Photos and Video Stories about The Colorado Trail


2020 Completers of The Colorado Trail.

A video of their completion photos, all smiles and proud, mostly at the Durango terminus…so fun!


Colorado Trail | 2020 Thru-Hike film by Mike Windsor.

A recap of his 485-mile, 28-day journey, including the scenery, wildlife and 14ers.


540 Miles || A Colorado Trail Documentary, by Davis Yates, Summit Nine Media.

About the 2019 bikepacking thru-ride by Dave Baumann, it includes spectacular drone footage and much more.


CTF Crew 1419 Builds Waterfall Bridge, a film by volunteer, Dr. John Eagerton.

This of just 1 of 15 crews in 2019, this 12-minute film treats viewers to all that’s involved…spectacular scenery.


“Living Step By Step on The Colorado Trail,” by 2019 thru-hikers, Keith and Gina.

This 25-minute video is very well done. It’s upbeat and the scenery is stunning.


“Highs and Lows on The Colorado Trail – A Bikepacking Story,” by Andy and Ben.

This enlightens bikepacking on the CT and is an enjoyable 33 minute ‘watch’ on YouTube.


Podcast interview of CTF Executive Director.


Podcast about The Colorado Trail and Foundation

40 minutes with Bill Manning, all about the CT and CTF (podcast minutes 15:00 to 56:00)

Podcast with CTF Exec Director Bill Manning.
Podcast with CTF Exec Director Bill Manning.


Views From A Tent

One great joy of camping is waking up to a beautiful view right out your front “door”, better known as the entrance to your tent. CTF supporters have sent us some fine images capturing that experience.


Thru-Hike by Megan Byers

Delightful video accompanied by excellent hike planning documents. See Megan’s notes on the video’s YouTube page.


Moving big logs: a group project

How do they get those big logs that support backcountry bridges into position? It’s a group project, with a special tool. These photos explain it.


Three boys tell “Our Colorado Trail Story”; 2011

Eli, Roy, and Jonas VanZweden and mountains
The three VanZweden boys who thru-hiked the CT: Eli, Roy, and Jonas. Click for full PDF.