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Summary 2021 CTF Crew Accomplishments

    • 17 Trail Crews
    • One trail crew and team leader training
    • 229 volunteers (including crew leaders, cooks, trail workers, Operations Manager, etc.)
    • 7,610 volunteer hours contributed
    • Three bridges constructed or repaired
    • Avalanche debris cleared from several locations
    • Hundreds of drains cleaned and/or constructed
    • Four turnpikes constructed
    • Approximately one mile of realignment or new trail constructed
Group pic Crew 0319

Crew 0319 ready to steward The Colorado Trail.

One Day Crew 0121 – Gurnsey Creek

  • June 5
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked: 158

Crew Members: Colleen Condit, Janet Condit, Benjamin Downing, Bob Hunter, Linda Kay Lawson, Connie LeCompte, Joel Murray, Nathan Palarino, Nick Palarino, Ed Pfromer, Gina Pierotti, Tom Schutter, Mark Silas, Molly Smith, William Stenzel, Irene Takahashi  Aldrich, Wally Wininger, Hilary Young, John Derungs

Work Accomplished: Crew 0121 upgraded 1,600 feet of tread with drainages, repaired a 10-foot bridge with improvements to water crossing for stock, repaired 50 feet of turnpike structure, and built 20 feet of rock wall.

Two Day Crew 0221 – North Fork Lost Creek

  • June 19 – 20
  • Crew Leader: Darin Radatz
  • Total Hours Worked: 304

Crew Members: Larry Allison, Anderson Allison, James Burnworth, Becky Bussey, Paige Cloyd, Hilary Dees, Benjamin Downing, Michael Ellington, Jeff Haverkate, Bob Hunter, Nina Justin, Max Phinney, Mel Preusser, George Rasmussen, Mark Silas, Irene Takahashi Aldrich, Lisa Weintraub, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: This crew re-set the trailhead bridge over North Fork Lost Creek and reconstructed a turnpike in the Lost Creek Wilderness area.

Seven Day Crew 0321 – Morrison Creek I

  • June 27 – July 3
  • Crew Leader: Brooks Lord
  • Total Hours Worked: 1,572

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne, MJ Byrne, Patricia Cameron, Bergen Cloninger, Laura Curran, Mike Dorio, Tom Gardner, Pam Gardner, Bob Hunter, Bill Mebane, John Molbert, Richard Murphy, Gary Osburn, Bharat Ratra, Cathy Richardson, Leesa Scudder, Matthew Spanhake, Greg Speights, Betsy Sylvester, Caspian Szott, Brian Verbeck, Dean Waits, Bill Wharton, Nicholas Yelkin

Work Accomplished: Crew 0321 constructed 2,500 feet of new tread in the very popular Buffalo Creek trail system.

Eight Day Crew 0421 – Fooses Creek

  • July 12 – 19
  • Crew Leader: Ed Pfromer
  • Total Hours Worked: 605

Crew Members Included:  Tucker Burr, Hallie Barker, John Dodd, Derrick Jones,  Brooks Lord, Lenny Maiorani, Craig Murray, Charlie Turner, Analyn Hoffner

Work Accomplished: Crew 0421 constructed 350 feet of new tread, including a 40 foot rock wall.

Three Day Crew 0521 – Hancock I

  • July 16 – 18
  • Crew Leader: Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 262

Crew Members Included: Ryan Charter, Cindy Copley, Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Peggy Hanson, Dave Landers, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: This crew constructed 60 feet of new trail through a talus field.

Nine Day Crew 0621 – Elk Creek

  • July 17 – 25
  • Crew Leader: Connie Wian
  • Total Hours Worked: 383

Crew Members Included: Thomas Anthony, Beck Bussey, Ron Dudek, Scott Henderson, John Marksbury, Peter Ormsby, Leslie Russell

Work Accomplished: Crew 0621 debermed trail and established wider tread through four avalanche paths, installing water bars where needed.

Eight Day Crew 0721 – Boss Lake

  • June 25 – August 1
  • Crew Leader: Dave Fitzwater
  • Total Hours Worked: 932

Crew Members Included: Bernard Asiu, Jane Brunton, Veeru Dandavati, Matt Davis, JJ Dennis,  John Dennis, Charles DiMarzio, Tom Fiorillo, Jenna Fischer, Debra Hayes, Bill Lange, Brooks Lord, Steve Matesi, Bob Powers, Tom Schutter, Shawn Scott,  Garrett Spong, Jean Spong, Betsy Sylvester, Gene Tison

Work Accomplished: Constructed 545 feet of new trail and rock walls, completed 141 feet of duff clearing, and reworked 150 feet of previous trail construction.

Three Day Crew 0821 – Hancock II

  • July 30 – August 1
  • Crew Leader: Scott Smith & Laura Brieser-Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 200

Crew Members Included: Bob James, Diane James, Ken Kovacs,  Rachel Kovacs,  Dave Landers, Emily Paulson, Jerry Pickart, Adam Stively

Work Accomplished: Crew 0821 finished 50 feet of trail in the talus field, worked on 200 feet of trail prior to the talus field completing the following: de-berming, adding/improving drainage’s, clearing the tread of protrusions (rock and root), and clearing large boulders .

Five Day Crew 0921 – West Lime Creek

  • August 2 – 6
  • Crew Leader: Ed Pfromer
  • Total Hours Worked: 332

Crew Members Included: Jodie Petersen, Dave Peters, Ned Grauel, Barb Grauel, Peter Hufford, Rob Johnston, Brent Rumsey, Thomas Wild

Work Accomplished: Crew 0921 installed three PVC culverts and one rock culvert, built three drainage dips, hardened five muddy areas, and removed three large trees crossing the trail.

Four Day Women’s Only Crew 1021 – Jefferson Lake

  • August 5 – 8
  • Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson & Robin Mino
  • Total Hours Worked: 433

Crew Members Included: Siena Berry, Suzy Burger, Sonja Compton, Katie Hake, Natalie Korder, Olivia Kutzy, Barbara Newsome, Laura Olson, Pam Peters, Jana Rezucha, Devin Richards, Judy Sanclaria, Allison Schoenback, Nancy Stevens,  Irene Takahashi Aldrich, Marcia Weaks,  Rhonda Weiler, Jenna Yeager

Work Accomplished: This crew placed elevated tread over 35 feet in a boggy area, cleared drains and removed blockages over a one mile stretch of trail, placed a rolling dip for draining, and cleared the trail width to allow safe passage for bikes and horses.

Five Day Crew 1121 – Illinos Creek I

  • August 10 – 14
  • Crew Leader: Doug Buttery
  • Total Hours Worked: 326

Crew Members Included: Megan Byers, Patricia Byers, Ron Nies, Wayne Dubois,  Bryan Larson, Don Maclachlan, Laura Olson, Victor Padilla, Barbara Rodekohr, Andrea Toupin, Brad Whitney

Work Accomplished: Constructed 650 linear feet of new trail, including 100 feet through boulder fields. Also constructed six rock steps and two drain dips.

Five Day Crew 1221 – Illinois Creek II

  • August 14 – 18
  • Crew Leader: Dave Landers & Daniel Zier
  • Total Hours Worked: 195

Crew Members Included: Charles DiMarzio, Julia Mohr, Jeff Mohr, Greg Speights,

Work Accomplished: Finished constructing 115 feet of trail, and roughed in 45 feet of trail.

Seven Day Crew 1321 – Cataract Creek

  • August 16 – 27
  • Crew Leader: Paul Smith
  • Total Hours Worked: 250

Crew Members Included: Barb Grauel, Ned Grauel, Mike O’Connor

Work Accomplished: Crew 1321 constructed 2,800 feet of new tread, installed four signs and six drainages, and improved 20 feet of tread.

Six Day Crew 1421 – Miners Creek

  • August 22 – 27
  • Crew Leader: Greg Speights
  • Total Hours Worked: 357

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne, Andrew Claus, Nick DiMarco, John Garey, Collin McKenna, Liatris Studer, Brenton Thom, Brian Verbeck,  Bill Wharton

Work Accomplished: Crew 1421 completed the construction of 230 feet of new tread and roughed in about 115 feet of tread.

Five Day Crew 1521 – Headwaters Hill

This crew was cancelled

Eight Day Crew 1621 – Hancock III

  • August 29 – September 4
  • Crew Leader: Ed Pfromer
  • Total Hours Worked: 574

Crew Members Included: Steven Crutcher, Charles DiMarzio, Doug Donato, Elizabeth Kostiuk, Maria Perez, Dave Peters, Jodie Petersen, Tony Quinn, Betsy Sylvester, Gene Tison, Jeff White, Jackie Thomas

Work Accomplished:  This crew installed two new trail signs on each side of the Hanock reroute, built 20 drains, improved 300 feet of talus field trail, widened 200 feet of existing trail, built a new climbing turn and decommission the old steep portion of trail.

Seven Day Crew 1721 – Morrison Creek II

  • September 19 – 25
  • Crew Leader: Cindy Johnson
  • Total Hours Worked: 987

Crew Members Included: Candace Ballantyne , Andrew Been, Dean Brooks, Peggy Byers, Anne Cradock, Beth Hilton, Steve Jennings, Bryan Larson, Cathy Richardson, Lucas Row, John Sanclaria, Judy Sanclaria, Tom Schutter, Shawn Scott ,Molly Smith, Greg Sprenger, Betsy Sylvester, Brenton Thom, Brian Verbeck, Dahlia Weinstein, Bill Wharton

Work Accomplished:  This crew constructed .42 miles of new trail to reroute existing trail off a rutted section.