Package Deal : CT Guidebook & Long Trails “How to Thru-Hike”


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The Colorado Trail Guidebook and Long Trails, “Mastering the Art of the Thru-Hike”…

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  • The Official Colorado Trail Guidebook: A must-have for planning your CT adventure. Perfect to leave with your support person(s) so they can help better, and nearly essential to consult for any automobile trips to and from the CT. It is your official resource for hiking, backpacking, horseback riding and bicycling The Colorado Trail.
  • Backpacker Long Trails, Mastering the Art of the Thru-Hike: This is the best, comprehensive, ‘how to’ thru-hike book. It is an ‘easy read’ or can be used as a reference manual. You’ll find trail-proven advice on selecting gear, stocking resupplies, and planning your budget and schedule, complete with gorgeous photographs of life on the trail.