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Map Book, Databook and Guidebook…

Everything you need to travel The Colorado Trail.

Receive the Official books: CT Map Book, CT Guidebook and CT Databook … newest editions available.

  • CT Map Book:  Shaded relief, full color topo maps. CT line is highly accurate showing every turn in the Trail.
  • CT Guidebook: A must-have for planning your CT adventure and nearly essential to have in the automobile for any trips to and from the CT. It is your official resource for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and bicycling The Colorado Trail.
  • CT Databook: Trail ready. Water sources. Fits in your pocket! Your light weight resource for while you’re on the Trail.

Colorado Trail Guidebook, 10th Edition

This is the most up-to-date, official CT Guidebook that was released on Feb 6, 2024.  

The Colorado Trail is, mile for mile, the most beautiful trail in America. It winds its way through fields of wildflowers to high mountain passes, from wild mountain streams to quiet trails through old-growth forests. The Colorado Trail crosses eight mountain ranges, six National Forests, six Wilderness Areas, and five river systems.

The official guidebook includes everything you need to enjoy all 567 miles of the trail, whether out for a day, a weekend backpack, or a complete thru-hike of the trail that starts near Denver and ends near Durango, 486 miles distant. The tenth edition was written by The Colorado Trail Foundation, the nonprofit and volunteers that built and maintain The Colorado Trail.

  • Detailed information for the entire Colorado Trail, including the Collegiate West addition
  • Updated maps of every segment showing access points, key trail intersections, and more
  • Current details on new trail reroutes, trail town amenities, and wilderness bicycle detours

Maps in this guidebook show the roads pertinent to the Trail. Travel directions are also provided for each major trail access point. This road coverage is almost essential for the automobile portions of many excursions, including the car trips done by segment travelers as well as the driving done by support people who rendezvous with trail travelers.

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