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New trail alert! For those hiking on segment CW02 (Collegiate West 02) between Lake Ann and Texas Creek Trailhead, you’ll want to take note.

The USFS and partners have been working to construct a new trail that will allow nonmotorized traffic to bypass the motorized Timberline Trail between Lake Ann and Texas Creek Trailhead if they choose to do so.

This trail, which is marked with signage directing you to go toward Prospector Gulch, has officially been opened by the USFS and can be seen on the attached map; however, there is a section of the new trail that is not yet clearly defined. The Colorado Trail Foundation seeks to inform trail users that this new trail is open, but we also urge trail users to take caution when navigating through this new area. As the new trail is used, it will become more defined and easier to follow, but those seeking to explore the area in the immediate future will need to pay close attention. The Timberline Trail will remain open and is a great option for trail users that want to stick with the existing route until the new trail is more clearly defined.

Trail users can reach out to the USFS Gunnison Ranger District with any questions regarding this new section of trail.