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Nearing Durango - Success on The Colorado TrailCT Travel Tips

Training for The Colorado Trail

There’s great value in training for the CT, especially for longer excursions. We have learned this through our own experiences and communicating with many Trail travelers. Training beforehand can prevent…
April 14, 2020
CT Travel Tips

Focus On Footwear

Very important during training for Colorado Trail trips, that you dial-in your shoes (and socks). Avoid blisters if you can; they make hiking much harder to enjoy. Find the right fit,…
March 8, 2016
Snow on the Colorado TrailCT Travel Tips

Snowpack Norms

TRAIL TIP TUESDAY...SNOWPACK FREE, WHEN..? No sure thing, but Colorado Trail experience gives us date guidance. Here's when different places on the CT might be 'snowpassable,' meaning not too arduous or hazardous:…
February 23, 2016