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Bikepacking the CT makes author cry

By January 4, 2019January 28th, 2023CT Travel Tips1 min read

Posted January 4, 2019 –

Elevation Outdoors magazine, a newsprint magazine distributed for free, published “Over the Mountain There Are More Mountains” by Michael Henry. “When I finally glimpsed the golden ribbon of Stony Pass Road I was so overcome with joy I admit I cried. My spent muscles trembled with adrenaline and I pedaled my Stumpjumper, loaded with camping gear, along a very thin single-track,” Henry wrote. “Let me be the first to tell you: Pushing 60 pounds of bike and gear in stiff bike shoes really sucks. I’d read somewhere that the truth of bike-packing the Colorado Trail is this: You can ride about 80 percent, but you won’t spend 80 percent of your time riding. The last two days I’d spent just a couple of hours in the saddle, covering about 40 miles and climbing over 8,000 feet.”

Does he make it to the end? We won’t give it away. Read the article.