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One of the CT guides that comes highly recommended by Trail travelers is the CT smartphone app by Atlas “Guthook” Guides. The app is of great help along the Trail. It tells you about each upcoming water source, including how many miles ahead it is and user reports that describe the flow and quality. Just what you need.

CT Phone App from Atlas “Guthook” Guides

Other aspects of the app are also really helpful. Early in the Trail season when snow fields remain, the app will help travelers stay close to the invisible Trail as they slip, slide, and pummel into the rotten spring snowpack. Staying in the Trail corridor minimizes the struggle and improves safety.

When you purchase the $20 app and while you’re still in the “connected” world, you download all the maps and trail info. This enables full functionality when you’re in the backcountry along the Trail and you lack connectivity. As you travel the CT with your phone in airplane mode to save battery, the phone’s GPS locating is ‘on’ and, using satellites, your smartphone is pinpointing your location against the super-detailed Guthook maps. Your location along the Trail is immediately apparent and very accurate. It helps you navigate, answering questions like, “How far is the next road?” and, “At the next trail junction, which way do I turn?”

The app is updated each year and, once you buy it, the updates are free. New this year is a social, Check-In feature that helps you keep in touch with family and friends at home. They will be able to track your progress, a great help with things like sending resupplies and on-the-trail rendezvous. A generous portion of the proceeds from app sales goes to The Colorado Trail Foundation to assist continuing efforts to maintain the Trail.