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Tread Lines is the newsletter of The Colorado Trail Foundation. It is published twice a year and distributed to the Friends of The Colorado Trail in printed format. Click here if you’d like to be added to the CTF mailing list.

Fall, 2019 Tread Lines

Fall, 2019 Tread Lines

Past Editions

2019, Fall – Challenging Trailwork Season

  • Challenging trailwork season with snowpack and avalanche
  • Former CTF president dies
  • Unusual season puts crews to the test
  • Thru-runner sets speed record
  • Big donors with big hearts
  • Forest Service honors CTF for ‘enduring service’
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2017, Fall – Field Operations Center Nearing Completion

It’s not much to look at – yet.  Just a couple of concrete slabs and some red steel framework.  But soon – perhaps as early as the end of November – the two buildings going up on the industrial lot in Poncha Springs will transform the way The Colorado Trail Foundation continues its work to maintain and improve The Colorado Trail…

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2016, Winter – Gudy Gaskill: Newspapers Pay Tribute

Newspapers from one end of The Colorado Trail to the other paid tribute to Gudy Gaskill after her passing in July.  Here are exerpts from the Denver Post and Durango Herald. ““Hikers along the 567-mile Colorado Trail cross the South Platte River a few miles from metro Denver…

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2012, Winter – The New Collegiate West

A major expansion of The Colorado Trail is underway: 80 miles of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in the Collegiate Peaks area, previously built and maintained by the Continental Divide Trail Alliance and affiliates, have been officially added to the CT…

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2012, Summer – Epic Horseplay

What do you call a 50 pound empty pack, 300 pounds of granola, 20 wool blankets, a gallon of bug spray 140 protein bars, eight leather “handcuffs,” nine extra shoes, a set of hammer and nails, and two adult diapers…

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2011, Winter – Bikepacking the CT

I first heard about the mother of all ultra-endurance mountain bike races, the Colorado Trail Race (CTR) in 2009. My initial impression … that’s NUTS. But then the wheels started turning. And I’m not talking about the 29 inchers on my Black Sheep singlespeed…

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2011, Summer – Sore Feet, Happy Camper

Even for Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts, the phrase, “I’m going for a hike,” probably means, at most, a several hour trip out and back in a single day. When Brian Jackson goes out for a hike, he’ll see you in two months…

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2010, Fall – The New CT Guidebook

The eagerly awaited Eighth Edition of The Colorado Trail Guidebook – the first full revision of the guide in five years – is set for release early next year in time for the 2011 trekking season…

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2009, Spring – Energies In Year 35

Spring is underway and bits of warm weather have gotten us all excited about summer activities. Trail season is right around the corner. We’ve begun to hear that some of The Colorado Trail segments near Denver are melted off and there are portions already passable…

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2009, Fall – Trail Crew Roundup

It was another successful season of Trail building and repair, thanks to the hard work of our crew leaders and volunteers. Fourteen weeklong crews and two weekend crews, a total of 275 different volunteers from 27 states and 4 countries, worked to improve 25.9 miles of Trail between June 13 and Sept. 19…

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2008, Fall – The Trail Needed Help

2008 was a good year for the CT. Our volunteer Adopters worked hard at their annual maintenance, clearing the entire Trail corridor and reporting their findings. Trail crew volunteers worked to improve sections where there were major problems….

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2005, Fall – A Good Summer for the Trail!

This has been a busy summer for the Colorado Trail Foundation. On July 8 we signed a new, updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Forest Service that we had been working with Greg Warren on for more than a year…

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2005, Spring – Snowshoeing into Summer

I went snowshoeing recently and the weather was so great that it made me think of summer and The Colorado Trail. The CT Foundation had its annual Board of Directors meeting in January where we elected new board members…

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2002, Fall – 32 pages, chock full!

Fire and flood; new books from CTF; group ski tour; Colorado Outdoor Recreation
Search and Rescue Cards: Where does the money go?; 2002 Educational Classes; Summary of 2002 Trail Crew Surveys; crew reports; A Walk across Old Colorado 2002: The Year of the Fire; volunteer stories; Tribute to Tom Gamrath

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2002, Spring

Trail Host program; education center deck extended; board retreat; about the printer of our newsletters, Barnum Publishing Company; tribute to Ellen Kolovos; Ron Hansen obit, map corrections

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2002, Winter

  • Gudy inducted into Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame
  • CTF plans pancake breakfast at Waterton Canyon on National Trails Day
  • slide show for garden club, crews and volunteers
  • “Colorado Trail Crews the Way They Used to Be” by Irene Cazer
  • “My Summer Doing Trail Work” by Bill Manning
  • “180 Cougar Run Elementary Students Run the Entire Length of The Colorado Trail without Missing a Day of School!” by Paula Scirati
  • “My Trek through the Rocky Mountains” by Diana Liles
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2001, Fall – Colorado Trail Reroutes

  • “Colorado Trail Reroutes”
  • “Angels among Us” by Julie Mesdag
  • “Bicyclists from Georgia Did It!”
  • “State Parks/Great Outdoors Colorado Trail Grants Total $14,400 for CT” by Merle McDonald
  • “CTF Awarded National Trails Endowment Grant”
  • “An Inspiration to Us All” Christina Graham
  • “Wildflower Delight at the CTF Education Center” by Brenda Porter, Education Director of The Colorado Mountain Club
  • “2001 Educational Workshops” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Food Packing 2001, Record Beat Again” by Pat Nagorka, Food Committee Chair
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2001, Spring – Outdoor Workshop Series and Adopt-A-Trail

  • “CTF Outdoor Workshop Series: An Extraordinary Experience!”
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Program” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr.
  • “300 Volunteers Ready to Improve The Trail” by Jon Greeneisen
  • “It’s Not Too Late!” by Lila Miller
  • “Trail Crew Leader Training: It’s Not Just for Leaders!”
  • “Meet Jonathan Krauss and Bill Manning, Two New Members on the CTF Board of Directors”
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2001, Winter – New Releases

  • New Releases!
  • “The Colorado Trail GIS Project”
  • “A Quick Primer on GPS”
  • “Cookies Anyone?” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Trail Crew 0100 Report South Platte Reroute” by Ted La May, Crew Leader
  • “Brisket Brilliance on The Colorado Trail” by Ken Stagner
  • “Building Bridges in the Wilderness: Trail Crew 1000 Report, Bear Lake July 15­22, 2000” by Jon Greeneisen, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew 1600 Report Spanish King Mine, August 5 ­ 12, 2000” by Ted La May, Crew Leader
  • “Summary of Trail Crew Volunteer Surveys for 2000” by Marilyn Eisele
  • “Host Program 2000” by Julie Mesdag
  • “The Colorado Trail, A Treasured Gift” by Terri Rowan
  • “Attention All Colorado Trail Completers” by Paul Berteau
  • “Tennessee Walking The Colorado Trail” – Excerpt from manuscript by Garrett Roark
  • “The Colorado Trail GIS Reference Map CD­ROM” by Richard Nolde
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2000, Fall – Trail Crew Recap and Pre-Holiday Open House

  • “Join the Festivities!”
  • “Join a Communications Team And Tell the World about the Trail” by Tom Brooksher
  • “History of The Colorado Trail” by Peggy Bond
  • “Autumn Magic” October 17, 2000 by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Crew Leader Training on the South Platte” June 11, 2000 by Tom Brooksher
  • “Grey Poupon?” by Ottie Otterstein, of Four Corners Back Country Horsemen, and Chairman, Back Country Horsemen of Colorado
  • “CTF Education Center Update” by Gudy Gaskill
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2000, Spring – Gudy Leads a Crew and The CTF Education Center

  • “Gudy Will Lead a Crew!”
  • “Meet Old Friends on Trail Crews This Summer” by Jon and Marylin Greeneisen, Crew Registrars
  • “Fun While Learning” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “CTF Education Center” by George Miller
  • “Trekking in 2000” by Lila Miller
  • Thank You’s to Adopters
  • “Year 2000 Host Program” by Ted La May
  • “Exciting News on the Food Front” by Pat Nagorka
  • “Gudy Two Boot Shuffle” by Janet Sample
  • “Horses and The Colorado Trail/Horses Are Prey Animals” by Ottie Otterstein and Marian Phillips
  • “Colorado Trail GIS Project Status Update” by Richard Nolde
  • “Conservation Fund Purchase of Cache Creek Property” by Christine Quinlan, The Conservation Fund, with Merle McDonald
  • “Fond Memories of Elderhostel Trail Crew” by Mary Ann Newell
  • “Fourth of July on The Colorado Trail” by Kelly Heaney
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2000, Winter – Gudy Gaskill Endowment Fund

  • Trail Crews
  • “CT Office Winter Update”
  • “The Gudy Gaskill Endowment Fund”
  • “Trail Users Are All Ages, Almost Half from Out of State”
  • “Sections Available for Adoption; Other Adopt-A-Trail Notes” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr.
  • “Trail Crew #7 Report Cascade Creek” from Bill Weber’s Personal Journal
  • “Trail Crew #10 Report Bear Lake” by Jill Ozaki
  • “Trail Crew #11 Report Guller Gulch, August 14–21, 1999” by Paul Berteau
  • “The Wish Trek” by Sissy Kelly
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1999, Fall – 25th Anniversary and Gunnison Spur Celebrations

  • “An Event to Be Remembered!” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Gunnison Spur Celebration a Smash!” by Darla S. DeRuiter
  • “Thanks from Gudy!”
  • “A Huge Thank You to Our 25th Anniversary Sponsors!”
  • “The Dreamers and the Doers” A Ballad of The Colorado Trail by Lois Cochran
  • “Durango Celebration” by Ken Marshall
  • “Anticipation” by Jim McIntosh
  • “Thank You to Forest Service Personnel” from Phil and Mae Smith
  • “Trail Crew #1 Report June 19–26, 1999” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #2 Report July 3–10, 1999” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Crew Leaders Honored” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Trail Crew #12 Report July 31–August 7, 1999” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #4 Report Indian Trail Ridge July 17–24, 1999” by Suzanne Reed
  • “Trail Crew #6 Report” by Tom Brooksher
  • “Escape the Heat! (Work on The Colorado Trail)” by LaQuita Cannon, Sally Stone, Virginia and Dwight Buras, Mike and Betty Brown, and Joe (1⁄2 Arkansan) Barrett
  • “Reflections on Crew #6”
  • “Trail Crew #9 Report: “The Body Crew” Porcupine Gulch, July 24–31, 1999” by Alison Boyer
  • ““Building Cairns to Point the Way Trail Crew #8 Report Jarosa Mesa” by Jon Greeneisen, Crew Leader
  • “Food Packing Sets a Record” by Pat Nagorka
  • “1999 Reunion and Potluck Supper” by Lois Cochran
  • “Menu Talk” by Pat Nagorka
  • CTF Education Center
  • “Treks, Summer 1999” by Lila Miller
  • “LISTEN TO THE RAIN” by Lois Cochran
  • “Report on Summer 1999 Classes” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “A Mutual Admiration Story” by Julie Mesdag
  • “Benefit Concert” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Tributes to Our CT Friends, Ted Berri and Jim Ray” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “A HUGE Thank You to Office Volunteers!” by Suzanne Reed
  • “Notes from the Webmaster” by Richard Nolde
  • “Colorado Trail GIS Project” by Richard Nolde
  • “Introducing The Colorado Trail Data Book” by Michael Hibbard
  • “A Hiker on Horseback—Ow!” by Lois Cochran
  • “Sawyer Certification Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator Update” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr.
  • “Spring Creek Pass Host Program and the CT” by Jim Miller
  • “The Wanderers” by Kelly Heaney
  • “Report on The Colorado Trail Run, and Thank You from the Runners” by Peter Bakwin
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1999, Spring – 25th Anniversary Celebration

  • “The Social Event of the Year! The 25th Anniversary Celebration”
  • “South Platte Bridge Dedication Ceremony” June 6, 1999, 2-4 p.m.
  • Corporate Sponsors Underwriting the 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Gunnison Spur Celebration of the CTF’s 25th Anniversary
  • Durango Celebration of the CTF’s 25th Anniversary
  • “Spring Office Update” by Denise Wright
  • “Spring Creek Pass Host Program” by Ted La May
  • “Volunteer Crews Ready for Summer Trail Work” by Jon and Marylin Greeneisen, Trail Crew Registrars
  • “1999 Treks Update”
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Section 37” by Bill Weber
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Section 33 San Luis Pass to Spring Creek Pass” by Ken Stagner
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Program” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr., and Denise Wright
  • “Sharing the Trail: The Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail” by Nancy Stephenson, Director of Volunteer Programs, Continental Divide Trail Alliance
  • “The Gudy Gaskill Endowment Fund” by Stan Ward
  • “The Colorado Trail Run” by Buzz Burrell
  • “Reflections of The Colorado Trail” by Carole S. Zinn
  • “To You Horse Lovers: The Horse’s Prayer” by Anonymous
  • Mountain Biking The Colorado Trail
  • 25th Anniversary Commemorative Poster: “Volunteers Make It Happen”
  • “NEW! The Colorado Trail Commemorative Plaque” by Paul Berteau and Denise Wright
  • The Colorado Trail Cookbook, Recipes from the homes and trails of CT Friends
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1999, Winter – Our 25th Anniversary

  • “Our 25th Anniversary—Closing an Era, Continuing Our Mission, Enhancing Our Vision”
  • “View from The Colorado Trail Office” by Denise Wright
  • “Trek Helpers: Past and Current Needs” by Lila Miller
  • “Bridges” by Clare Foote, Volunteer Worker and Hiker on the CT
  • “More about Merle” by Dick Hackman
  • “A Geographic Information System for The Colorado Trail” by Richard Nolde, Webmaster for The Colorado Trail Foundation
  • “The Colorado Trail Foundation Website” by Richard Nolde and David Sears
  • “Trail Crew #2 Report” Miners Creek, June 20–27, 1998 by Suzanne Reed
  • “Trail Crew #10 Report” August 8–15, 1998 by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Fixing a Boggy Area: Trail Crew #11 Report” Cascade Creek by Jon Greeneisen, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #13 Report” August 22–29, 1998 by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
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1998, Fall – South Platte Bridge Replacement

  • “What? The South Platte Bridge Is Gone? Big Deal! Let’s Just Replace It!” by Stan Ward
  • “President’s Corner” by Gudy Gaskill
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro and Wildlife Safari
  • “The Colorado Trail,” A Medley of Sight & Sound
  • Silent Auction Donators List—1998
  • Reaching Out at the People’s Fair–National Trails Day
  • Diane Has Done It Again!
  • “What’s Going On in the New Office?” by Denise Wright
  • “The Mighty Nine Food Packers” by Pat Nagorka
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Program” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr.
  • Adopters of Sections of The Colorado Trail
  • “Golden Moments with Merle McDonald” by Larry C. White
  • “Merle McDonald (Who’s He?)” by Denise Wright
  • “Taking a Chance on a ‘Retired Military Man'” by Kathy Howard
  • “Sawing Logs—in a Snowstorm?” by Barbara Wasser
  • “Setting an Enduring Example” by Sam Junkin
  • “Memories of My Father and The Colorado Trail” by Anne McDonald
  • “Trail Crew #3 Report June 26–July 4, 1998” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #4 Report East Fork Trail, Powderhorn Wilderness July 4–11, 1998” by Gudy Gaskill, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #5 Report July 11–18, 1998” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #6 Report, Swan River Crew, July 11–18, 1998” by Ernie Werren, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #7 Report, South Platte Crossing 2, July 18–25, 1998” by Glenn W. Kepler, Sr., Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #9 Report, Molas Pass—Elderhostel Crew August 1–8, 1998” by Gudy Gaskill, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #12 Report, South Platte River Bridge Project August 22–29, 1998, Gene Cash, Crew Leader” by SallyJo
  • McFarland, Crew Member
  • “Watercolor Class Production” by Gudy Gaskill
  • The Colorado Trail Completion Awards
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1998, Spring – Springtime in the Rockies

  • “Don’t Miss the Opportunity!!!”
  • News Briefs
  • “The Gudy Gaskill Endowment Fund: Maintaining The Colorado Trail Forever!” by Stan Ward
  • NEW!! CTF Hires Full-Time Staff Person
  • “South Platte River Bridge: Watch for a Grand Opening Announcement!” by Stan Ward
  • Three Courses Offered for Summer 1998
  • “Education Classes Keep Budget Down”
  • “What Is a Colorado Trail Trek?
  • “The Trek Upward” by Betty Goding, July 1997
  • “Evening Paradox” by Betty Goding, July 7, 1996, Section One, Colorado Trail Trek
  • Summer 1998 Trail Crew Update
  • “Cascade Creek 1 Trail Crew Report” August 9-16, 1997 by Merle McDonald
  • “It Rained, and Rained, and Rained” Cumberland Basin 2, July 26-August 2, 1997, by Merle McDonald
  • “Cancer for Christmas” by Merle McDonald
  • “Trail Crew #12 Report” by Jon Greeneisen, Leader
  • “Gunnison Spur Trail Crew #6 Report” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Winter Yurt Trips a Big Success” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Education Center Receives Winter Visitors” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Better Weather, Super Crew, Record Time” by Pat Nagorka, Food Committee Chair
  • Thank You to Companies for Food Donation
  • “CTF Board Holds Annual Retreat” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “CTF Service Awards”
  • “All Along The Colorado Trail” by Ken Stagner
  • “Experiencing the Trail” by Nancy Martinets
  • “The Second Time Around” by Scott Freeman, Summer 1997
  • “Four Women in the Backcountry” by Barbara Wasser
  • Hearty Dinners for Four – Beef Stroganoff Recipe
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1997, Fall – South Platte Bridge Update

  • South Platte Bridge Update
  • “How to Get from the Denver Airport (DIA) to The Colorado Trail” by Harriet Patton
  • “Terry Hardie Conquers The Colorado Trail” by Linda and Paul Berteau
  • The Colorado Trail’s New WWW Address
  • South Platte Bridge Fund
  • “Trail Crew #1 Report” by Peggy Miller
  • “Trail Crew #2 Report” by Arthur Rankin
  • “Trail Crew #4 Report (The Chalk Creek Reroute)” by Merle McDonald
  • “Trail Crew #5 Report” by Mae Smith
  • “Report on Mystery Trips for Long-Time Supporters of The Colorado Trail” by Alice Sharp
  • “Trail Crew #7 Report” by Ernie Werren, Leader
  • ‘Trail Crew #8 Report” by Mae Smith
  • “Trail Crew #9 Report” by Joe Slack, Leader
  • “Trail Crew #11 Report” by Phil Smith, Leader
  • “Colorado Trail Maintenance Section 31 (Saguache Park Road to Eddiesville Trailhead)” by Stew Brown
  • “Report of Meeting with the Divide and Saguache Districts of the Rio Grande National Forest” by Ted LaMay
  • “Ode to the Trail” by Fred Miller
  • One-Pot Meals Natural Backpack Foods
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1997, Summer – Trail Maintenance Seminar

  • “Trail Maintenance Seminar” by Merle McDonald, Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator
  • “Trail Crew Report, Crew WE-1” by Joe Slack, Crew Leader
  • “Jason’s Bench” by Jim and Judy Sealy
  • “My Statement on Life” by Jason Jameson Sealy
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1997, Spring – Appreciation for Adopters

  • “Appreciation for Adopters”
  • Field Study “Geology of the Magnificent San Juan Mountains”
  • “Wildflowers of the San Juan Mountains”
  • Watercolor Workshop
  • “What’s Happening on the CT this Summer” By Merle McDonald
  • Certificates of Completion
  • “US West Foundation Awards CTF” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Colorado Trail’s Web Site Update (Color Monitor Needed)”
  • John Sowell, CTF Botany Instructor
  • Sign Maker Paul Newendorp
  • “X-C Ski Week Expands” by Merle McDonald
  • “Inez Wilmes, 1917 – 1997” by Laura Farmer
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1997, Winter – The CT Web Site

  • “The CT Web Site” by Merle McDonald
  • Letter from 1997 crew schedule package
  • “What is a Colorado Trail Trek?”
  • Report from the San Juans
  • “Taylor Bridge, Crew #2 Report” by Ernie Werren, Crew Leader
  • “Annual Board Meeting Report” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Cumberland Basin 2, Trail Crew #9 Report” by Merle McDonald, Crew Leader
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1996, Holiday – Seasons Greetings from The Colorado Trail

  • “Memories of Kenosha Pass to Leadville”
  • “Celebration For Our Long Time Loyal Supporters, July 13 to 19, 1997”
  • “A Christmas Gift”
  • “10 Years of Retirement?”
  • 1997 Annual San Juan Ski Tour
  • “New $110,000 Bridge Needed in Platte Canyon”
  • 1996 Contributors to The Colorado Trail
  • “Dear Colorado Trail Foundation” by Nicole Phinney
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1996, Fall – Yurt Trip, Crews, Surveys, and the Bicycle Speed Record

  • “Yurt Trip in February 1995” by Barbara Wasser
  • “Soggy Day, Soggy Food, Soggy Packers” by Pat Nagorka, CTF Food Chairperson
  • “Trail Crew #4 Report” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Cumberland Basin #1, Crew #8 Report” by Joe Slack, Crew Leader
  • “Trail Crew #7 Report” by Betty Taylor and edited by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Powderhorn Wilderness Area, Crews #10 and #12 Reports” by Arthur Rankin, Crew Leader
  • “DC OakesTrail Crew Report” by Jeanie Craig and Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Cascade Creek 1, Trail Crew #14 Report” by Kathleen Hicks
  • “Unslogging the Bog: Lake Ann 1, Trail Crew #15 Report” by Jon Greeneisen, Crew Leader
  • “Lake Ann 2, Trail Crew #17 Report” by Gudy Gaskill, Crew Leader
  • “Boy Scout Troop 471” by Bill Lewis
  • Forest Service Letter of Appreciation
  • Report from a New Friend
  • “Bicycling The Colorado Trail from End to End, July 1-7, 1996” by Brian Vorachek
  • Llama Packing on The Colorado Trail
  • Completion Awards
  • “Food Committee Letter” by Pat Nagorka
  • “Going Home and Home Again” by Jim McIntosh
  • “Bolam Pass Trailhead Survey” by Dan and Jan Wolfe
  • “Chalk Creek Trailhead CT Host Summary” by Julie Mesdag
  • “Marshall Pass Survey, July 20 to 27, 1996” by Pat and Bob Ballou
  • “Colorado Trail Survey Report: Jefferson Creek” by Bob and Margaret Golder
  • “Colorado Trail User Survey at Spring Creek Pass” by Bill and Donna Ripley
  • The Colorado Trail 1996 Survey Summaries
  • “Maintenance Week at the Educational Facility” by Merle McDonald, Crew Leader
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1996, Summer – Another Banner Year

  • “Another Banner Year” by Jon and Marylin Greeneisen
  • “South Platte Weekend Crew” by Joe Slack, Crew Leader
  • “Guller Creek Trail Crew” by Bruce Armstrong
  • “Report from a Thru Hiker” by Mark Duke
  • “Notes from Trails/Wildlife Workshop” by Ted LaMay
  • “The Bear Problem?????” By Merle McDonald
  • Adopters’ Maintenance Report on Elk Creek
  • “CT Logo Designer, Larry Simmons” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Thanks, CTF” by Byb and Janet Schwarzman
  • Colorado Trail Completion Certificates
  • “Annual Meeting with USFS District Trail Representatives” by Ernie Werren
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1996, Spring – A Salute to the Adopters

  • “A Salute to the Adopters”
  • Chamberlin Observatory
  • San Juan Conference
  • “Crew Leader Apologizes for Oversight, Crew #9, Dustin Gulch-cum-Texas Creek, July 22-29, 1995” by Bruce Armstrong, Leader
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Section 10: Georgia Pass to North Fork of Swan River” by Diane Parker, Bennett, Colorado
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Section 31: Saguache Park Road to Eddiesville Trailhead” by Stew Brown, Nathrop, Colorado
  • “Adopt-A-Trail Section 33: San Luis Pass to Spring Creek Pass” by Ken and Helen Stagner, Montrose, Colorado
  • “Taylor Bridge to Have Celebration”
  • “Wildflowers of the San Juan Mountain, July 21-27, 1996, Sponsored by The Colorado Trail Foundation, In Cooperation with Western State College of Colorado”
  • “Geology of the San Juan Mountains, July 28-August 3, 1996”
  • The Colorado Trail Foundation, 1996 Summer Volunteer Work Crew Schedule
  • “Colorado Trail Magic” by Susan M. Junkin
  • “Trail Problems at the South Platte River Crossing” by Merle McDonald
  • Request for Volunteers, Southern Rockies Eco Systems Project
  • “The Tortilla Trail Crew (to the tune of “Blowin’ in the Wind”)” by 1995 Crew #5
  • The Colorado Trail Receives Trademark
  • Canon Cattle Allotment
  • CTF Mail Label Codes
  • Weed Inventory
  • The Colorado Trail Overlap with National Trails
  • “CTF Meets with Forest Districts” by Gudy Gaskill
  • EMS Sponsors National Trails Day Crew on June 1
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1996, Winter – College Credit on The Colorado Trail

  • “The Sign-up for ’96 Crews Is in ‘High Gear'”
  • “Two College Level Courses Offered on The Colorado Trail”
  • “HAM IS BACK!!!” by Pat Nagorka, Food Chairperson
  • “Hope Pass Trail Damage” by Merle McDonald, Coordinator, Adopt-A-Trail
  • Thank You To These Companies That Very Generously Donated Food for the Colorado Trail Crews
  • “The Colorado Trail Foundation 1996 Summer Volunteer Work Crew Schedule”
  • 1996 Colorado Trail Treks
  • Colorado Trail Poster
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1995, Fall – Birth of a Bridge at Taylor River

  • Holiday Open House at Gudy’s
  • Hikers Express Appreciation
  • In Memory of Michael Ross
  • The Fable of Marshall Pass
  • “Status Report on the Summer of 1995” by Merle McDonald, VP, The Colorado Trail Foundation
  • An Excerpt from a Through Hiker’s Diary
  • Blue River 1 and 2
  • BSA Troop 498 hikes Copper Mountain to Twin Lakes
  • Cottonwood Creek Crew 0395, June 24-July 1, 1995
  • “A Wintry Experience! Trail Crew #4” By Phil Smith, Leader
  • South Razor Ridge, Crew #0695, July 15-22, Leader: Phil Smith
  • Dustin Gulch-cum-Texas Creek, Crew #0995, July 22-29, 1995, Leader: Bruce Armstrong
  • Taylor River Bridge, Crew #1095, July 29-Aug 5, 1995, Leader Ernie Werren
  • The Birth of a Bridge
  • Grindstone 2, Crew 1295, Aug 5-12, 1995, Leader Merle McDonald
  • Timberline Trail-cum-Dustin Gulch, Crew #1395, Aug 5-12, 1995, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • South Platte 2, Crew #1695, June 24-25, 1995, Leader Joe Slack
  • Razor Park 3, Crew #1795, Augst 12-19, Leader Phil Smith
  • “Report on 1995 CT Trail Crew Registrations” by Jon and Marylin Greeneisen, Trail Crew Registrars
  • “Forest Service Facing Major Cuts In Trail Budgets” by Ted LaMay
  • “A Vegetative Kind of Story Heard on The CT”
  • “Hikers Mountain Bread” by Gudy Gaskill
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1995, Summer – Trail Crew Reunion

  • 1995 CT Trail Crew Reunion, Saturday Sept. 16th
  • Crew #1195, Grindstone 1, July 29 – Aug 5, 1995
  • “‘Friends’ don’t get any better than this!”
  • Memorial Bench Placement Dedicated to Leonard John Southwell
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1995, Spring – CTF Friends Memorial Yurt

  • Needed: ONE VIP (CT Store Shipper)!!
  • Public Relations Presentations
  • “Volunteer Trail Crews Nearly Full for Summer of ’95” by Jon Greeneisen
  • Field Study, Land Forms of the San Juan Mountains
  • National Trails Day Weekend Crew in Lost Park Wilderness, June 3 – June 4, 1995, Leader Ernie Werren
  • Jim Dotson Memorial Fund
  • “Private Eye Spies on The Colorado Trail Board of Directors” By Gudy Gaskill
  • Kudos to Colorado Trail Maintainers
  • Certificates of Completion
  • “The Southwell and Newell Memorial Funds Finance The Colorado Trail Friends Memorial Yurt” by Merle McDonald
  • Leaders’ Meeting on June 10
  • Open House and Celebration, June 10, 1995, 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. at Gudy’s
  • CT Leaders Offer Extra Trips
  • Taylor River Bridge Update
  • “The Colorado Trail, Denver to Durango, June 1st to 26th, 1994” by Merle McDonald, VP, The Colorado Trail Foundation
  • “The Colorado Trail Foundation Board of Directors Retreat” By Merle McDonald
  • “Rio Grande National Forest and CTF Reps Discuss Issues” By Merle McDonald
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1995, Winter – Treks, Crews and a CT Journal

  • Thank You to CT Volunteers
  • 1995 Summer Volunteer Work Crew Schedule
  • 1995 Colorado Trail Treks
  • Two Courses Offered for Summer 1995 Along The Colorado Trail
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Board of Directors Meeting
  • “Report on CT activities in the Animas Ranger District in 1994” by Larry Johnson
  • “”Status of the Colorado Trail, Non-motorized vs Motorized” by Merle McDonald
  • “1994 Thru Hikers Song” by Chris & Joanne Amorosa, Ann Craddock, Ed Hoing, Carol Johnson, Jeannie Patton, Kevin Zimmerman, August 5, 1994
  • “Flagler Fork, August 6-13, 1994” by Leader Merle McDonald
  • “Colorado Journal” by Richard Nolde
  • “Sliderock 1, July 9-16, 1994” by Leader Merle McDonald
  • “We made it!! Aug 2 — Colorado Trail completion! 10/4/93” Gene, Kathleen and Paul Potter
  • Poem by Ben Brubaker
  • Colorado Trail Certificates of Completion
  • The Colorado Trail, The Official Guidebook – Text by Randy Jacobs, color photography by John Fielder
  • “Kudos to Mt. Bikers and Trail Maintainers, Nov. 24, 1994” – Board of Directors, Colorado Trail Foundation
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1994, Fall – New Van, Trail Crews

  • Special Board Meeting October 23 and 24
  • CT Annual Holiday Open House December 11, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • “20th Celebration of the Colorado Trail, ‘A Celebration of Partnerships’, A Gala Affair” by Belinda Wiman
  • Completion Awards, September, 1994
  • Gold Hill Trail Dedication
  • Reunion Celebrated with BBQ
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Van
  • CT Annual Lake City Yurt Trip in February
  • Update on CT Reconnaissance
  • 2nd Creek Cabin made ready for use
  • D.A.R. Award
  • “Week 2: Colorado Trek-1994” by Betty Molloy, 1994
  • MENUS-Are They Yuk or Yum?
  • Thanks to all the Food Helpers
  • Donations Vital to Food Committee
  • “Remembering The Colorado Trail” By Frank Swancara, Jr.
  • “Trail Crew #19 Musings” by Phil Smith, Crew Leader
  • “Work Crew #3” by Phil Smith, Leader
  • Gudy Gaskill presenting to Retiring Animas District Ranger Ted LaMay
  • New Foot Bridge on the CT across a Drainage Tributary to Elk Creek
  • “Colorado Trail Journal” by Richard Nolde
  • Work Crew #17, Phil Smith, Leader
  • Crew #18, Horseshoe Gulch #1, 2-9 July 1994, Leader Joe Slack
  • Trail Crew #16, South Platte #2 25-26 June 1994, Leader Joe Slack
  • Trail Crew #5, Sliderock #2, Leader Joe Slack
  • Rocky Mountain Llama and Alpaca Assn. Conference
  • “Memories of the San Juan Yurt Ski Week” by Gudy Gaskill
  • More Pictures of The CTF Ski Yurt Trip, February, 1994, American Basin Tour
  • “The Pulaski Card” by Sam Junkin
  • A Big Thank You for Donors for our New Van
  • “Status Report” by Merle McDonald, VP Colorado Trail Foundation
  • Quotes from Some of our Favorite People
  • Crew #13
  • Letter from Craig C. Nelson
  • Texas Creek, Crew #8, July 30 – Aug 6, 1994, Leader Ernie Werren
  • Timberline Crew #11
  • “A Great Story about a Trail That Was Adopted” by Jean Mann
  • “Timberline Trail #1, Crew #9, July 30 – Aug 6, 1994” by Jon Greeneisen
  • 1994 Crew Numbers
  • “Grindstone Report, Crew 0794, July 23 – 30, 1994” By Merle McDonald
  • Former BG2/NASA Personnel & Friends, Trail Maintenance Crew, Camp Hale Areas, Summer 1994
  • “1994 Colorado Trail Trek” by Lynn Mattingly
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1994, Spring – 20th Birthday Celebration, A Story of Partnerships

  • 20th Birthday Celebration of the Colorado Trail
  • “The Colorado Trail, A Story of Partnerships” by Belinda Wiman
  • National Trails Day Events Hosted by The Colorado Trail Foundation
  • Lake Ann, Crew #9, July 24-31, 1993, Leader Ernie Werren
  • Razor Park North, Crew #6, July 10-17, 1993, Leader Phil Smith
  • Tank Seven Creek, Trail Crew #0893, July 17-24, 1993, Leader Phil Smith
  • Lost Park, Weekend Crew #21, July 31-Aug 1, 1993, Leader Harriet Patton
  • Buffalo Creek, Weekend Crew #22, August 6-8, 1993, Leader Phil Smith
  • “State Sponsored Trails Symposium” by Stuart H. Macdonald, State Trails Coordinator
  • “The Animas Ranger District of the San Juan National Forest” by Ted LaMay, District Ranger
  • The Adopt-A-Trail Program
  • Summit County/Colorado Trail Scores #1 in Go-Colorado Grant Proposal
  • Gunnison Spur of The Colorado Trail Receives Grant
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1994 Coming Events

  • Reminder of Coming Events!
  • 2oth Birthday of the Colorado Trail
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
  • Trail Crew and Friends of the CT Reunion
  • CMC (week 1) Reunion on North Pass
  • CMC (week 2) Reunion at Gaskill’s
  • Friends Program
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1994, Winter – CT 20th Birthday

  • Colorado Trail’s 20th Birthday, A Celebration of Partnership
  • Colorado Trail Foundation 1994 Trek Schedule
  • The Colorado Trail Trek, What is it?
  • “Status of the Colorado Trail” by Merle McDonald
  • The Colorado Trail Foundation 1994 Summer Volunteer Work Crew Schedule
  • 1994 Weekend Trail Crews
  • Bridge on the River Taylor
  • Western State College Geology Course on the Colorado Trail
  • CTF to host Foreign Students
  • User Profile Survey Planned
  • Mt Yale, Crew #7, July 17-24, 1993, Leader Merle McDonald
  • “Ode to Working on the Colorado Trail” by Kathy Howard, July 23, 1993
  • Lake Ann 2, Crew #12, July 32 – Aug 7, 1993, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Browns Gulch, Crew #14, Aug 7 – 14, 1993, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Kennebec Pass, Crew #15, Aug 7-14, 1993, Leader Merle McDonald
  • “Take A Hike” By J.A. McIntosh
  • “A Walk in the (National) Park(s)” by Merle McDonald
  • “New Colorado Trail” by Manuel J. Bettencourt, 1993
  • CTF Winter X-C Trek
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1993, Holiday – CT to Celebrate 20 Years

  • Colorado Trail to Celebrate 20 Years
  • Western State College Approves Course
  • Colorado Mt. Club Offers Treks July 3-16
  • Gaskills Host Holiday Open House
  • Christmas 1806: Near the Colorado Trail
  • Colorado Trail to Participate in Colorado Trails Day 1994
  • Sweatshirts Available for Christmas
  • Completion Awards Include Tiny Tots
  • Volunteer Crew Inquiries
  • Ken Marshall Celebrates Completion
  • “Walkin’ the Colorady Trail” by Katherine Freiberger, Dedicated to Ken Marshall upon the occasion of his completion of the CT
  • Thank Yous 1993
  • A special holiday letter to 1993 Trail Crew Volunteers
  • Notice of Colorado Trail Foundation Annual Board Meeting
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1993, Fall – CTF Receives Certificate

  • 20th Year CT Celebration
  • Equipment Committee Report
  • Powderhorn Wilderness Area, Crew #3, July 3-10, 1993, Leaders Irene Cazer and Abe Ohr
  • Houghland Camp, Crew #4, July 3-10, 1993, Leader Lynn Mattingly
  • Mount Princeton, Crew #5, July 10-17, 1993, Leader Joe Slack
  • Fassbinder Crew #17, Walls Gulch on Junction Creek, Aug 14-21, 1993, Leader George Miller
  • Weekend Crew #18, Lost Creek, June 26-27, 1993, Leader George Miller
  • CTF Receives Vehicle
  • Sliderock #2, Crew #13, July 31-Aug 7, 1993, Leader Joe Slack
  • Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Molas Pass to Continental Divide, July 11-15, 1993, Adopters Larry White & Tom Bowser
  • Wellington Lakes Crew #20, July 24-25, 1993, Leader Joe Slack
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1993, Spring – In Memory of Helen Newell

  • National Trails Day, June 5, 1993
  • 500 Mile Summer for Multiple Sclerosis (500MS for MS)
  • Summer Crews 93
  • “Thanks, Helen, For Your Friendship!” By Kay Hubbard
  • In Memory of Helen Newell
  • Slide Shows and Programs
  • Trail Crew Reunion 1993
  • Picnic and Barbecue on the CT on September 12th
  • National Trails Day a Success
  • CTF Appoints New Committee Heads
  • Retiring Foundation Board Members Recognized
  • Merle McDonald Honored
  • New, and Continuing, Volunteers……….
  • Public Relations
  • Corporate Donations
  • “Another farewell: Helen’s last walk” by Art Goodtimes
  • “1993 Colorado Trail Week-end Crew #19” by Jim and Margarita Miller
  • “Donation Vital to Food Committee” by Pat Nagorka, Chairperson
  • “Master Plan Update – Urgent Action Needed Now!!!” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “Re-orient Tread Lines?” by Merle McDonald, VP, Colorado Trail Foundation
  • Become a caretaker of a section of the Colorado Trail – Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Program
  • “Maps Maps Maps Maps Maps” by Merle McDonald
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1993, Winter – 500 Mile Summer for Multiple Sclerosis

  • Walk the Colorado Trail in Comfort, CT Slideshow
  • 1992 CTF Donors
  • Week Long Crews
  • Weekend Crews
  • Geico Matching Letter
  • A-Frame available for Skiers
  • Morning Bells Garden Club’s New Years Resolution
  • 500 Mile Summer for Multiple Sclerosis (500MS for MS)
  • National Trails Day, Saturday June 11th
  • Redwing Shoe Company Donation
  • Colorado Trail Treks 1993
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Trail Crew #1 1992
  • CTF Receives Two 35mm Projectors
  • Crew #5 Clear Creek, July 5 – 11, 1992, Leader Jim Ray
  • Report of Colorado Trail Crew 24 (Weekend), Beaver Ponds/Deadman’s Gulch, Aug 22-23, 1992, Leader Harriet Patton
  • Cascade Creek Reroute and Cascade Falls Bridge, Crews 17 & 19, Aug 8 – 22, 1992, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Maintenance Section #39.1, Rolling Mountain to Bolam Pass, Adopter Lynn Mattingly, Summer 1992
  • Public Relations, Snow Country Magazine article
  • CTF Board of Directors Retreat
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1992, Winter – CTF Receives Recognition from the BLM

  • CTF Receives Recognition from the BLM
  • Wellness and Giving Together!
  • Beartown Crew #24, July 4-6, 1992, Leader Pat Nagorka
  • Timberline One, Weekend Trail Crew #25, August 3-4, 1991, Leaders Joe Slack & Pat Nagorka
  • Colorado Trail Contributors
  • Indian Ridge, the last crew, July 27 – Aug 3, 1991, Leader Merle McDonald
  • “Rolling Mountain Crew #15” by Lynn Mattingly
  • Trail Crews 92
  • 1992 Summer Work Crew Schedule
  • Timberline II, Crew #26, Aug 10-11, 1991, Leader Pat Nagorka
  • Rolling Mountain, Aug 17-24, 1991, Leader Merle McDonald
  • “Colorado Trail Foundation Method of Operation” by Merle McDonald
  • “Colorado Trail Trek 1991” by Lynn Mattingly
  • Millie Knuths Memorial Fund Continues to Grow
  • In Memoriam: Curt McDonald
  • Board Member Receives Environmental Award
  • Indian Ridge, Crew #9, July 13-20, Leader Pat Nagorka
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1992, Fall – Crew Reports & Commemorative Letter

  • “Vice President’s Corner” by Merle McDonald
  • “Colorado Trail Song” by Dick Hackman, 1990
  • “Reunion Crew for Maintenance Section 13.1 (Camp Hale)” by Jim and Margarita Miller
  • The Soda Creek (Crew #8) Commemorative Letter
  • “Working on The Colorado Trail, a Volunteer Effort” by Pam Mullins
  • Crew #10 Middle Fork of the Swan River, July 18-25, 1992, Co-Leaders Irene Cazer & Abe Ohr
  • “Diary of Crew #8, Gunnison Spur, July 11-18, 1992, Leader Frank Pulver” by Sally Jo Bennet
  • “Cascading Memories of Crew #19” by Andrew J. Hopkins
  • Weekend Crew #22, Jefferson Lake Area, June 27-28, 1992, Leader Joe Slack
  • Doctor Gulch, Crew 0992, July 11-19, 1992, Leader Merle McDonald
  • Keystone Gulch #2, CT Crew #1492, August 1-8, 1992, Leader Merle McDonald
  • “The Colorado Trail Calls Me Back” by Jeanine Fuller, Trail Worker, Keystone 1 & 2, July 25-Aug 7, 1992
  • “The Trailbuilders Lyric” by Sean Curry
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1992, Spring – A Spectacular Hike

  • Trail Crew and CTF Reunion Date, Friday September 11, 1992
  • Report of Colorado Trail Crews 21 and 22 (Weekend), June 15-16 and June 22-23, 1991
  • “Spring Creek Pass to Molas Pass a Spectacular Hike” by Merle McDonald
  • “The Food Mountain” by Pat Nagorka
  • Helping Hands
  • New Member of CTF Board of Directors, Reed Donnelly
  • Entertainment Colorado, Colorado Experience
  • End of Season Report from Robert Studer
  • “Attention Hikers on the CT from the Rio Grande to the Animas” by Merle McDonald
  • Report of Colorado Trail Crew 14, August 3-10, 1991: Doctor Park, Gunnison National Forest (Matchless Mountain Quad)
  • “Attention X-country Skiers” by Merle McDonald
  • CTF Receives 12 Seat Van
  • In Memory of Bob Boblette, February 1, 1918 – April 19, 1991
  • Live Simply So That Others May Live
  • “Dear CTF” by the Hickey Family, Mike, Deb, Pat and Kyle
  • Colorado Trails Weekend
  • Channel 6 aired the CT
  • Along the Colorado Trail, pictorial book by M. John Fayhee & photographs by John Fielder
  • Supported Bike Ride on the CT
  • Gudy Gaskill Received Award
  • “Publishing Tread Lines” by Merle McDonald
  • Summer 1992 Work Areas
  • “GAO: Wealthy few devour BLM land” by Ned Martel, States News Service
  • “Forest Service loses millions on timber sales in Colorado” by Associated Press
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1991, Fall – CTF Receives Governor’s Environmental Award

  • CTF Receives Governor’s Environmental Award
  • Camp Hale, Reunion Maintenance Crew, June 22-29, 1991
  • Fire Destroys Condo
  • Construction Crew Reports
  • Swan River Reroute, Crew #1, June 15-22, Leaders Gudy Gaskill & Bill Cannon
  • Marshall Pass, Crew #4, June 29 – July 6, Leaders Gene Cash, Bob Hubbard and Irene Cazer
  • “Swan River Crew #6, July 6-13, Leaders John Stanley & Marj Dunmire” by John Stanley
  • Ten Mile Range, Crew #7, July 13-20, Leaders Gudy Gaskill & Rick Hoffsteader
  • Lujuan Creek, July 13-20, 1991, Leader Merle McDonald, Food Specialists Mary Ryan & Kay Tisdale
  • Georgia Pass, Weekend Crew #23, June 29-30, 1991, Leader Joe Slack
  • Ten Mile Range Crew #10, July 20-27, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Bob Boblette Recovering
  • Betty Cedar, 1947-1991
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1991, Spring – Tennessee Pass Historic Hike

  • Lost Friend
  • Tennessee Pass Historic Hike
  • Eight Hiking Leaders Needed
  • Coors Celebration
  • United Way Contributions
  • Friends of the Colorado Trail
  • Scholarships Offered
  • Openings in the Summer Work Crew Schedule 1991
  • Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Program
  • Nordic Center Season Pass
  • EMS Support $1500
  • Colorado Trail Receives Award
  • Patagonia donates T-Shirts
  • Breckenridge Proposes Expansion
  • “Colorado Trail at Mt. Princeton” by Gudy
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1991, Winter – New Members Join CTF Board

  • CTF receives $1000 from Webb-Waring Lung Institute
  • Hiking Leaders Needed for Breathtaking Event – August 4th, Webb-Waring Lung Institute Colorado Trail Hike
  • Charlie Russell Honored
  • Projects for 1991
  • El Pueblo Boys Ranch Pitches in to help construct the Colorado Trail
  • Crews 16 and 17, Gunnison National Forest, South Matchless Mountain, August 4-18, 1990, Leader Steve Gladbach
  • The Colorado Trail Master Plan
  • Letter from Idaho Senator Steve Simms, national “Take Pride in America” program
  • Austrian Alp Climb, Aug 26th to Sept 9th
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Board of Directors attending the January 1991 Meeting
  • New Members Join the Colorado Trail Foundation Board of Directors
  • Hey! YOU’RE INVITED! Coors Party, Thursday, April 4
  • All User Pancake Breakfast
  • Sponsored Colorado Trail Trek
  • “From Dark to Light” Dennis Eszenyi, Old Man of the Mountains, December 29, 1990
  • Colorado Trail Foundation supported American Hiking Society’s six day Hike-In Walk
  • Smoking Restrictions at Stapleton Airport
  • Gift of Tools to Trail Adopter
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1990, Fall – Trail Crew Summaries

  • CTF and United Way
  • Pride in America Award
  • Five new CTF Board Members elected
  • New Additions to CT Equipment Pile
  • Summer 1990 Trail Crew Summaries
  • Crew 1, Mancos, June 23-30, 1990, Co-Leaders Lynn Mattingly & Randy Jacobs
  • Crew 3, Camp Hale, June 23-30, 1990, Leader Jim Miller (assisted by Margarita Miller)
  • Crew 4, The Vintage Excavators Unlimited, June 30 – July 7, 1990, Co-Leaders Bob and Kay Hubbard, Irene Cazer
  • Crew 5, Swan River, June 30 – July 7, 1990, Co-Leaders Denise Wright and Hugh Duffy
  • Crew 6, Long Branch Baldy, July 7 – 14, 1990, Leader John Stanley
  • Crew 7, Swan River, July 7 – 14, 1990, Leader Merle McDonald
  • Crew 8, Georgia Pass – Swan River, July 14 – 21, Co-Leaders Paula Moore & Larry O’Donnell
  • Crew 9, Beartown, July 14 – 21, 1990, Leader Pat Nagorka
  • Crew 11, Indian Ridge, July 21 – 26, 1990, Leader Merle McDonald
  • Crew 12, Gunnison National Forest, Rocky Point, July 26 – August 4, 1990, Co-Leaders Gudy Gaskill and Bob Long
  • Crew 14, Indian Ridge, July 26 – August 4, 1990, Co-Leaders Lynn Mattingly, Fred Braun
  • Crew 15, Indian Ridge, August 4 – 11, 1990, Leader Randy Jacobs
  • Crew 18, Indian Ridge, August 11 – 18, 1990, Leader Sue Frey
  • Crew 20, Gunnison National Forest, West Matchless Mountain and Doctor Park Gulch, August 18 – 25, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Crew 21, Pike National Forest, Lost Park Wilderness Area, June 16-17, Co-Leaders Gudy Gaskill & Tom Butterfield
  • Trail Crew Reunion Update
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Photographs from summer 1990
  • Committee Reports
  • American Discovery Trail
  • Letter of Gratitude
  • Letters to the Editor
  • “Impressions” by Elizabeth Furgus
  • CT Weekend Hike
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1990, Summer – Friends of the Colorado Trail Special Events

  • Friends of the Colorado Trail Special Events
  • CT Board Member Under the Weather
  • 1990 Trail Crew Potluck Reunion
  • Escape Week-End in Winter Park
  • Report of Pancake Breakfast
  • Needed: Leaders for the Breathtaking Event
  • Your CT Trail Crew Leader
  • Slide Show Available
  • Many Thanks!
  • Monk on the Trail
  • CT Master Plan Public Forum
  • CTF to Sponsor Condensed Guide Book, Day Hikes on the Colorado Trail
  • Kudos
  • New Zealand Adventure
  • American Hiking Society Annual Meeting, October 12-14, Estes Park, Camp of the Rockies
  • Friends of the Colorado Trail, Latest Contributors
  • US West Gives Matching Fund Grant
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1990, Spring – The New Decade Begins for the Colorado Trail

  • The New Decade Begins for Colorado Trail
  • Leaders’ Weekend Planned
  • 1990 Colorado Trail Crew Schedule
  • Weekend Crew Schedule
  • 1989 Volunteers
  • EMS Sponsors Three Crews
  • Master Plan Update
  • 1990 Colorado Trail Trek to be Held in July
  • Tips on How to Prevent Trailhead Break-ins
  • Gates Grant Received
  • Updates for Guide Available
  • All-Users Pancake Breakfast
  • Nordic Center Needs Help
  • Letters to CT
  • CT Completion Awards
  • Horseback Riders Complete Entire Trail
  • Reporting Trail Damage
  • Crew Member Recounts His Week on the Trail
  • Women’s Wilderness: Expeditions
  • “Crew 7 Report, Swan River” by Merle McDonald
  • 1989 Maintenance Reports
  • “Section 8, Kenosha to Jefferson Creek” by Andy Riach
  • “Section 17, North Fork of Turquoise Lake and Half Moon Creek (Mt. Massive Wilderness Area)” by John R. Wehrle
  • “Section 22” by Steve Combs
  • “Section 40” by Malcolm Wentling
  • “Poetry Corner” by Sue Frey, July 15, 1987, San Juan Mountains
  • CT Board Members
  • Friends of the Colorado Trail
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1990, Events – Special Events

  • Kenosha Pass Picnic
  • 1990 Trail Crew Potluck Reunion
  • CT Weekend Hike/Bike, Sept 22-23
  • Garage Search, CT Pickup Needs a Set of Tires
  • USDA/CTF/CT Hike/Bike/Ride
  • Trail Update
  • Leader Retreat, Work and Social Session
  • American Hiking Society, Annual Meeting
  • Maintenance Reports Needed, Continental Divide Logos are up
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1989, Fall – Coors Grant, Cabin Opening, and REI Trail Crew

  • Coors Brewing Company Gives Grant
  • Congratulations, Book of the Week List
  • Second Creek Cabin Open
  • 1990 Colorado Trail Trek
  • CT Completion Awards
  • REI Trail Crew
  • Wanted, Volunteer Bookkeeper
  • Missing Signs, Blowdown Trees
  • Committee Needing Assistance and Help
  • Reunion Crews
  • Revised Colorado Trail Maps & Guidebook Now Available
  • 1989 Colorado Trail Crew Recap
  • Crew 1, Chalk Creek, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Crew 2, Raspberry Gulch, Leaders Irene Cazer and Bob Hubbard
  • Crew 4 and 5, Mancos, Leaders Marj Dunmire and Randy Jacobs
  • Crew 6, Swan River, Leaders Hugh Duffy and Lynn Mattingly
  • Crew 11, Indian Ridge, Leader Lynn Mattingly
  • Crew 25, Powderhorn, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Crew 26, Henson Creek, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Crew 27, Henson Creek, Leader Gudy Gaskill
  • Fall Colors Ablaze
  • Colorado Trail Quilt
  • 1989 Trail Crew Reunion
  • Leaders Retreat
  • Maintenance Crew Reports 1989
  • Section #2, South Platte Townsite to Highway 126
  • Section #4, Forest Road 543 to Lost Park Campground
  • Section #9, Jefferson Creek to Georgia Pass
  • Section #10, Georgia Pass to Highway 9
  • Section #13, Searle Pass to Camp Hale
  • Section #21, Clear Creek Road to Pine Creek
  • Section #24A, South Cottonwood Creek to Mt Princeton Road
  • Section #25, Browns Creek to Shavano Campground
  • Section #27, Fooses Creek to Marshall Pass
  • Section #28, Marshall Pass to Sargents Mesa
  • Section #33, San Luis Pass to Spring Creek Pass
  • Section #38, Beartown to Continental Divide
  • Section #43, Fassbinder Gulch to Junction Creek Trailhead
  • Leader Search
  • Hot Spa & Gourmet Dining
  • Leader Reflections, What Makes a Trail Crew Experience Special
  • EMS to Sponsor Three Trail Crews
  • Coors Sponsors CTF
  • Bill Herbert Memorial Fund
  • Photos Wanted!
  • Thank You to 1989 Trail Crew Volunteers, List
  • Welcome New Friends of The Colorado Trail
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1989, Summer – New CT Trailhead

  • Friends Hike postponed from Aug 19th to Sept 9th
  • Trail Crew Reunion Aug 27
  • Coors Social Eve, Oct 6
  • Friends of the Colorado Trail CT Weekend Hike
  • Colorado Mountain Club sponsored two week Colorado Trail Hike
  • The Climbing Art
  • October Newsletter
  • “CMC Colorado Trail, Trek Week 1 Memories” by Katy Cone
  • Letter to Gudy
  • New CT Trailhead, Roxborough Alternate Trailhead for the CT is becoming a reality
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1989, Spring – Chalk Creek Reroute

  • Bulletin
  • Many Thanks
  • CT Master Plan
  • Colorado Trail Maintenance Signs
  • Mancos New Spur
  • Chalk Creek Area Reroute
  • Roxborough Park New Alternate Trail Head
  • Swan River Drainage Relocation
  • Washington D.C. Invites CT Seminar
  • CTF Expresses Regrets to Contributors
  • CTF Receives Second Vehicle
  • Kenosha Pass Hike and Picnic August 19
  • Friends of the Colorado Trail Weekend Hike
  • Update Slide Show
  • Maintenance Crews tools stored
  • Trail Maintenance Sections
  • CT Official Guidebook Revised
  • Update on CT 1989 Trail Crew Schedule
  • Colorado Trail Maps
  • REI Sponsors Weekend Trail Crew
  • Colorado Mountain Club Foundation Gives Grant
  • Trail Crew Reunion Set August 27, 5pm
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Board of Directors
  • Coors to Host Crew Members and Friends of The Colorado Trail
  • Colorado Trail Receives Honors
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1989, Winter – Special Trail Crews, El Pueblo Ranch

  • Wanted, Committee Expertise
  • 1989 Special Trail Crews – A Chance to Help Young Colorado Youth Gain a Foothold In Life
  • Join a Colorado Mountain Club Sponsored Trip to New Zealand, April 1 – 15 or 21
  • Al Mauthe is Trail Crew Coordinator Again for 1989
  • Thank You, CT Maintenance Trail Adoptees Have Get Together
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Executive Receives Award
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1988, Fall – Dedication Ceremony Recap

  • Another Year Completed…
  • Trail-A-Bration Hike
  • Our Volunteers
  • Dedication Ceremony
  • Colorado Trail and Gudy Gaskill Receive Official Recognition
  • Important People
  • Reunion Reflections
  • Safety Tips
  • Possible CT Interpretive Program
  • SCA and Operation Raleigh Work on CT
  • Coors Foundation Grant
  • Two Forks Update
  • Map and Guide BOok Order Form
  • Newsletter Notes
  • Current CT Wish List
  • CT Still Attracts Attention
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1988, Spring – The Colorado Trail Dedication

  • Introducing… The Colorado Trail Dedication
  • Operation Raleigh Works On Trail
  • Commemorative Pins
  • Trail-A-Bration Hike, June 21, 1987
  • Colorado Trail Documentary Aired
  • Colorado Trail Maintenance Sections
  • 1988 CT Crew Synopsis
  • 1988 CT Trail Crews Update
  • Colorado Mountain Club Trail Crews
  • Crew Volunteers Earn College Credit
  • Two Forks Decision Delayed
  • Coors Foundation Grant
  • Lottery Matches REI Map Fund
  • Book Cover
  • Reunion Crew on Junction Creek
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1988 – USFS CT Dedication Ceremony

  • Colorado Trail Foundation and USFS plan a special dedication ceremony, state historical event
  • Denver dedication at Waterton Canyon, Sunday July 24, 1988
  • Durango dedication at Junction Creek, Sunday July 23, 1988
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1988, Winter – Colorado Trail Foundation Formed

  • Greetings to All for a Great 1988!
  • Kudos!!
  • Colorado Trail To Have 22 Work Crews For Summer 1988
  • Farewell Dinner For Leader
  • C.M.C.’s Trails & Huts Committee’s Trail Crews
  • Colorado Trail Foundation Formed
  • Ted Lamay Receives Merit Award
  • Adopt The Colorado Trail
  • New Colo. Trail Brochures Are Out
  • Colorado Trail Committees Established
  • Wanted – 40-60 Hiking and Camping Oriented College Students
  • Colo. Trail Receives Funds from R.E.I. – Co-op
  • Colorado Trail Celebration
  • Matching Fund Challenge
  • Newsletter Receives New Look
  • Two Forks Dam – Colorado Trail’s Waterton Canyon Trailhead Threatened!!
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1987, November – CMC Trail and Timberline

  • News Briefs
  • Outings
  • “Lawsuit Threatens Club’s Existence” by Richard Jones
  • “Will and Way Completes Colorado Trail” by Willard Boblett
  • “Fassbinder Gulch” by Irene Cazer
  • “The Journey West” by Gudy Gaskill
  • “A Tale to Tell of The Trail” by Randy Jacobs
  • “Colorado Water and the Lords of Yesterday” by Charles Wilkinson
  • Officers of the Club
  • Book Review
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1987, Fall – Golden Spike Ceremonies

  • Colorado Trail Linked Together with 47 Trail Crews
  • Golden Spike Ceremonies Held
  • Colorado Trail Receives Media Attention
  • CT Foundation Continues to Receive Support
  • Kudos
  • Postscripts
  • Outstanding Animas District Ranger
  • REI Sponsors Walk to Benefit CT in October
  • CT Foundation General Meeting in October
  • Junction Creek Extremely Difficult
  • Trail Crew Reunion Rekindles Summers Spirits
  • Adopt-a-Trail Program in Full Swing
  • CT Foundation Gives Awards
  • Pride in America Award
  • Welcome New Members of Friends of the Colorado Trail
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1987, Spring – CT Nears Completion

  • Pack It In
  • Behind the Scenes, Special People
  • Recent Sustaining Donors
  • Coors Foundation Grant
  • Friends Work With Forest Service Districts
  • CT Nears Completion!
  • 1987 Schedule of Leaders and Sites
  • Volunteer Trail Crews and Leaders for Summer 1987
  • Western State Announces Summer Session on the Colorado Trail
  • Across the Nation
  • New Members
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1986, Fall – A Trail is Born

  • 1986 Synopsis
  • Colorado Trail Statistics for 1986
  • Kudos to Forest Districts
  • Trail Changes Course in Frisco District
  • Governors Mansion Fund Raiser
  • Crew Members Received Mementos
  • Clean out the Closet! Trail Crews Seek Equipment
  • A Trail is Born! Celebration Ideas Needed
  • Weekend Section Crews 1986 Report
  • Colorado Trail Used for Accredited Course at Western State College
  • Map #2
  • 1986 Trail Crew Volunteers
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