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The Colorado Trail Foundation

The Colorado Trail Foundation has been organizing the improvement and maintenance of the Colorado Trail since the CT was first connected end-to-end in 1987. Watch the video above for a heartwarming story of how the trail was built.


About the Foundation

The Colorado Trail Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation funded by private individuals, companies, foundations, and the U.S. Forest Service. It is overseen by an elected Board of Directors tasked with creating a vision for the Trail, with short- and long-term planning to achieve those goals, and with ensuring that the Foundation is financially healthy. It employs four full-time employees: an executive director, field operations manager, community outreach manager, and office manager. Learn more about our staff and board.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of The Colorado Trail Foundation is to provide and maintain, through voluntary and public involvement, and in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service and federal Bureau of Land Management, a linear, non-motorized, sustainable, recreation trail between Denver and Durango. This trail will provide multi-day, inspirational, and educational values keyed to the diverse, high mountain, natural environment.

Our Vision

  • To provide a unique, high-altitude experience
  • To support environmental education
  • To provide an avenue for healing and self-renewal
  • To increase an appreciation for the value of natural systems
  • To encourage a cooperative effort to maintain these systems
  • To promote a sense of public ownership
Nonprofit Status & FinancialsUSFS - Our Partner
CTF Trail Crew working on the CT summer 2022


Foundation Accomplishments

We’re mighty proud that The Colorado Trail is one of the best-maintained long trails anywhere. The CT Foundation has been overseeing trail work since the 1970’s when our volunteers first built the Trail. We organize the volunteers that make it happen, and we love the work we accomplish each year. Want to join us? There are many different ways to lend a hand.


2023 Trail Crew Accomplishments

Trail crews are the cornerstone of fulfilling the mission of The Colorado Trail Foundation. Our work here at the CTF, in the most basic terms, is to provide the opportunity…
AAT Cover

2023 Adopt-A-Trail-Accomplishments

The Adopt-A-Trail program is crucial to the maintenance of The Colorado Trail. There are currently 84 Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) sections on The Colorado Trail. They range in distance from about 1.5…

2023 CT Impact Report

Allow me to introduce you to the CT Impact Report, a new publication for The Colorado Trail Foundation that aims to showcase all of the work that went into the…


Gudy Gaskill, Mother of The Colorado Trail

The name Gudy Gaskill is synonymous with The Colorado Trail. If not for her untiring devotion to the idea of creating a long-distance trail connecting Denver and Durango, this Colorado treasure may never have been realized. She did not do it alone, of course, but she was the spark that kept the dream alive. Sadly, Gudy passed away in July 2016, but her legacy lives on in every life made richer through experiencing the Trail. Following are some tributes and other articles recounting her life and work on behalf of the Trail.

A Visionary Whose Legacy Can Be Measured in Millions of Footsteps

Mention the name “Gudy” in Colorado outdoor circles and people immediately knew who you were talking about. There was only one Gudy, and the impact she had on her adopted state can be measured by the thousands of people from around the world who have followed in her footsteps on The Colorado Trail and elsewhere in Colorado’s backcountry.

Read More About Gudy GaskillTrail History
larger image of Gudy Gaskill in backpack

2020, Spring - Snowy Winter in 2019 Spells Uncertainty

Tread Lines Newsletter

Tread Lines is a newsletter put out by The Colorado Trail Foundation. It covers all the big trail and organization news from the last six months and is printed and mailed twice a year to the Friends of The Colorado Trail.