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Please help keep The Colorado Trail beautiful. Pack out your toilet paper. It is easy. Prepare at home by getting one or more dedicated bag(s).

The CT is beautiful. But toilet paper is an eyesore that diminishes the experience for all. It does not biodegrade quickly in the dry soil and climate in the Colorado mountains. Don’t bury your TP because animals often dig it up and scatter it. Instead, bag it and carry it to your next trash disposal in town. It is easy to bag it as you go and to also bag the wipes you use on your hands; please do both.

When planning your CT kit, include TP bag(s) and the cleansing wipes. Use them properly along the Trail. There is more good info at the following links:

Outdoor user numbers are increasing practically everywhere, including the CT, and the toilet paper eyesore is increasing too. Please do your part and encourage others. Photo thanks to RedoubtReporter