TIPS: CT Guides and Store 2021

Posted April 15, 2021 –

TIPS: CT GUIDES AND STORE 2021. Here are some tips we hope might help.

CT Guides and merchandise are available at the CT Store.

CT Guides and merchandise are available at the CT Store.

  • CT Store – Find it at At the top of the page, click the “SHOP” button.
  • Order Early – Many 2021 Post Office shipments to customers have been slow to deliver. Ordering early will ‘up’ the chance your merchandise will arrive by the time you need it.
  • Well Stocked, ‘Until’ – Right now the CT Store is well stocked. Though we try to keep it that way, sometimes our efforts to get more inventory take longer than expected. (Covid?) The reality is that sometimes we are out of stock. This is another reason to order early.
  • Guidebook Serves At-Home Support People – The Guidebook will help you plan your trip. Beyond that, consider this question. Does your sphere include one or more at-home/support folk(s)? To be of assistance to you, they will need one of the CT guides. The CT Guidebook works best for them, with its maps, roads, towns, post offices info and much more. Trail travelers often gain Guidebook value by leaving it with their at-home loved one(s).
  • Databook and/or the Guthook App – Water is where it’s at. For ON THE TRAIL, CT travelers like both the Databook and the Guthook App, in part, because they detail the water sources and include information as to how reliable they are. Databook 8 is available at the CT Store. The Guthook Guide is available via their Atlas Guides CT App page.
  • Store Product Pics & Descriptions – If you want more info on one of the guides or for any of the CT merchandise, navigate to the product page at the CT Store. Check out the images as well as the descriptions, likely you’ll find them of value.

Enjoy The Colorado Trail this summer. Hope this helps.