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Posted June 18,2021 –

CT Fire Bans have been instituted; expect them all Trail season. – A reality nearly every Trail season, FIRE BANS affecting large portions of The Colorado Trail have already been put in place by Counties and the U.S. Forest Service. More will surely come until the entire CT is covered by fire ban. Authorities expect these to last all Trail season and beyond.

Campfires Are Prohibited – Campfires are prohibited. This prohibition means that CT travelers cannot legally make a campfire. The only exception does not usually pertain to Colorado Trail travelers as it deals with metal fire grates in campgrounds where CT folks seldom stay.

Stove Types Prohibited – Backpacking stoves lacking on-off valve are prohibited. Prohibited stoves include alcohol, Esbit, and twig stoves. AND THIS JUNE 19 EDIT. CT SEG 24 HAS BEEN SIGNED “NO WHITE GAS STOVES.” This means you should choose a canister stove.

Stove Types Allowed – Canister gas Backpacking stoves that are controlled by an on-off valve are allowed.  Allowed stoves include canister and white gas stoves that are controlled by an on-off valve.

Fireworks and Other Bans – The fire bans prohibit fireworks and even smoking outside a vehicle.

Revise Your Plan Now – CT travelers should plan now to enjoy their trips without campfires and choosing to use a backpacker stove that has an on-off valve (canister or white gas).

Wildfire Is Catastrophic – The Colorado climate is always relatively dry with low humidity. Average rainfall is less than 20 inches. Our mountain landscapes often have plants and soils that are tinder dry. Fires break out easily. A wildfire will often spread rapidly and be catastrophic. In 2017, the human caused “Peak 2 Fire” near Breckenridge burned the forest along The Colorado Trail and, beyond devastating Mother Nature, threatened people’s lives and homes. Every year there are wildfires in the Colorado mountains. Already in mid-June this year, 2021, there are multiple wildfires in and around the Colorado mountains including one quite close to the CT.

Be Alert and Cautious With Flame – Every single Colorado Trail traveler should follow the rules and be super cautious with all flame. We ask you to comply.

Douse Unattended Campfires – If you come across unattended campfires others have started, please douse them with loads of water until they are cold to the touch all the way through. Unfortunately, unattended campfires still smoldering are very common because people did not douse them fully and the wind fuels them. These unattended campfires cause wildfires every year. Please help with these when you encounter these…thanks!

Spread the Word about Bans – If you encounter others who have campfires or are using prohibited stoves, please (courteously) let them know about the fire bans that are in place.