Backpacker encounters avalanche debris above Silverton in CT Segment 24, Elk Creek.

Snowpack 2019 and Buried Trail

Trail Tip Tuesday – SNOWPACK and BURIED TRAIL – May 21, 2019. We’re upbeat about the 2019 trail season for The Colorado Trail. CT travelers will experience great adventure, likely enhanced by this season’s unusual challenges of deeper than normal snowpack and Trail buried by avalanche debris. No doubt, for distance travelers (including thru-hikers) the […]

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Avalanche debris covering Colorado Trail segment 13 near the Avalanche Gulch Trailhead west of Buena Vista.

Snowpack 2019 and Avalanche Impacts

Trail Tip Tuesday – 2019 DEEP SNOWPACK and AVALANCHE IMPACTS – April 16, 2019. Given that it’s mid-April now, it is impossible to know for sure all the ways this spring’s super-deep snowpack, averaging around 150% of average, will affect The Colorado Trail this summer. Our guesses include later start dates for distance travelers and […]

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