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Posted April 2, 2019 –

Given that April has just begun, it is impossible to know for sure how the super-deep snowpack this spring, averaging around 150% of average, will affect The Colorado Trail this summer. But we have some good guesses and we’ll begin sharing them on Tuesdays starting right now.

Guessing the deep snowpack will push back start dates. In advance of each Trail season, we communicate that July 1 is a good start date for thru-hikers who don’t want to deal with much snowpack. This year, 2019, we think that start date recommendation should be pushed back by a week or two. If you’ll be starting a ‘thru’ and don’t like trudging through snow, you might choose a July 15 or after start date.

By sometime in June, well into the melt season, snowpack related things will become knowable. If you are planning a CT excursion and have the luxury of adjusting your schedule at the last minute, wait until June to firm your plan. But if you’re like most and need to ink your schedule before then, think of this year’s extraordinarily deep snowpack and adjust your timing now.

In coming weeks, we will report about other 2019 conditions that we expect will result from this year’s deep snow, including swollen creeks and avalanche debris.