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Did you know that many companies will match any donation one of their employees makes to a registered non-profit? Read on to learn more!

Fulfilling the mission of The Colorado Trail Foundation requires money, a lot of it. If you are on our email list, or follow us on social media, you already know this. We don’t like asking for money, and we know that the kind of discretionary income needed to make donations isn’t always easy to come by. We also know that there are many hundreds of deserving non-profit organizations all over the world that rely on donations. So aside from simply asking for money time and time again, we asked ourselves how we can magnify the impact of each donation without actually asking for more money.

One of the best solutions is to utilize the corporate matching programs that many businesses offer as a benefit to their employees. As more people recognize the personal benefits gained by volunteerism and supporting their favorite non-profit organizations, more companies have decided to offer this perk. Not only can corporations use donations as a tax write off, just like you can, but they see it as an effective approach to increase employee satisfaction.

Large, well known corporations are highly likely to have such programs. But even very small, locally owned and operated companies have been known to offer these perks. Locally in Chaffee County, for example, is the Sangre de Cristo Electric Association. Employees and members of the Association can easily apply to their Matching Grant Program in order to double their charitable donation (up to $200 per year). Other Colorado businesses that have a program include Aspen Valley Hospital, the Colorado Avalanche, Rapids, and Rockies, the Denver Broncos and Nuggets, Coors Brewing Company, Vail Resorts, and more. We’ve compiled a rather lengthy list that you can view here of thousands of companies that offer a donation match program .  If your company is not on the list, it by no means excludes them. Shoot an email to your Human Resources department to check.

Some of the widely recognizable names include:

Corporate Match List

Corporate Match List

In conclusion, you may be able to double your impact with a simple email to your HR representative or a quick review of your employee benefits package. If your company uses a charitable giving platform, such as Benevity, look for The Colorado Trail Foundation as a registered non-profit. Don’t see us, let us know and maybe we can register. You can always donate through our website where you will receive a donation receipt that can be used when filing your 2023 tax returns and submitted to your employer for a corporate match.

Regardless of if you are a recurring donor, a first time donor, or someone just considering making a donation, thank you. We can’t do it without you.