CT Conditions 2019 August 27

Conditions 2019 on August 27 –

Shawnee Peak Fire began Aug 26th near CT Segments 4 and 5. Photo thanks to KOAA News5.

Shawnee Peak Fire began Aug 26th near CT Segments 4 and 5. Photo thanks to KOAA News5.

Wildfire near CT Segments 4 and 5 east of Kenosha Pass: first reported on Monday August 26, this SERIOUS WILDFIRE is maybe 2 miles north northeast from the division between CT Segments 4 and 5. Huge smoke. EXPECT CHANGES, STAY ALERT (LINK BELOW) AND BE SAFE. Right now flames likely not endangering CT travelers. We don’t know right now which direction the smoke is blowing. Choking smoke can change direction and could easily drape over the CT. CLOSED CT TRAILHEADS are the Long Gulch Trailhead (division between Segs 4 & 5) and the Rock Creek Trailhead (midway Seg 5).
. . . . . https://psiccfireinfo.blogspot.com/2019/08/fire-activity-82619.html
Fire bans are in place: Multiple counties have put fire bans in place and more bans are expected soon. Bans prohibit campfires. Bans also prohibit trail stoves lacking an on/off valve, including alcohol, esbit and wood burning “twig” stoves. Please comply. And please be on the lookout for campfires not yet cold that others have abandoned…douse them ‘cold’ with lots of water. Be ultra-careful with flame, especially important in the dry climate of the Colorado mountains where wildfires can start easily.

Copper Mountain area: two-mile, trail-season detour affecting parts of CT Segments 7 and 8
. . . . . https://coloradotrail.org/ct-detour-at-copper-mountain/
North of Monarch Pass: 3.2-mile detour on the CT Collegiate West, CW05
. . . . . https://coloradotrail.org/closure-detour-near-monarch-pass-2019/

Seg 7 avalanche debris zones cleared or improved (fine for foot travel; the challenge for stock has diminished)
Seg 13 avalanche debris sections cleared (okay for all including stock animals)
Seg 15 avalanche debris in the South Fooses Creek drainage (limited impact to the Trail, possibly a minor challenge for stock)
Seg 21 avalanche debris pile (not cleared yet; okay for foot travel; might remain a small challenge for stock)
Seg 24 four huge avalanche debris fields now improved by CTF volunteers (many careful hikers have succeeded indicating the need to be careful and to go slow and choose your footing carefully; dog owners have indicated success given an extra-careful approach and taking off the dog’s pack, etc; we think these debris fields are not doable by stock animals)
. . . . . https://coloradotrail.org/avalanche-debris-segment-24/
Seg CW02 avalanche debris sections easy for hikers and bicyclists (maybe a small issue for stock)

For all trail users including those with stock animals, the entire Colorado Trail is snow passable. Enough snow has melted to no longer be overly arduous or hazardous, and without snow-related navigation challenges.

The creeks of consequence that lack bridges are in Seg 8, Cataract Creek, Seg 19, Cochetopa Creek, Seg 24, tributary of Elk Creek, Seg 24, Elk Creek where creek may still be above the trail and Seg CW02, Texas Creek. The flow has diminished at each of these to where fording should no longer be overly deep or swift.