Databook 8 is Coming

CT Databook 8 is On Its Way

CT Databook 8 is On Its Way

We are excited to share this! The CTF has received new info from the Databook publisher that indicates THERE WILL BE A NEW EDITION CT DATABOOK FOR THE 2021 TRAIL SEASON. At the time of this writing, in January, 2021, work on this new Databook 8 has been ongoing for nearly a year. Its availability has been uncertain, but recent team progress has paid off and we’ve now heard that new book is highly likely to become reality by trail season, “available by late spring.

What’s new in this new pocket guide? … Databook 8 includes mileage improvements throughout, a result of our comprehensive, end-to-end refinement of the Trail survey. The maps have been altered to be in sync with the new mile-points. Water sources and intersections have been corrected. All new Trail reroutes are included. Resupply towns information has been rewritten and made current. It will be lighter and thinner than the 7th edition waterproof one, making it an easier carry.

We have been asked if it is possible to exchange a recently purchased Databook 7. With apologies, the answer is no. We are sorry how our book uncertainties affect you (and others) but the CTF cannot offer exchanges or returns. In case it might help, some past book purchasers facing these circumstances have reported that they passed the older version to a support person and still gained good value from it.

Trail travelers have requested advice about their trip planning in coming months during the wait for the new Databook 8. We recommend you consider purchasing another guide and using it to plan your trip. Guidebook 9 is particularly good for this and will remain current through the 2021 trail season; we think it will be back in stock before mid-February and is the best choice for you to leave at home with a support person. The “Guthook” CT App by Atlas Guides is also a good choice and can aid in planning. Still another approach would be to buy the deeply discounted Databook 6 and gain insight from it while waiting for the new one.

Thanks go out to our great CTF volunteers who’ve been helping with this new Databook, particularly Jerry Brown and Brent Adams (Foundation Board Members) as well as photo expert, Dean Krakel. Collaborative efforts have been essential and are ongoing, guess that’s why we are so excited!