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Completers celebrate with champagne at Junction Creek Trailhead.

Completers Sarah Dramis and Carmelina Faulis Krein celebrate with champagne at the Junction Creek Trailhead near Durango.

Posted February 26, 2019 –

WE KNOW OF 2,698 COMPLETERS of the CT (at the time of this blog post) and each one is listed on the Completers Page at These trail travelers have reported their success to the CTF by submitting an application for a CT Completion Certificate. In recent years the application has been online and takes maybe 5 or 10 minutes to fill out and submit. There’s no fee and the details are described on the web page.

CT Completers enjoy receiving the certificate and memorializing their accomplishment by being added to the official list. ARE YOU ON THE LIST?

Thanks to the new CTF website, the Completers List is now fully searchable, by name or trail name, etc., and Completers can easily determine if they’re listed. If not, they appreciate being able to submit an application even long after their finish and be added to the list. Since the new website has launched, the CTF has received applications from long-ago finishers. We like making the list more complete.

Beyond glancing the list for one’s own name, CT travelers are realizing they can easily search for someone they met along the Trail. This often works even if only their trail name is remembered. One can use the new, searchable list to learn someone’s real name or even what state they resided in. It has helped people reconnect.

Congratulations are well deserved for every CT Completer as finishing the Trail is a tremendous accomplishment.

Check it out.