Phone app for The Colorado Trail (and more) by Atlas "Guthook" Guides.

CT App from Atlas “Guthook” Guides

One of the CT guides that comes highly recommended by Trail travelers is the CT smartphone app by Atlas “Guthook” Guides. The app is of great help along the Trail. It tells you about each upcoming water source, including how many miles ahead it is and user reports that describe the flow and quality. Just […]

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CT travelers are reporting near-ideal conditions along The Colorado Trail. Photo in CT Segment 23 is thanks to bikepacker Colin Hughes.

CT Conditions 2019 Sept 3

Tuesday Blog Post – CONDITIONS 2019 – September 3. FIRE Wildfire near CT Segments 4 and 5 east of Kenosha Pass: Firefighters have gained on containment. This wildfire, first reported on Monday August 26, is maybe 2 miles north northeast from the division between CT Segments 4 and 5. Smoke and flames have died down […]

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Kerrie Neet easily crossing Cochetopa Creek in July. Photo by Ray Kenny.

2019 Deep Snowpack and Swollen Creeks

Trail Tip Tuesday – 2019 DEEP SNOWPACK and SWOLLEN CREEKS – April 9, 2019. Given that it’s early April, it is impossible to know for sure how this spring’s super-deep snowpack, averaging around 150% of average, will affect The Colorado Trail this summer. But it is a good guess that the deep snow will eventually mean […]

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