Members Included: Stephanie Bingham, Teri Breithaupt, Paul Brooks, Becky Bussey, Clancy Clark, Wendell Day, Mary Gontero, Devon Herndon, Susan Hobbie, Paul Monkman, Holly Monkman, Oliver Monkman, Julie Parker, Jenni Renton, Jeffrey Rosado, Steve Stadler, John Vogl, Randal Whorton

Work Accomplished:Replaced washed out 12″ culvert at Lost Creek with 18″ culvert and rebuilt approaches and armored inlet and outlet. Removed aspen logs thrown across Cree Creek and constructed new approximate 16-ft bridge with 30″ tread width per USFS direction.

Three Day Crew 2018 – Tenmile Range

August 24 – 26

Crew Leader:  Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 124

Crew Members Included: Joe Cole, Michelle Ellington, Niki Hillek, Laura Olson, Jenni Renton, Robin Sommerauer, Patrizia Sommerauer, Rich Van Antwerp, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: 35 new water bars installed, 6 water bars cleaned out, large dead tree removed from trail, a small pine that was leaning over the trail was cut and removed. Rehabbed 2 springs that crossed the trail, digging channels and reinforcing.

Weeklong Crew 2118 – South Clear Creek

August 25 – 31

Crew Leader:  Paul Smith
Total Hours Worked: 758

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne, Ned Grauel, Barb Grauel, Bill Lange, Emily Lawrence, Devon Lucero, John Marksbury, Ed Pfromer, Bob Powers, John Vogl, Dean Waits, Rhonda Weiler, Bill Wharton

Work Accomplished:Constructed new 14-foot two-log timber bridge with stringers and improved approaches on both sides, redefine horse crossing below the new bridge, closed old trail and rehabbed social trails and horse trail above and below new bridge. Cleared the corridor of limbs of 30-40 trees, constructed check step riser.