Databook 7 now available at CT store

AVAILABLE NOW. Highly anticipated, this brand-new CT Databook, the 7th Edition, is finally available at the CT Store (before other retailers have it). The price is $19.95 and each purchase helps the CTF sustain the Trail stewardship.
ON-THE-TRAIL GUIDE. This pocket-sized book has long been the choice of most travelers on The Colorado Trail. It details mile points and helps you follow the Trail, describing what you’ll encounter and where to turn left and right. It lists the creeks and other water sources and helps you know where you might next replenish your water. It shows elevation profiles for every segment, lists the resupply towns and much more.
WATERPROOF. Cover to cover, for the first time ever, it is waterproof. This makes it even handier to carry in your pocket than previous editions, eliminating the need for plastic bags.
WATER SOURCES. The new pocket guide also includes dozens of water sources not listed in previous editions, improving the traveler’s ability to plan hydration.
CORRECTIONS. Key features along the Trail have been corrected and updates have been made to the resupply towns.
ONLINE. CT merchandise is not available at the CTF Golden office; our office is just too small. Run by the CTF, the CT Store is available online (only) and we appreciate every purchaser.