This is a stunning, engaging book featuring beautiful photographs of Colorado Trail travelers, each accompanied by the user’s experience while on the trail. It draws the reader in, whether they’re planning their own CT adventure or after they’ve completed.

Authored by three-time CT completer David W. Fanning, it offers insightful stories gathered along the trail, about the experience of hiking The Colorado Trail. Featuring wonderful photographs which capture both the personalities of trail travelers (all kinds) and the beautiful scenery of the CT, “Voices of The Colorado Trail” has been helpful to those planning their own hikes as well as appreciated as a commemorative by those who’ve finished.

From the back cover:

“The heart, rather than the head, decides to walk or bike a long trail. This book speaks to the heart. You won’t find much of the “What?” or the “How?” in the voices in this book. But you will, if you listen with your heart, discover the “Why?” Each story here is as individual and unique as the traveler. Yet each voice whispers of adventure, challenge, and personal transformation.”

124 pages

9.5″ x 8″


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