The most up-to-date, official CT Guidebook, it will remain so for the entire 2021 Colorado Trail season.

This book covers the entire Colorado Trail, all 567 miles between Denver and Durango, including Segments 1-28 plus CW01-CW05. This is the first edition Guidebook that covers the 80-mile CT Collegiate West that was added to The Colorado Trail in 2012. This comprehensive book helps you plan your CT excursions, can guide you on the trail, and is particularly well-suited to have either in an automobile or at home. It is your official resource for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and bicycling The Colorado Trail.

Maps in this guidebook show the roads pertinent to the Trail. Travel directions are also provided for each major trail access point. This road coverage is almost essential for the automobile portions of many excursions, including the car trips done by segment travelers as well as the driving done by support people who rendezvous with trail travelers.

The 9th Edition CT Guidebook includes…

  • DETAIL – an in-depth chapter for every CT segment (1-28 + CW01-CW05)
    • up to date with recent trail reroutes
    • mileage & elevation stats
    • segment overview
    • trailheads and access points
    • driving directions and access road info
    • mile by mile trail description and highlights
    • map of each segment (highlighted CT, milepoints and roads)
    • elevation profile for each part of the Trail
    • GPS waypoints including segment endpoints (coordinates in UTM)
    • resupply towns info
  • INCLUDED – chapters on CT heritage, natural history and geology
  • BEST RESOURCE – trip planning guide
  • BIG PICTURE – end-to-end elevation profiles plus Collegiate East and West (helping with snowpack considerations)
  • VISUALS – full-color photographs throughout

This guide follows the format established in earlier editions. Each segment chapter provides general information about the segment; trailhead access directions; information about supplies, services and accommodations along the route; a detailed trail description, including stream crossings, water sources and camping spots; and a map, elevation profile and GPS coordinates for numerous points along the Trail.

You’ll find resupply information, equipment checklists, and food and safety recommendations.

There are introductory sections on the heritage, natural history and geology of the CT as well as planning guide for traveling the trail. Also included are new full-color photographs that provide a virtual tour of the trail.

To assist cyclists, this new book includes a description and map of each bicycle detour around the Wilderness areas.

Carried over from previous editions are “Gudy’s Tips;” short bits of advice for each segment by Gudy Gaskill, the “Mother of The Colorado Trail.”

  • 6″ x 9″
  • 336 pages
  • Paperbound

Additional information

Weight 23 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 0.75 in

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