Ursack / Opsak combo works well for many CT travelers.

2022 Food Storage Reminder

As a result of unconfirmed reports of active bears in the area, the South Platte Ranger District has asked us to remind all Colorado Trail users to please use food storage when on the trail at all times, and specifically between Segments 1 – 4, where the activity has been reported. Proper food storage includes […]

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2022 Maildrop – Consider UPS-Brown or FedEx

2022 Maildrop – Consider UPS-Brown or FedEx If you are planning to ship yourself any resupply boxes this trail season, consider sending them UPS-Brown or FedEx. (Not USPS.) Reports from maildrop locations are that boxes being sent via the United States Postal Service including Priority Mail are not being delivered in a timely manner. The […]

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Bear eyeballs hiker food along The Colorado Trail

Bear Problems Happen Every Trail Season

Posted May 19, 2022 – Every single Trail season, bear problems happen along The Colorado Trail. Now in my 17th year as Executive Director with the CT Foundation, I cannot remember a trail season without reports like, ‘yeah, the bear got our food and shredded my bag.’ This is one reason the CTF recommends that […]

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The 2017 Peak 2 Fire Closed CT Segment 7

Stove Choice and Fire Bans

Posted May 12, 2022 – STOVE CHOICE AND FIRE BANS ON THE CT. In brief: Allowed stoves have on-off valves, including the canister gas stoves most CT travelers choose. Prohibited stoves lack an on-off valve, including alcohol stoves and also twig and esbit stoves. More detail: Most of the long-distance and overnight travelers on The […]

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treating water from a stream

Water Source Info and the Guides

Water sources are abundant along most of The Colorado Trail. To keep from getting dehydrated and to plan how much water they carry along each stretch, trail users will need a guide. The guides with particularly good water source information are the ones most CT folks choose, the FarOut app, formerly Guthook, and the CT […]

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Waterton Canyon closed Weekdays June 1 - June 11

Waterton Canyon Weekday Closure

From Tuesday June 1 through Friday June 11, weekday access to Waterton Canyon will be closed for Denver Water’s annual dust mitigation project. Neither the parking lot at the canyon’s entrance nor the canyon will be accessible during this time. Waterton Canyon will remain open on Saturday, June 5, and Sunday, June 6, for weekend […]

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Please 'pack out' your toilet paper!

Pack Out Your Toilet Paper 2021

Posted May 4, 2021 – Trail Tip Tuesday – PACK OUT YOUR TOILET PAPER. Please help keep The Colorado Trail beautiful. Pack out your toilet paper. It is easy. Prepare at home by getting one or more dedicated bag(s). The CT is beautiful. But toilet paper is an eyesore that diminishes the experience for all. […]

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Ursack / Opsak combo works well for many CT travelers.

Bears and Your Food 2021

Posted April 27, 2021 – FOOD PRECAUTIONS FOR BEARS & CRITTERS. Trouble with bears is increasing. Along The Colorado Trail, the trouble with bears and other critters is primarily with the food and trash CT travelers carry. The problems that result sometimes ruin peoples’ equipment and end trips, but also can necessitate killing the bear. […]

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Starting in Denver at Waterton Canyon

Consider Shuttling at the Start

Posted April 20, 2021 – CONSIDER SHUTTLING AT THE START, a useful Colorado Trail tip. If you are planning a one-way Trail trip, consider planning to leave your car at your end point, where you’ll finish, and arrange for transportation (shuttler or other) to your start point. Benefits of leaving your car at your end […]

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CT Guides and merchandise are available at the CT Store.

TIPS: CT Guides and Store 2021

Posted April 15, 2021 – TIPS: CT GUIDES AND STORE 2021. Here are some tips we hope might help. CT Store – Find it at At the top of the page, click the “SHOP” button. Order Early – Many 2021 Post Office shipments to customers have been slow to deliver. Ordering early will ‘up’ […]

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