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Summary 2019 CTF Crew Accomplishments –

  • 15 Trail Crews
  • One trail crew and team leader training
  • 265 volunteers (including crew leaders, cooks, trail workers, Operations Manager, etc.)
  • 10 training participants
  • 8,286 volunteer hours contributed
  • Avalanche debris cleared from several locations
  • Six bridges repaired and/or replaced
  • Hundreds of drains cleaned and/or constructed
  • Three turnpikes constructed
  • 0.37 miles of realignment or new trail constructed

Trail Crew and Team Leader Training – Rolling Creek Trailhead

May 19
Crew Leader: Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 152

Crew Members: Rachel Bray, Greg Speights, Dave Fitzwater, Jenni Renton, Tom Griswold, Noreen Puhala, Greg King, Bob Hunter, Rachel Bray, Becky Bussey, Robin Mino, Marybeth Jones, Bill Wharton, Candace Ballantyne, Daniel Zier, Chia Basinger, Mark Silas, Laura Brieser-Smith, Lynda Law

Work Accomplished: Constructed five log check steps and backfilled, eight drains constructed, two trees across the trail cut and removed near the upper trailhead.

Five Day Crew 0119 – Junction Creek

June 3 – 7
Crew Leader: Jodie Petersen & Dave Peters
Total Hours Worked: 505

Crew Members: Ali Benetka, Ron Dudek, Seth Furtney, Judi Hurley, Mark Ingalls, Lynda Law, Mark Ott, Todd Rodas

Work Accomplished: Upgraded one mile of tread, including building 70 water diversion structures, cutting back brush, and building an armored stream crossing.

Two Day Crew 0219 – Raleigh Peak

May 11 – 12
Crew Leader: Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 262

Crew Members: Chia Basinger, Keenan Black, Ryan Bremmer, Tammy Cullins, Michelle Ellington, Drake Farmer, Tom Hartzell, Susan Hutchinson, Sandra Leake, Elizabeth Moroney, Blake Neal, Laura Olson, Sarah Reed, Cathy Richardson, Mark Silas, Brent Troxell, Edward White

Work Accomplished: Built 225 feet of new tread, with three rock grade-control structures. Abandoned trail of similar length was also reclaimed. Built 12 drains east of Raleigh Peak Road and seven more between the west end of the realignment and the Chair Rocks social trail.

Five Day Crew 0319 – Lost Creek Wilderness

June 1 – 5
Crew Leader: Greg Speights
Total Hours Worked: 578

Crew Members Included: Andrew Claus, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Scott Henderson, Adam Lehman, Mary Milford, Scott Neitenbach, Maryna Ozerova, Jennifer Polak, Barbara Rodekohr, Brent Rumsey, Kristin Rust, Brian Verbeck, Chris Voisinet

Work Accomplished: Improved the crossing at Craig Creek by installing several large stepping stones for hikers and clearing a log jam to make way for horses. Built a rock gutter, three rocked water bars, eight rocked check dams, and 21 drains, cleared the corridor by pruning and removing downed trees and limbs, and removed loose rock rubble from trail tread.

Eight Day Crew 0419 – Buffalo Creek

June 1 – 8
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 748

Crew Members Included: Larry Allison, Anne Englert, Kathryn Greeson, Bob Hunter, Cameron Kuchta, Ben LeTourneau, Aiden Murray, Craig Murray, David Post, Bharat Ratra, Andy Smith, Betsy Sylvester, Gary Weeks, Rhonda Weiler, Dahlia Weinstein, Tommy Wren

Work Accomplished: Built 1,000 feet of new tread on a reroute, which included taking out one culvert and installing three new ones where the Trail intersects Forest Service Road 550. Work involved several major rock constructions.

One Day Crew 0519 – Tramway Creek

June 8
Crew Leader: Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 210

Crew Members Included: Rachel Bray, Jimmie Burke, Becky Bussey, Zach Davis, Jacob Ewald, Sarah Gorecki, Anne Greer, Bob Hunter, Blair Johnson, Cameron Kuchta, Chris Lawrie, Bruce Martin, Catherine Martin, Robin Mino, Tom Mino, Jean Mortensen, Barabara Newsome, Nick Palarino, Clint Sciacca, Jeffrey Scott, Mike Scott, Marie Skubon, Brian Verbeck, Wally Wininger, Norman Sprouse

Work Accomplished: Completed final items on the realignment project started by CTF Crew 0419, including rock armoring the realignment crossing of existing trail, building rock wing walls and installing tread retaining rocks at the Forest Road 550 crossing, and closing approximately 600 feet of abandoned trail.

Two Day Crew 0619 – Tenmile Range

June 22 – 23
Crew Leader:  Brent Adams & Anne Englert
Total Hours Worked: 258

Crew Members Included: Mercedes Aponte, Michele Ard, Chia Basinger, Becky Bussey, Julia Calish, Daniel Chance, Cindy Johnson, Diane King, Taylor King, Connie LeCompte, Paul Martin, Adrea Mehl, Dale Mehl, Stan Ray, Eden Rolland, Brent Rumsey, Kevin Terry, Dean Waits

Work Accomplished: Removed a bridge that had a broken log stringer and replaced it with a new 17-foot bridge with new log stringers and decking salvaged from the old bridge. The crew also cut and removed smaller trees and loads of debris from an avalanche chute at the site.

Four Day Women Only Crew 0719 – Upper South Mt. Elbert TH

June 27 – 30
Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
Total Hours Worked: 527

Crew Members Included: Aubrey Allen, Mercedes Aponte, Sue Austin, Rachael Bray, Suzy Burger, Megan Byers, Karla Fuller, Katherine Greeson, Emily Hiare, Marybeth Jones, Natalie Korder, Melissa Lawrence, Rebecca Mezoff, Jean Mortensen, Amy Quinn, Barbara Richey, Barbara Rodekohr, Martha Kondo-Pavish, Denise Snow, Betsy Sylvester, Tia Turner, Marcia Weeks, Rhonda Weiler, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: Constructed 100 feet of new tread, which involved removing willows and building up the trail in a boggy area. They also repaired drainage in two areas where water was crossing the trail. Five crew members spent a day doing tree and debris removal in an avalanche area in Collegiate West Segment 02.

Eight Day Crew 0819 – Copper Mountain

June 29 – July 6
Crew Leader: Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
Total Hours Worked: 940

Crew Members Included: Lyn Berry, Frank Bleeker, Tom Brucia, Mike Dorio, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Peggy Hanson, Debra Hayes, Chris Headrick, Seth Headrick, Bob James, Diane James, Mike Killion, Greg King, Dave Landers, Brooks Lord, Dave Peters, Jodie Petersen, Cathy Richardson, Tom Schutter, Greg Speights, Gene Tison, Chris Voisinet

Work Accomplished: This crew was scheduled to work on new trail in Collegiate West Segment 04, but snow blocking the Trail precluded that effort. Instead, they were diverted to repair avalanche damage near Copper Mountain resort. That included cutting and removing debris from 1,480 feet of trail, building three rock stream crossings, repairing a damaged 14-foot bridge and replacing a broken 12-foot bridge. Extensive repair work was also accomplished on additional parts of the trail.

Weeklong Crew 0919 – Cochetopa Creek

July 13 – 19
Crew Leader: Loren Woods
Total Hours Worked: 480

Crew Members Included: Jillian Ardrey, Bernard Asiu, Dan Cohen, John Dodd, Seth Inglis, Richard Johnson, Brooks Lord, Christian Oslund, Brayden Shumaker, Eric Shumaker, Abrian Tasillo

Work Accomplished: Cleared two miles of trail, including cutting back a mile of heavy willows encroaching on the Trail, removing eight trees, and reworking four areas to improve drainage and footing. In addition, they rerouted approximately 150 feet of tread to avoid water drainage problems.

Eight Day Crew 1019 – Razor Creek

July 20 – 27
Crew Leader: Dave Fitzwater
Total Hours Worked: 528

Crew Members Included: Veeru Dandavati, Anne Englert, Paul Harrer, Brooks Lord, John McGowan, Pamela Peters, Betsy Sylvester, Garrett Spong

Work Accomplished: Worked a stretch that had seen heavy abuse including by cows. They improved 1,125 feet of tread, armored 2 stream banks, added 1 rock crossing, upgraded 30 feet of turnpike, put in 50 water diversions and trimmed overgrowth along 1.7 miles of the Trail.

Five Day Crew 1119 – Illinos Creek I

July 31 – August 4
Crew Leader: Doug Buttery
Total Hours Worked: 525

Crew Members Included: Megan Byers, Rachael Cooper, Jenny Dems, Wayne DuBois, Katherine Hebda, Bill Lange, Ben Mondragon, Laura Olsen, Charles Perry, Steve Petri, Jerry Pickart, Bob Powers, Jamie Thomas, Brad Whitney

Work Accomplished: Worked on a major reroute to move the Trail off of the motorized Timberline Trail. They built 500 feet of tread, a 7-by-3-foot dry stack wall, and a small rock ravine crossing.

Eight Day Crew 1219 – Molas Pass

August 3 – 10
Crew Leader: Glenn Kepler
Total Hours Worked: 835

Crew Members Included: Sharon Areen, Katie Berryann, Diana Brisol, Nathan Caulder, Pat Daniele, Ron Dudek, Jeff Jones, Parker Jones, George Kepler, Jan Kepler, Jennifer Kepler, Jennifer Lee Kepler, Matthew Kepler, Tim Kepler, Sandra Leake, Carol Masiak, Colin McKenna, Stephen Parker, Tony Quinn

Work Accomplished: Replaced a rotten log in a two-log bridge over Molas Creek, building two water crossings and four approach-turnpikes at upper Molas Creek, constructing a 10-foot turnpike and water bars at 20 locations to mitigate water runoff. They also rebuilt a 60-foot turnpike.

Five Day Crew 1319 – Illinois Creek II

August 4 – 8
Crew Leader: Daniel Zier
Total Hours Worked: 357

Crew Members Included: David Ashley, Wayne DuBois, Kevin Grasse, Gregory King, John Ogle, Ed Pfromer, Kyle Pfromer, Brent Rumsey, Gene Tison, Thomas Tison

Work Accomplished: Across steep hillside, they built an additional 200 feet of new trail, 35 feet of retaining wall to support the path, 4 check-steps and over 100 feet of additional tread adjacent to these rock features.

Eight Day Crew 1419 – Camp Hale

August 17 – 24
Crew Leader: Bill Carpenter
Total Hours Worked: 1,106

Crew Members Included: Jared Allen, Terry Blackstone, William Comer, Matt Davis, Liam Downs-Tepper, John Eagerton, Earl Garn, Tom Harper, Patrick Hayes, Cloe Hulls, Herb Hulls, Herbert Hulls, Phoebe Hulls, Bill Lange, Richard Lutz, Paul Martin, Colin McKenna, Lanny Mikulencak, Richard Murphy, Bob Powers, George Rasmussen, Bharat Ratra, Loren Woods

Work Accomplished: Worked toward the completion of a new bridge just beneath Cataract Creek Falls. They moved 30 tons of rock for the bridge abutments and prepared and transported the 33-foot log stringers. Volunteers built new approach trail on each side of this new crossing location.

Six Day Crew 1519 – South Clear Creek

August 26 – 31
Crew Leader: Paul Smith
Total Hours Worked: 346

Crew Members Included: Fred Balmos, Joe Cole, Holly Craig, Leisa Grant, Jeffrey Hunter, John Marksbury, Maryna Ozerova

Work Accomplished: Around tree line to preserve the tundra, they installed check dam risers (big steps) in a deeply rutted area to stem worsening Trail erosion. The group restored stretches of social trail and braided sections. They fixed a splitting log and the bank of a timber log bridge and removed one very large hazard tree.