Traveling the CT

Storm Clouds on The Colorado Trail Collegiate West near Cottonwood Pass. Photo Dean Krakel

Looking Forward: The CT Season and Coronavirus

March is turning to April and there are many coronavirus restrictions now in place. The Colorado Trail season – chiefly July, August and September – is still a bit distant. So, what does this all mean for CT distance-trip planners? Here at The Colorado Trail Foundation, we don’t have the answer. But below are some […]

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Segment 27 on The Colorado Trail between Silverton and Durango

Reassessing a CT Distance-Trip given Coronavirus

Here at The Colorado Trail Foundation we’re wanting to share a bit more on thru- or distance-travel planning relative to the Coronavirus situation. Given that the season for The Colorado Trail is primarily July–September and many weeks away considering we’re still in March, we’re finding it hard to know what the realities might be by […]

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Waterton Canyon closure began March 18, 2020 due to COVID-19

Waterton Canyon Closure due to COVID-19

CLOSED. Sadly…WATERTON CANYON IS CLOSED. According to officials with Denver Water, the CLOSURE BEGAN WED MARCH 18. It will remain closed until further notice. REASON. According to CTF supporter Bobbie Hickman’s friend who works for Denver Water, the reason for the closure is that there had been a significant increase in Canyon recreators which elevated […]

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CT Segment CW01 south of Twin Lakes in August 2019, thanks to Brian Pierce.

Coronavirus and Summer 2020 on The Colorado Trail

Now in mid-March with such broad impacts of the Coronavirus, what should 2020 Colorado Trail planners be thinking about? Here at the CT Foundation, we are mindful of many virus-related considerations but we are having a hard time forecasting into July, August and September, the heart of the Trail season. Still, here are some thoughts […]

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dog with backpacks

Traveling the CT with a Dog

Quite a percentage of you CT distance travelers are planning the trip with your dog(s). Some dog travelers have a successful CT trip and they complete the Trail with their pooch. The CTF has even delivered some Completion Certificates for dogs and we smile when we think of these wonderful trips with canine friends. At […]

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Avalanche debris fields in CT Segment 24 await hikers. Photo thanks to Avery Williamson.

Avalanche Debris in CT Segment 24

In Segment 24 of The Colorado Trail, there are large, avalanche debris fields that will be unavoidable all 2020 Trail season and beyond. The CTF has volunteer efforts scheduled again this year but completing this work to cut and dig through all the debris will take multiple Trail seasons. DEBRIS FIELDS – There are 4-6 […]

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Slippery travel can await CT folks who start early.

Season for The Colorado Trail

Suppose you’re planning to travel a lengthy distance on the CT this summer. When should you start? Our suggestion for distance travel is to START NO EARLIER THAN JULY 1 when, most years, the high elevation snowpack has substantially melted off. A July 1 or later start will typically trim the snow travel to a […]

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The CT Guidebook (9th edition) and Databook (7th Edition) have both proven useful to CT travelers.

Guides Current for 2020

CURRENT EDITION OF THE GUIDES. Proven as helpful to nearly all CT travelers are the CT Guidebook and CT Databook. The Guidebook is more comprehensive, includes road access information, and is good for trip planning. Because it is so big and heavy, most purchasers choose to leave the Guidebook with an at-home support person who […]

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The Colorado Trail, mile for mile the most beautiful trail in America.

Plan your trip on The Colorado Trail

Suppose you’re interested in traveling The Colorado Trail this summer, where do you start learning? – official website includes loads of helpful trail traveler info and resource links CT Guidebook, Databook and other guides – these guides provide mileage and water info (and more) essential to trail travelers CTF Facebook page – official trail info […]

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Segment 11 on Sept 14 in 2017 thanks to CTF Ops Manager, Brent Adams.

CT Conditions 2019 Sept 24

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – September 24. CLOSURES Copper Mountain area: two-mile, trail-season detour affecting parts of CT Segments 7 and 8 . . . . . North of Monarch Pass: 3.2-mile detour on the CT Collegiate West, CW05 . . . . . FIRE BANS ETC Fire bans are in […]

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