Pocket Chainsaw


Pocket Chainsaw cuts efficiently.  Carry it in your pack and use it to help keep the Trail clear.  Motorless, the four-foot chain has bi-directional, razor sharp teeth for two-way cutting action.  Weighing less than 8 ounces and stored in its own small carrying case, the Pocket Chainsaw is easy to carry in your pack or on your belt.  Use it when you encounter a fallen tree or branch obstructing the Trail.  It takes just seconds to retrieve this miniature, wonder tool.

American-made steel, four foot chain for maximum versatility.  Nylon strap handles and connectors are reinforced for durability.

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For branch cutting and the like, say up to 4 or 5 inches, one person is all it takes. For trail clearing of larger diameters, two people team up to make a saw cut using the nylon-strap handles on each end. Cutting a small log is surprisingly easy and the saw is capable of cutting logs as big as 15 inches or more in a diameter. Extensive field testing has proven its effectiveness. Especially useful in Wilderness Areas where no motors are allowed. The Pocket Chainsaw is also great in situations where lugging a motorized chainsaw or other large saw is not convenient.

Saw, carrying case, instructions, and Colorado Trail marker included.