The Trail

In Segment 24 of The Colorado Trail, CTF Volunteer, Ron Dudek, helps other Adopter volunteers improve the friendliness of one of four avalanche debris crossings.

Avalanche Debris Segment 24

In Segment 24 of The Colorado Trail, there are acres of unavoidable avalanche debris. It will be there all Trail season. Hikers should each choose whether or not to travel Seg 24 depending on their willingness to incur the extra risk involved in crossing the avalanche debris piles. There are 4 very large debris piles […]

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For 314 miles (of the 567 mile total), The Colorado Trail is co-located with the CDNST, the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Spectacular! Books and maps often indicate where it’s co-located, including the CT Databook and Map Books. CT users traveling southbound will meet the co-located section in CT Segment 6 atop Georgia Pass, stay on it when they […]

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