CT travelers encounter others in Segment 25 near Molas Pass above Silverton.

CT Conditions 2019 August 20

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 20. CLOSURES Copper Mountain area: two-mile, trail-season detour affecting parts of CT Segments 7 and 8 . . . . . North of Monarch Pass: 3.2-mile detour on the CT Collegiate West, CW05 . . . . . AVALANCHE RELATED Seg 7 avalanche debris zones […]

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Closure Map CW05 north of Monarch Pass.

Closure & Detour Near Monarch Pass – 2019

CT CW05 Detour near Monarch Pass AUG 22 – SEP 30, 2019 Affecting the co-located CDNST and the Collegiate West route on The Colorado Trail (CT) this closure is due to a tree cutting and helicopter removal project to mitigate hazards caused by the beetle endemic. It is immediately above Monarch Mountain Ski Area. Please […]

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CT Segment 25 taken July 29th and contributed by bikepacker, Robert Umland.

CT Conditions 2019 August 13

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 13. SNOWPACK . . . . . For HIKERS and CYCLISTS, the CT became “Passable” end to end on August 6th. “PASSABLE” indicates easily snow-passable, that enough has melted to no longer be overly arduous or hazardous, and without snow-related navigation challenges. . . . . . […]

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CT Conditions 2019 August 6

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – August 6. Closure info at the bottom; avalanche too; read this top to bottom. SNOWPACK (drumroll . . . ) . . . . . For HIKERS and CYCLISTS, the CT is now “Passable” end to end. (If you listen closely you might hear a bunch of people […]

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A little snow remains as of July 23, 2019. This 2018 photo thanks to Alex Mandrila.

CT Conditions 2019 July 23

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – July 23. Closure info at the bottom; avalanche too. SNOWPACK Substantially melted but there’s still some remaining snowpack. It’s improving quickly. Informed guesswork continues below, thanks to user and volunteer reports including some with detail. “PASSABLE” indicates that, in our view, it has become easily snow-passable, that enough […]

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Cottonwood Pass Road closed in 2018

This 2018 road closure will affect many who will travel The Colorado Trail (CT). West of Buena Vista and affecting all CT Collegiate West (CW) travelers the entire 2018 trail season, Cottonwood Pass Road will be closed. NOT A HARDSHIP FOR MOST CT USERS. While this will impact CT users, primarily those traveling the CW, […]

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