Trip Planning

The CT Guidebook (9th edition) and Databook (7th Edition) have both proven useful to CT travelers.

Guides Current for 2020

CURRENT EDITION OF THE GUIDES. Proven as helpful to nearly all CT travelers are the CT Guidebook and CT Databook. The Guidebook is more comprehensive, includes road access information, and is good for trip planning. Because it is so big and heavy, most purchasers choose to leave the Guidebook with an at-home support person who […]

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The Colorado Trail, mile for mile the most beautiful trail in America.

Plan your trip on The Colorado Trail

Suppose you’re interested in traveling The Colorado Trail this summer, where do you start learning? – official website includes loads of helpful trail traveler info and resource links CT Guidebook, Databook and other guides – these guides provide mileage and water info (and more) essential to trail travelers CTF Facebook page – official trail info […]

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Closure Map CW05 north of Monarch Pass.

Closure & Detour Near Monarch Pass – 2019

CT CW05 Detour near Monarch Pass AUG 22 – SEP 30, 2019 DETOUR ENDED ON SEPT 25. CT Collegiate West travelers can resume following the normal CT/CDNST route. Affecting the co-located CDNST and the Collegiate West route on The Colorado Trail (CT) this closure is due to a tree cutting and helicopter removal project to […]

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Approaching Cottonwood Pass in CW02, some snowpack remains. Photo thanks to Jim Collins.

CT Conditions 2019 July 16

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – July 16. SNOWPACK Backcountry guesswork continues below, thanks to user and volunteer reports including some with detail. “PASSABLE” indicates that, in our view, it has become it easily snow-passable, that enough has melted to no longer be overly arduous or hazardous, and without snow-related navigation challenges. Segs 1-5 […]

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Avalanche debris covering Colorado Trail segment 13 near the Avalanche Gulch Trailhead west of Buena Vista.

Snowpack 2019 and Avalanche Impacts

Trail Tip Tuesday – 2019 DEEP SNOWPACK and AVALANCHE IMPACTS – April 16, 2019. Given that it’s mid-April now, it is impossible to know for sure all the ways this spring’s super-deep snowpack, averaging around 150% of average, will affect The Colorado Trail this summer. Our guesses include later start dates for distance travelers and […]

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Kerrie Neet easily crossing Cochetopa Creek in July. Photo by Ray Kenny.

2019 Deep Snowpack and Swollen Creeks

Trail Tip Tuesday – 2019 DEEP SNOWPACK and SWOLLEN CREEKS – April 9, 2019. Given that it’s early April, it is impossible to know for sure how this spring’s super-deep snowpack, averaging around 150% of average, will affect The Colorado Trail this summer. But it is a good guess that the deep snow will eventually mean […]

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Consider Shuttling at the Start.

Consider Shuttling at the Start

Here’s a useful Colorado Trail tip about shuttling. If you’re planning a one-way Trail trip and you’re needing a shuttle to or from your vehicle, consider leaving your car at your end point, where you’ll finish. Arrange with your shuttler to meet you there and have them shuttle you to your start point. Beginning your […]

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Phone app for The Colorado Trail (and more) by Atlas "Guthook" Guides.

CT Phone App from Atlas “Guthook” Guides

By Jerry Brown, Bear Creek Survey, March 2019: Last summer I accomplished my seventh thru of The Colorado Trail and updated trail data for Atlas “Guthook” Guides. I took 1,465 geo-referenced photographs of the Trail’s waypoints including water sources, intersections, signs, trailheads, and just about any other thing that would help hikers navigate the trail. […]

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First Edition Colorado Trail Databook, 1999.

The Colorado Trail Databook New and Old

Nearly all Colorado Trail travelers carry the CT Databook. Mile by mile it describes the route including the water sources that are so essential to replenish supply and stay hydrated. You’ll see people referring to it often. As the Trail has changed over the years, so has the CT Databook. It is now in Edition […]

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CT Hikers enjoying their trip.

Shuttlers for The Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail Foundation maintains a contact list of known, current shuttle drivers – both individuals and businesses – in the Denver metro area and in towns all along the Trail, who have offered to help travelers get to and from trailheads along the CT and have allowed their contact info to be shared upon […]

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