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Most of the service providers along The Colorado Trail have long been ‘hiker friendly.’ Merchants and others are usually pretty nice to CT travelers whether they’re hikers, cyclists, or horse riders. And it goes both ways; we think the vast majority of Trail travelers treat service providers well.

In recent years at the CT Foundation, though, we have gotten negative reports from some shuttlers and merchants who have encountered ‘entitled’ attitudes. Apparently, some Trail travelers have wanted free services and been overly demanding, and they’ve created ill will. In some cases, the provider has ceased to offer services to hikers and other trail travelers. We have had multiple shuttlers ask to be removed from our list and store owners who have said, “no more.”

Losing service providers in the small Colorado mountain communities can be a significant loss as there are not that many to begin with. One bad-attitude, entitled Trail traveler can screw it up big-time for those that follow. Don’t expect things for free (even if you’ve gotten them for free elsewhere).

Treat people nicely. We encourage every single Colorado Trail traveler to treat people nicely and help keep the CT hiker friendly. Consider yourself as a trail community ambassador…because you are!