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Find Current Trail Conditions on these CT Facebook Groups

Colorado Trail Facebook groups are a great resource for current trail conditions, updates, and information sharing. CT users post frequently and so does the CTF. We recommend you visit and…
April 6, 2023
Trail Vandalism 01

Sign Vandalism on the CT

2023 saw a noticeable uptick in theft and vandalism on signs along The Colorado Trail, and we want to take a moment to help trail users understand what not to…
September 25, 2023
Salida RD Prescribed Burn

Salida Ranger District Prescribed Burns

The Salida Ranger District will be conducting some prescribed burns in Chaffee County. For CT travelers planning to be on segments 13-15 between now and mid-November (exact timing is weather…
September 21, 2023

Collegiate West 02, New Trail Alert!

New trail alert! For those hiking on segment CW02 (Collegiate West 02) between Lake Ann and Texas Creek Trailhead, you'll want to take note. The USFS and partners have been…
July 28, 2023
Travelers will attain some high elevations along The Colorado Trail.

Acclimatizing to Altitude for The Colorado Trail

Trail Tip Tuesday - ACCLIMATIZING. Most people can acclimate with time. A very few people cannot; some have underlying medical conditions that may or may not be diagnosed, but these…
May 22, 2023
CT Hikers enjoying their trip.

Shuttlers for The Colorado Trail

First posted March 5, 2019 - the information remains accurate. The Colorado Trail Foundation maintains a contact list of known, current shuttle drivers – both individuals and businesses – in…
May 15, 2023
The Colorado Trail Databook covers the Resupply Places and is great for along the Trail.

Resupply Places and the CT Databook

Posted June 9, 2020 - CT travelers often carry the pocket-sized, official Colorado Trail Databook. It answers the all-important questions about upcoming water sources, mileages, elevations and enlightens the traveler…
May 8, 2023

Parking in Denver

Parking in Denver People planning their Colorado Trail thru-hike are often surprised to learn that there is no overnight parking at Waterton Canyon, the northern terminus of the CT and…
May 8, 2023

Waterton Canyon Closure May 8-19th

Waterton Canyon will be closed temporarily so Denver Water can complete annual dust mitigation maintenance. Weekday access to Waterton Canyon will be closed Monday, May 8th through Friday, May 19th.…
May 1, 2023
treating water from a stream

Water Source Info and the Guides

Water sources are abundant along most of The Colorado Trail. To keep from getting dehydrated and to plan how much water they carry along each stretch, trail users will need…
April 24, 2023
Please 'pack out' your toilet paper!

Pack Out Your Toilet Paper

Trail Tip Tuesday – PACK OUT YOUR TOILET PAPER. Please help keep The Colorado Trail beautiful. Pack out your toilet paper. It is easy. Prepare at home by getting one…
April 18, 2023
dog with backpacks

Traveling the CT with a Dog

Posted March 10, 2020 THIS REMAINS TRUE EVERY TRAIL SEASON - Quite a percentage of you CT distance travelers are planning the trip with your dog(s). Some dog travelers have…
April 17, 2023

Food Storage Reminder

As a result of unconfirmed reports of active bears in the area, the South Platte Ranger District has asked us to remind all Colorado Trail users to please use food…
April 13, 2023

Mal Sillars and a Collegiate West History Lesson

Written by: Mark Ely, guest writer for Tread Lines You meet some interesting people on the Colorado Trail.  With most, you’re only able to exchange a few words.  Some you…
April 11, 2023