Super large folding saw, lightest for backcountry, the Silky Katanaboy 650.

With a blade length of over 25-1/2 inches and weighing less than 3 pounds, backcountry volunteers consider the folding Katanaboy 650 unmatched in its utility. It packs easier and takes less effort to cut. You can easily carry it deep into the woods and, when you get there, it will cut like a hot knife in butter. In the Wilderness Areas where motorized chainsaws are prohibited, we are hard pressed to envision a better saw. Even where chainsaws are allowed, some volunteers prefer the simplicity, quiet, and carrying ease of the Katanaboy 650.

A two-handed, professional saw, it offers a larger cutting capacity, extended reach, and longer stroke, making it possible to clear most of the logs that block The Colorado Trail. The blade is seriously sharp, made of taper ground, impulse hardened steel. But the high quality blade is thinner than most other saws, minimizing the material you’ll remove. Both the thin kerf and the extra large teeth ensure super speedy cutting. It has a grippy rubber-clad, thick aluminum handle and a secure, thumb screw blade locking mechanism.

Pricey, no doubt, but super sharp, well made and delivering exceptional cutting ability. Our Colorado Trail volunteers report that it has been a game-changer on their trail clearing excursions making them successful.

Named after the famous Samuri Katana sword, this saw is the ultimate for your kit, the authentic, professional series that is manufactured by Silky in Ono, Japan.

Comes with a sturdy nylon sheath with a shoulder strap also helpful for lashing it to a pack.

  • Blade Length 25.6″ (650mm)
  • Teeth Per Inch – 3.4 (fast cutting)
  • Open Length Overall – 57.9″
  • Folded Length – 33″
  • Length in Sheath – 35.0″
  • Weight – 2.8 pounds

Additional information

Weight 58 oz
Dimensions 33.5 × 5.5 × 1.5 in