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  • Colorado Trail Databook, 8th Edition


    Pocket-sized including water sources and reliability, the CT Databook is the “CliffsNotes” version of the CT Guidebook. Users like carrying it and referring to it on the Trail.

    Databook 8 is New for the 2021 Trail Season, it is lighter and thinner than the waterproof 7th Edition. The 8th Edition of the CT Databook builds on the usefulness of previous editions beginning with an end-to-end refinement of the Trail survey data, leading to mileage changes throughout the Databook. Key features have been corrected, particularly those that pertain to intersections and water sources, and the book has been revised to include all Trail reroutes. Resupply towns information has been rewritten and made current.

    The Databook answers your questions, including: How far is the next water source and how reliable is it? How many miles? What elevation? Where can I resupply? Information is presented in an easy-to-understand system of key words, symbols, maps and elevation profiles for each of the Trail segments. CT travelers appreciate using it as they travel the Trail.

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