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From one-time donations to store purchases, you can give back to the CT in any number of ways!

The Colorado Trail Foundation relies on the generosity of donors to help us fulfill our mission. Grants from foundations, corporate sources and the U.S. Forest Service cover about 15% of our annual operating expenses. The rest comes from individual contributions big and small.

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Other Ways to Support Us

Donate by Mail

Donations can be mailed to us at The Colorado Trail Foundation, PO Box 1292, Poncha Springs, CO 81242.  You may download a Donation Form that you can print out and mail in with a check if you’d like an official document to include with your donation check (but not required). We also send out periodic Friends letters that include updates on the Trail as well as a twice-yearly Tread Lines newsletter. Enclosed in each are donation envelopes for those who prefer to contribute by mail.

Legacy Giving

Help ensure that the Trail will be here for future generations by including The Colorado Trail Foundation in your will or living trust. Your financial adviser, attorney, or accountant can help you set up a charitable gift to the Foundation in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, or from proceeds of insurance policies or the sale of property. You can also designate the CTF as a beneficiary of an insurance policy, IRA, or pension plan.

IRA Required Minimum Distribution

Donate all or a portion of your RMD directly to the CTF (a qualifying charity) and receive an exclusion from taxable income without having to itemize deductions. Consult your tax professional about making a “qualified charitable distribution.” The CTF can provide the transfer account info to you or your investment advisor.

Publicly Traded Securities

You can donate publicly traded securities to the CTF. If you have held the donated securities for more than one year, you may receive additional tax benefits from the donation. Please contact your tax advisor about any possible benefits. Then, simple and easy – just call CTF at 719-398-1688 for instructions on how to accomplish the donation.

By choosing to help us protect and preserve The Colorado Trail, you will be part of something bigger than your financial gift:  You will help create memories and inspire life lessons. Contributions to the CTF are tax deductible with tax ID 84-1057336.

And of course you can… volunteer with the CTF!

You can help with our mission of maintaining the Trail through Trail Crews and the Adopt-A-Trail program, and there’s a long list of other non-trail work related volunteer opportunities! How will you choose to give back to the trail?

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Our Top-Level Donors

Thank you to our biggest supporters, we couldn’t do it without you! Below is a list of our top donors and their level of support in the last 12 months.

$10,000 & up

Roundup Riders – Heritage and Trails Foundation
Teresa Malumphy
Charles Lawson
Bill Manning
Managed Auction Services of Texas MAST LLC
Carolyn Burtard
Jason Golden
Carolyn BenoitKathy Kelley

$5,000 to $9,999

Bill Carpenter
Daniel Scheidt
Dennis Diaz
Darryl Annett
Martha Violett
Peggy Lucas Bond
Ned Grauel
Diana Finkel
Susan Friedman
Christopher Bouck

$2,500 to $4,999

John Mullins
James Michon
Tracy Rector
John Wolgamott
Mark Bailey
Steve Stadler
Dan Cohen
Steve Staley
Tom Orsini
Terry Tierney
Holly and Eric Klose
Rachel Jones

$1,000 to $2,499

Bob Mathes
Paul Brame
Julia Lynton Boelte
James Sherrill
Jon Greeneisen
James Hlavaty
Charlotte Aycrigg
Jason Hammer
Mike Yeomans
Lyn Berry
Thomas Brown
Peter Scanlon
Philip Zietlow
Adele Paynter
Lee Ashley
Kim Kanas
Steve Sage
Francine Lefebvre
Dan Prather
Bruce Clay
Christopher Weiland
Mark Farber
Mary Bayard
Pat Taylor
Rick Tronvig
William Witter
Betsy Petersen
Paul Suding
Jim Bolt
David B Black
Mark and Sally Baldwin
Jim Young
Ron Dudek
Bernard Wolf

$1,000 to $2,499 (cont.)

Ilene Cohen
Olivia Bommarito
Betty Dall
Cristy Godwin
Timothy J. O’Rourke
Kevin Varty
Wesley Segelke
Jacquelyn Dear
John Grubb
Janet Pelton Camp
Rebecca Sokol
Tom Frenzel
John McDonough
Gracie Parker
Karen Barsch
John Turner
Katie Windmueller
Blythe Burge
Veeraya Dandavati
Barry Brandt
Janet Spencer
David Dombrow
Darren Richeson
Gayle McIntosh
James Scott
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