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A summary of 2022 Colorado Trail Foundation Trail Crew Accomplishments.

  • 19 Trail Crews
  • One trail crew and team leader training
  • Four new crew leaders trained
  • Four new cooks trained
  • 187volunteers (including crew leaders, cooks, trail workers, Operations Manager, etc.)
  • 5633 volunteer hours contributed
  • Three bridges constructed or repaired
  • Avalanche debris cleared from several locations
  • Hundreds of drains cleaned and/or constructed
  • Four rock walls constructed
  • Approximately one mile of realignment or new trail constructed

Three Day Crew 0122 – Clear Creek Reservoir

  • May 15-18
  • Crew Leader: Ryan Charter and Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked: 236

Crew Members: Betsy Sylvester, Greg Speights, Don Maclachlan, Gail Wells, Scot Everhart, Rhiannon Stratton, Chia Basinger, Alan Johnson, Dean Brooks, Stephen Kateman, Spencer Green, Hana Fields

Work Accomplished: Crew 0122 improved 2.5 miles of trail, closed 2 social trails, built one rock wall, dismantled and rebuilt 7 levels of steps, and replaced the steps and sides of a bridge.

Three Day Crew 0222 – Buffalo Creek

  • September 23 – 25
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked:

Crew Members: Tracy Atkins, Jacque Burroughs, Tim Burroughs, Dana English, Nathan Heizer, Nina Justin, Betsy Sylvester

Work Accomplished: Crew 022 built 30 feet of new trail, removed 6 stumps built 18 new drains, and improved 475 feet of trail

Three Day Crew 0322 – Lost Creek Wilderness 

  • June 10 – June 12
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked: 180

Crew Members Included: Todd Baldini, Nina Black, Becky Bussey, Patricia Casey, Laura Farren, Patrick Farren, Steve Jennings, Alan Johnson, Don Maclachlan, Jeremy Moser, Greg Speights

Work Accomplished: Crew 0322 cut and removed 49 trees, built 2 drains, debermed 30 feet of trail, and removed 5 old trail markers.

Four Day Crew 0422 – Women’s Only Gurnsey Creek

  • June 23 – 26
  • Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson and Robin Mino
  • Total Hours Worked: 556

Crew Members:  Barbara Newsome, Cristina Milleur, Peggy Byers, Candace Ballantyne, Andrea Faley, Teri Buchanan, Analyn Hoffner, Juliette Hoffner, Sonja Compton, Amy Quinn, Barbara Richey, Nancy Stevens, Jenna Yeager, Rachal Bray, Allison Schoenback, Jennifer Ingold, Rhonda Weiler, Leila Murphy, Karla Fuller, Aubrey Allen, Marybeth Jones,

Work Accomplished: Crew 0422 worked on building .18 mile reroute to replace an eroded section of trail.

Three Day Crew 0522 – Wheeler Avalanche

  • July 1 – 3
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked: 340

Crew Members: Ryan Charter, James Beltch, Jed Levin, Colin McKenna, Holly Monkman, Paul Monkman, Elizabeth Moroney, Fred Munger, Patrick Murray, Mark Waldman, Mary Waldman, Jenna Yeager, Scott Smith, Laura Smith.

Work Accomplished: Crew 0522 demolished an old bridge (and carried out the old planks), moved over 200 buckets of soil and rock for the new bridge, built a 15-foot bridge, built 4 drains, cleaned 16 drains, debermed 25 feet of trail, shaped a gigantic rock, found and utilized a burrow pit, and administered first aid and assistance to an injured hiker.

Three Day Crew 0622 – Little Molas Lake

  • July 8 – 10
  • Crew Leader: Brooks Lord and Paul Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 265

Crew Members: Jess Banasiak, Diana Bristol, Joe Cole, Kim Cole, Wayne Dubois, Ron Dudek, Jenna Hallock, Debra Hayes, Nicole Jefferson, Collin McKenna, John Ogle, Alexis Ozimek, Ivan Rezucha, Jana Rezucha, Scot Everhart, Dan Stacy, Andrea Toupin

Work Accomplished: Crew 0622 upgraded 500 feet of tread, built 15 new drains, cleaned and maintained 65 drains.

CTF Trail Crew on Fooses Creek

CTF Trail Crew on Fooses Creek

Six Day Crew 0722 – Fooses Creek I


  • July 10 – 15
  • Crew Leader: Ed Pfromer
  • Total Hours Worked: 422

Crew Members: Ross Broockerd, John Dood, Ty Graham, Rich Johnson, Elise McKenna, Craig Murray, Dave Peters, Jodie Peterson, Taylor Pfromer, Barb Rodekohr, Gene Tison

Work Accomplished: Crew 0722 constructed .25 miles of new trail!

Five Day Crew 0822 – Miners Creek I

  • July 14 – 19
  • Crew Leader: Scott Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 241

Crew Members: Karryn Christiansen, Anna Hagberg, Lucas Hall, Rachel Hopkins, Andy Keller, Jerry Pickart, Brian Verbeck, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: Crew 0822 roughed in 100 feet of new trail, finished 330 feet of trail, dug two barrow pits, carried and distributed over 120 buckets of dirt and rock, popped numerous rocks off the trail, cleaned up over 10 feet of a rock pile.

Seven Day Crew 0922 – Alpine Tunnel

  • July 24 – 30
  • Crew Leader: Glenn Kepler and Brooks Lord
  • Total Hours Worked: 528

Crew Members: Debra Beasley, Andrew Been, Liz Cecchett, Sonja Compton, Natalie Coston, Pat Daniels, William Daniels, Debra Hayes, Jamie Johnson, Jeff Jones, Parker Jones, Steven Matesi, Larry Miller, Steven Parker, Bharat Ratra, Greg Speights, Betsy Sylvester, Alana Wolner

Work Accomplished: Crew 0922 realigned the trail by building a 200’ switchback, filled in eroded section with rocks and dirt, built 2 new water bars, pruned over 2.5 miles of brush and shrubs, filled in 6 erosion holes, removed 13 stumps, built a new bridge.

Five Day Crew 1022 – Illinois Creek I

  • August July 25 – 29
  • Crew Leader: Daniel Zier
  • Total Hours Worked: 350

Crew Members: Karen Connolly, Deirdre Garvey, Scott Henderson, Ian Kretzman, Mia Lochead, Nicholas Poole

Work Accomplished: Crew 1022 completed a route through a talus field by constructing approximately 70’ of new trail, filling in 75’ of roughed in cobble with soil harvested from erosion washout, and connecting the new trail with the existing trail. Also improved 300’ of trail.

Five Day Crew 1122 – Fooses Creek II – Cancelled

Five Day Crew 1222 – Illinois Creek II

  • August 3 – 7
  • Crew Leader: Daniel Zier
  • Total Hours Worked: 328

Crew Members: Justin Collier, Tyler Johnson, Elizabeth Morton, Barbara Rodekohr, Brenton Thom

Work Accomplished: Crew 1222 constructed 400 feet of new trail, cleared fallen rock and erosion debris from ½ mile of trail, widened and enhanced 800’ of trail, removed hazardous rocks from Illinois Creek, and modified the trail roue to enhance drainage and protect sensitive areas.

Five Day Crew 1322 – Deer Creek

  • August 16 – 27
  • Crew Leader: Brent Adams and Anne Englert
  • Total Hours Worked: 289

Crew Members: Kristi Dula, Dave Peters, Jodie Petersen, Thomas Wild

Work Accomplished: Crew 1322 drained muddy areas at the bottom of a talus field, rebuilt 60’ of turnpike and rock-hardened tread, constructed 4 drains, drained and outsloped a section of muddy trail.

Five Day Crew 1422 – Miners Creek II

  • August 14 – 18
  • Crew Leader: Greg Speights
  • Total Hours Worked: 172

Crew Members: Jay Yedlin, Scott Goldstein, Brian Verbeck, Brent Rumsey, Thomas Wild, Bob Gillen, Andrew Claus

Work Accomplished: Crew 1422 improved 792’ of trail, built 2 rock walls (15’total), and built 1 drain.

Five Day Crew 1522 – Boss Lake I

  • August 14 – 21
  • Crew Leader: Dave Fitzwater
  • Total Hours Worked:

Crew Members: Matt Davis, Cathy Richardson, Mark Santa-Maria, Betsy Sylvester

Work Accomplished: Crew 1522 continued construction on a0.5 mile trail realignment to replace an eroding section.

Seven Day Crew 1622 – Boss Lake II

  • August 21 – 27
  • Crew Leader: Tom Schutter and Paul Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 372

Crew Members: Jane Brunton, Matt Davis, Lloyd Hilaiel, Alan Santa-Maria, Mark Santa-Maria, Betsy Sylvester, Gene Tison

Work Accomplished:  Crew 1622 built 475’ of rock walls, upgraded 100’ of tread, built 5 drains, and closed 100’ of trail.

Seven Day Crew 1722 – Weminuche Wilderness

  • August 21 – 27
  • Crew Leader: Connie Wian
  • Total Hours Worked:

Crew Members: Tom Anthony, Ron Dudek, James Lehmer, Denise Mainville, Chris Miller, Betsy Myers, JP Pickell, Brian Verbeck

Work Accomplished:  Crew 1722 cut and moved trees and avalanche duff from the trail to reestablish the original tread. Also built rock steps, 2 rock culverts, and a rock diversion to make the tread straighter from the dynamite hole. Benched back avalanche debris to widen the trail and removed the downhill debris to provide better drainage.

Six Day Crew 1822 – Headwaters Hill

  • September 5 – 10
  • Crew Leader: Tom Schutter
  • Total Hours Worked:

Crew Members: Stuart Allen, Joe Cole, John Garey, Ameen Ghavam, Jamie Johnson, Elizabeth Kostiuk, Jerranette Miller, Larry Miller, Betsy Sylvester, Alana Wolner

Work Accomplished: Crew 1822 improved 500’ of tread (with 100’ seriously upgraded), installed 15 new drains, built one open drain with rock and rock cribbing above and below.

Three Day Crew 1922 – Gudy Gaskill Bridge

  • September 16 – 18
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked:

Crew Members: Robin Gaskill, Steven Gaskill, Fred Balmos, Anne Craddock, George Rasmussen, Alice Schiel, Gail Wells, Betsy Sylvester, Allison Schoenback, Jeffrey White, Alison Murphy

Work Accomplished:  Crew 1922 rebuilt 148 feet of running planks along the Gudy Gaskill Bridge that were in disrepair from over 20 years of heavy use. Also treated bridge with wood preservative to help with rot.